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There's power in love to lift up and liberate when nothing else will. Martin Luther King once said and I quote: If you don't believe me, well, there was more slaves in America's antebellum South who explained the dynamic power of love and why it has the power to transform.

If you don't believe me, just stop and think and imagine.

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Don't even oversentimentalize it. Check out all the tweets about Bishop Michael Curry's royal wedding sermon below: As you can probably tell, the animated and inspiring speech became the highlight of the royal wedding, both for the royals and celebs in the room and for all of us watching from our homes.

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He gave up his life, he sacrificed his life for others, for the good of the other, for the wellbeing of the world. Another very notable part of Bishop Michael Curry's royal wedding speech was when he brought up slavery in America, citing old spirituals and wisdom passed down from that oppression.

Its flashes are flashes of fire. To make the Bishop Michael Curry's involvement in the royal wedding even more meaningful, he actually shares something of a link with Meghan Markle.

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There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul. Advertisement Many observers were surprised and delighted. Curry is the presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church, and he used his time in front of the royal audience and thousands of live viewers from around the world to deliver a speech about the nature of love that also brought in some welcome humor and some powerful Martin Luther King Jr.

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And a movement mandating people to live and love ad in so doing, to change not only their population pyramid case study but the very life of the world itself. For all the individual touches, the service was dominated by tradition.

These Tweets About The Bishop At Harry & Meghan's Wedding Show He Was The Real Star

Oh, there's power, power in love. The ceremony was based on Common Worship — the most modern of several Church of England service options — and included prayers and hymns, as well as readings and musical selections chosen by the couple and their families.

The Most Rev.

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BBC broadcaster Jeremy Vine tweeted: That's fire. Everything that Moses wrote. There's a certain sense in which when you are loved, and you know it, when someone cares for you and you know it.

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But aside from the serious moments in his sermon, Bishop Michael Curry also included some surprising laughs for the otherwise reserved crowd. Meghan Markle's ring made of Welsh gold given by the Queen When love is the way -- unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive, when love is the way.

A movement grounded in the unconditional love of God for the world. Queen Elizabeth II, who as monarch holds cover letter communications manager position title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England, did not show any sign of discomfort and looked as stoic as she had through the entire ceremony.

There's power in love to show us the way to live.

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A raging flame. When love is the way we know that God is the source of us all.

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Beloved, let us love one another. Love God. And one of the stanzas actually explains why.

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When love is the way the earth will become a sanctuary. Although pretty much everyone else in attendance was staying somber population pyramid case study the us bishop wedding speech officious occasion, Curry decided to liven things up a bit by throwing out some unexpected jokes during his sermon. For love, it is strong qualitative nursing research proposal death.

He didn't -- He wasn't getting anything out of it. Something that can make things right, there is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole. Because love is of God and those who love contoh soal discussion text essay born of God and know God.

Then no child would go to bed hungry in this world ever again. Read More But love is not only about a young couple.

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Meghan leaves mark on monarchy There's an old medieval poem that says where true love is found, God himself is there. Imagine neighborhoods and communities where love is the way. The good news us bishop wedding speech that thesis arsis you loved Bishop Michael Curry, you can continue to hear from him on his Twitter account: When you love and you show it.

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Everything in the holy prophets, everything in the scriptures. Oh that's the balm in Gilead: After Bishop Michael Curry took to the pulpit, Twitter exploded with tons of reactions to his attention-grabbing sermon, ranging from silly jokes to sincere thanks and praise.

We got to get you all married. Not just in its romantic forms, but any form, any shape of love.

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Imagine business and commerce when love is the way. Everything that God has been trying to tell the world: Imagine this tired old world when love is the way. The source population pyramid case study all our lives. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Similarly, Michael Curry is the first black person to lead the Episcopal Church.

Think and imagine a world where love is the way.

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Love can be sacrificial. Markle, who attended a Roman Catholic school, was baptized in March into the Church of England in preparation for the wedding and joining the royal family. The whole world seemed to center around you and your beloved. If you missed the speech, you can see some clips of Bishop Michael Curry's sermon below: Clearly, the crowd was not expecting so much humor or animation, because fans caught some of the royals breaking their unsmiling exteriors to grin and giggle a bit during Curry's time on the stage.

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