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Double or one-and-a-half spacing should be used in typescripts, except for indented quotations or footnotes where single spacing may be used. Check you and your supervisor have submitted the right forms. Measures that are sensitive or copyrighted will eventually need to be removed when the thesis is hard bound -- see the section below on hard binding. Order thesis formatting guidelines ucl now, ace thesis formatting guidelines ucl tomorrow!. It is not necessary to address the literature for every aspect of your empirical study the introduction section of your empirical paper will provide the necessary background. We strongly encourage you to start writing drafts of your thesis early on, as this is an essential way to clarify your thoughts.

Part 1.

MSc and PhD Thesis Structure

Hard-bound theses must have the pages sown in not punched and soft-bound theses should have the pages glued in. These guidelines describe what goes into each part of the thesis and how it all fits together.

What goes in Volume 1

In particular, students writing up small-N and qualitative studies should ucl thesis formatting guidelines especially careful to ensure that no participants are identifiable from the thesis. Its structure follows the usual research article format, although the length of each section will vary according to the nature of the project, and additional detail may need to be provided in the Method or Results sections or in an Appendix.

The findings and any statistical analyses should be presented with the aid of tables and, if necessary, figures. Turnitin is being used to promote good academic practice, not to catch students out. And on that note… Avoid printing double-sided.

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Raw data and computer printouts are not normally needed. Page 1 is the title page although it looks tidier if you suppress the page numbering for that page only. Margins at the binding edge must not be less than 40 mm 1. This is too important to mess around with.

Both sides of the paper may be used - you can choose whether to print the thesis single-sided or double-sided. The library have produced a useful document available on the Project Support Moodle site outlining the e-thesis submission procedure.

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  2. You also need to submit two electronic copies of Volume 1 in pdf format:
  3. Print a single copy yourself, one chapter at a time, and check it.

However, these published review papers, particularly those in prestigious journals, are usually much more ambitious in terms of quantity, scope and method than is possible within the constraints of the DClinPsy. Descriptions of measures need to include sample items, response options, scoring methods and psychometric properties. Please see the course document on submission of joint theses.

Format, bind and submit your thesis: general guidance | Students - UCL - London's Global University

We would recommend using Arial or Helvetica fonts, at a size of no less than All theses whether soft or hard-bound must: You will need to submit two copies of Volume 1 in a temporary, soft binding.

You will find more errors. Then follows each of the four case reports and the service-related research report, in the order in which each was submitted. He went to Millcote this morning, and will be back research paper on hair extensions to-night or to-morrow: Check where to hand in the bound copies, and check it will be open.

Its structure and content are more flexible than those of the other two parts. The link for thesis submission on your Moodle homepage is called 'Thesis Volume 1 Submission'. The Results section reviews the assembled studies.

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The professional doctorate regulations specify that this be inserted right after the title page of the thesis There is a declaration form on the course website. You will need your own copy which can be unbound to bring to the viva. I cannot stress this enough. Submit your thesis Viva copies In the first instance you should submit 2 soft-bound copies of your thesis to the Student Centre. For the service-related research it has the words "Service Related Research Report submitted as Case Report x "; the title of the report is then listed on a new line.

Chances are, if you turn up at 4: Read your PDF copies through for errors. The Introduction gives the background to the topic and ends with a clearly specified question that the review will address. The Discussion section addresses what can be concluded from the body of studies reviewed. Psychology With Style: Psy Volume 1 Surname, Initials e.

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One model for the general style of this part of the thesis is articles in Clinical Psychology Review. If need be, do this in sections or chapters. Provides a summary of how to write scientific papers using the format of the American sample of satire essay Psychological Association. In my experience, these errors are not unique to the PDF process, but will also occur if you print direct from a Word file.

Look at recent theses for models of layout and formatting ask your UCL supervisor to recommend one or two.

Guidelines for Writing and Presenting the Thesis

We strongly encourage you to start writing drafts of your thesis early on, as this is an essential way to clarify your thoughts. Hard binding After all revisions literature review on product quality been made and the thesis has been passed by the examiners, it will need to be prepared for final submission.

Part 2. Or ask your departmental administrator. A list of all references cited. These should be submitted to the Research Administrator, in the General Office i. It is a bad idea to leave a lot of the writing until late in the project, since this usually leads to a rushed, poor quality thesis. For quantitative studies, the statistical power analysis should normally be reported.

UCL facilities. Will you need your appendices as a separate volume? Also, please note that Turnitin only allows sample of application letter for nursing post submission every 24 hours, so you will need to factor this in to any plans for checking and resubmission.

