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I'm working on a new version of puthesis for the new specifications. Providing students with an easy-to-use template for their Master's or PhD thesis. The main goals of the template are:

Classicthesis Typographic Thesis This template has been designed as a homage to the elements of typographic style. FAQ Q: Providing students with an easy-to-use template for their Master's or PhD thesis. At the last screen: New puthesis.

CUED - PhD/MPhil Thesis - a LaTeX Template

All the needed software is free. The design of the Clean Thesis style is inspired by user guide documents from Apple Inc. Do not change them or do exactly know what you are doing. It is suitable for any high-level degree thesis such as for a PhD, Masters or Honors. As for licensing: Clean Thesis is free software case study social work research under the LaTeX project public license.

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A ligature is the joining of letters to look better. Distinct Distances between Lattice Points. Using the command line For debugging, it might be better to use the command line for latexing.

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However, instead of just composing these chapters in the main. It will take about 5 minutes until this is finished.

Clean Thesis — A LaTeX Style for Thesis Documents • Developed by Ricardo Langner

Richard K. Please answer a allow for this document: Read "A short guide to LaTeX" to begin, look at this post: Thesis in latex Memoir Case study social work research This template uses the memoir document class to beautifully typeset a thesis. The layout of the content is in a thin format to promote easy reading and the template features advanced specification of margins and trimming.

The book or report class are potentially more sensible starting points. The style can be understood as my personal compromise — a typical clean looking scientific document combined and polished with minor beautifications.

  • It is not as sophisticated as other projects, but does its job.
  • MS Thesis & PhD Dissertation Latex Template | College of Engineering
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For further information, please refer to the template documentation or these articles: The bulk of the thesis will then focus around the methods and results of the research performed, followed by a discussion on how the results add to the field in general.

It does not specify the numbering that should be used for chapters, sections, subsections, subsubsections, equations, etc.

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From the feedback and postcards I received so far, it seems to be in heavy use all over the world. If you like the style, then I would appreciate a postcard: The thesis boasts a professional look which is immediately obvious from the title page itself and carries through the design of the rest of the document.

I am going to collect all postcards and exhibit them on this website. If you are interested in or will be using puthesis please sign up for the puthesis mailing list to get messages about new versions of the software!

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The default structure of the thesis proceeds in the following order: Three custom fonts are used in the template to match the design and beautifully display your content. TeX program Happy TeXing! If you included some version control statements, please remove them. Some of their finer points which might be of interest, and differences to the article class, can be found in this post.

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I want to use make instead of latexmk For those, who have cygwin installed or run a linux machine, this template offers a simple LaTeX makefile. Automatic compilation is also possible: Sections within the thesis are clearly separated in a consistent way, cow essay writing are sections within each chapter.

PhD/MPhil Thesis - a LaTeX Template

A thesis will typically include a review of the current state of research in the field of interest followed dissertation apport en industrie a central hypothesis to investigate further.

Use the MiKTeX console to refresh the package index. Idea and Inspiration The idea of providing my customized style for thesis documents passed through my mind while writing my own thesis. APA6 style text citations and bibliographies can continue to be used, contact me curriculum vitae universidad de alicante you have any problems.

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If you use packages or templates from other sources, make sure to check the licensing though. If you're an expert regarding TeX and you like to support the Clean Thesis project, you're welcome to get in touch with me using GitHub.

As long as you stick to default packages from your distribution, you should be fine.

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It is not as sophisticated as other projects, but does its job. We can add each of these in on separate pages using unnumbered chapters. Please ensure that your compiliation command includes -shell-escape. Should I switch to Internal company transfer cover letter From page 5 of the manual thanks to John S.

How to Write a Thesis in LaTeX (Part 1): Basic Structure - Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor

See Rich commenting is here! Long description: See the Changelog. Just run pdflatex again. Based on the questions I'm getting, I think some schools and departments have switched to using the puthesis defaults or people have figured out how to get what their schools and departments want without my help.

Remove empty space of the created PDF page with pdfcrop chart. If you want to add more packages, configure it there.

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Lists with generally recommended packages have already been linked by others, so I'll avoid repeating those here. What is the issue with ligatures?

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All articles in this series Part 1: Start out with the minimum, then add packages if you really need them -- don't just dump 50 packages into your preamble without knowing what they're for or if you even need them you probably don't. Change Requests Should come Faculty or Staff February 24, I used to make changes to puthesis based on what a graduate student wrote about what their school or department's Graduate Office told them.

Clean, Simple, Elegant

These goals are achieved by using a highly modular document structure, splitting the data and the layout information into separate pieces which can be modified and used independently of each other.

APA6 specifications are geared toward short papers and journal articles. I'll add a note for beamer.