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E-media This platform appeals to the majority of the target audience, especially mainstreamers. This promotes the film to the audience as it informs them about the narrative in brief with giving away the plot and also gives background to all the characters of the film. The broadcast platform is the best method to generate intrigue as it leads to the e-media platform, as the audience is likely to watch the trailer on TV and then access more on the official website. Ultimately, the three studios needed to attract a media-centered audience and have done a fantastic job of keeping people interested and excited for their upcoming ventures. In terms of research, Warner Brothers was well aware of the effects of social media and video games on consumers.

The whole campaign got a lot of press, stirred up a lot of excitement, and was lots of fun to do. Also, we learned that ad agencies are critical for any campaign to gain exposure in various mediums.

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That was sort of how it went, for the next 18 months. SWOT There were many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats when it came to the campaign. Chang, J.

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All 3 platforms are consistently using the Batman logo and the same typography to promote the film. The print media is very consistent, as they use the same background, tagline and font, but change the character in the poster.

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This platform does not allow the audience to participate. We created a direct-action group dedicated to supporting Batman.

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And reunited hard-core Citizens for Batman in unique way -- thru pizza deliveries. The effects this emphasises the problem solving warwick name, the dark knight rises.

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Although they do not have many weaknesses, the company has had its fair share of problems. The second link leads to special features; this promotes the film to the audience as it shows exclusive content from the film that can be bought on the Blu-ray combo pack and DVD.

And on the inside, a phone -- and more clues. Primarily, decline in the sales of DVDs, changing economic conditions, and piracy can get in the way of their efforts.

Case Study: The Dark Knight Viral Marketing Campaign

July 16 This platform allows the audience to participate through the website as it allows them to access exclusive content. Collateral For the Dark Knight campaign, Warner Brother and 42 Media used numerous social media sites and real-life gatherings to grab the attention of consumers. Target audience The theory of uses and gratification can be applied to this film is diversion, as it takes them away from their lives and just relax.

With an overdependence on the home market in the United States, Warner Bros.

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All of these numerous tasks led up to the release of an exclusive trailer for the film but, unfortunately, the Joker had gotten there first and left his mark on the world. We created a city news site for the official version of stories.

There are several voice overs from the main characters, which use the dialogue from the film as a narrative strand. E-Media The Facebook page has 4, likes and the cover essay writing act the page is promoting the DVD as it states own it today; this creates synergy between the print and e-media platform.

Call the phone number, and be lured into Joker's criminal conspiracy This promotes not only the film but the Batman brand, as a part of the final-instalment of the trilogy. We got people to actually come out into the street in support of Harvey Dent -- a fictional candidate running for a fictional position in a fictional place.

This is user-generated content as they are recording ice block business plan pdf voice.

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Inside the box was a Batman mask, propaganda, and directions to an "underground" forum on the web. The next example of print media is of a medium shot the protagonist Batman, who is blended in with the background and the gloomy weather conditions.

  • The taglines that have been used all link to the rise of a revolution that creates intrigue.
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There is no denying that media and the 21st century is a match to be met and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. For example, during the year ofthe company had a solid financial position with USD 12 billion revenues generated with more than USD 1.

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The typography of the title is red, and contrasts with the whole colour scheme of the magazine to distinguish itself as the publication. Along with the rain there is debris falling, this t-mobile case study marketing synergy between the posters as the debris can be seen in all of them.

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The final result was the "Joker reveal" -- the first public image of Heath Ledger as the Joker. It was a landmark campaign that expanded the possible for immersive entertainment and movie marketing.

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A Viral Revolution. The Facebook page promotes the film as it first released the teaser trailer, official trailer and posters. Broadcast This platform appeals to the working class audience and teenagers.

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The DVD is provides the certificate for the film. Like the Joker cards that we left at comic book stores.

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This is because the connotation of light is hope and has relations to the heroes. Follow the clues on the dollar bill, and you wind up at a great vantage point to watch a plane skywrite a phone number.

Due to their massive size and presence as media powerhouses, the companies must use specific strategies in order to appeal to a growing generation.

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Time Warner Inc. The broadcast platform is the best method to generate intrigue as it leads to the e-media platform, as the audience is likely to watch the trailer on TV and then access more on the official website. The central image partially obscures the title of the publication, like a stereotypical magazine.

When election time came, we sent out voter registration cards in the mail -- and ran our own election. For one, social media is the most powerful tool to communicate and spread awareness of any topic. Also, the background that has been used across all 3 platforms is quite consistent too, as it portrays shattered buildings and falling debris. The sixth link is to the gallery, where it shows stills from the film of the different scenes.