Layout and formatting General The business plan for ambulance company should be double-spaced on plain, white A4 paper. It should specify the number of papers reviewed. Check the bound copies are correct. As with case reports, submission of Volume 1 literature macbeth themes essay questions on product quality the thesis to Turnitin is done via Moodle.

Once you have have completed any revisions, had them approved and handed in the hard bound thesis, your access to the library as a UCL student will come to an end.

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Bind your thesis Theses have to be robust enough to withstand the examination process and be easily identified. You also need to submit an electronic version of Volume 1 in pdf format.

  • That is because theses contain copies of measures, participant information sheets, references and so on, which inflate the Turnitin originality score.
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Will you need appendices? The References. Presentation Your thesis must be presented in a permanent and legible form in print. The methods should be described in sufficient detail to enable the reader to understand what was done and potentially to be able to replicate the study. Soft binding consists of a clear plastic cover and solid spine not ring binding ; it comes under a variety of names ucl thesis formatting guidelines various printers.

A description research paper on hair extensions participants, procedures, design and measures.

UCL locations

The following binderies are familiar with the University hard-binding format: Tables and figures should be numbered afresh literature review on forced marriage the empirical paper, so the first table in the empirical paper is Table 1, even if there is also a Table 1 in the literature review.

Part 3 the critical appraisal with a title page just saying "Part 3: The review paper should be a stand-alone paper in its own right. Do not leave this to the sample sample of application letter for nursing post about future career minute, this is critical information you need early in the write-up period.

The thesis is bound in a hard blue cover with gold lettering. Appendices All appendices are placed at the end of Volume 1. Any material which cannot be bound in with the text must be placed either in a pocket inside or attached to the back cover or in a rigid container similar in format to the bound thesis. Empirical Paper" and then give the title of the empirical paper on a separate line.

However, for qualitative studies, examples of the procedures of analysis should be included. Each case report is a stand-alone entity, so tables and appendices economics essay writing numbered afresh i.

Confidentiality and privacy

For this reason the system has been configured so that you can submit your Volume 1, look at the Turnitin report to identify essay peace is possible sections where there may be potential plagiarism, delete the submission and submit a revised report.

Plain white paper must be used, of good quality and of sufficient opacity for normal reading.

How to cite website in research paper mla

Tables and figures are numbered Table 1 etc. Imagine the classic why do i want to be a doctor essay Canadian fly-in thesis formatting guidelines ucl fishing thesis formatting guidelines ucl lodge: Word counts and trainee code numbers should be omitted. For case reports, the title page gives the submission number, your own title and the type of case report, e.

One hard-bound copy of Volume 1 is required for the University which you can submit to the Research Administrator. We suggest that you aim for about 20, to 25, words.

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If you have any queries about using Turnitin as part ucl thesis formatting guidelines the thesis submission, please contact Oxana Brigden, the Research Administrator, in the first instance.

The two copies of Volume 1 will be sent out to the examiners. Volume 1 Volume 1 is laid out in the following order: You also need to submit two electronic copies of Volume 1 in pdf format: Essential material to append includes: Work out where you will have your thesis ucl thesis formatting guidelines.

The Introduction ends with your research questions or hypotheses.

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Your Word document will be huge, awkward, prone to doing crazy things and incredibly precious to you. No; but I can scarcely see what Mr. So, if you usually work on one single machine, finish your work on that machine and convert it to a PDF when you think you are ready to print. Check the style guidelines for the thesis early on UCL example here.

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Its surprising and frustrating how short the opening hours are at many student centres. It will conclude with a discussion of the scientific and economics essay writing implications of the findings. Heading formats can depart slightly from APA style e. Handing in before the viva Soft binding Volume 1. Whilst it economics essay writing less formal than the other two parts, the critical appraisal should not be overly personal; it should ideally be addressed to an audience of fellow researchers who might benefit from your considered thoughts about conducting the research.

Thesis formatting guidelines ucl

However, the final days of typesetting, printing and binding the thesis can be extremely stressful. The title page is justified as centred. Title page The title page must bear the following: Running Volume 1 through Turnitin In addition to the procedures outlined above for submission of the thesis, we require literature review on product quality Volume 1 of the thesis be submitted via Turnitin, a plagiarism-detection programme.

When you turn up, exhausted, teary-eyed, with your beautiful thesis bound and lettered in gold, you do not want to find out that someone forgot to submit a form.

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