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Cheese is real, and so it seems, is the pleasure of the text. Love cold, love hot, love fresh, love stale, love scorned, love missed, love denied, love betrayed I wonder what other enemies lurk in our society that need names to bring them out into the light? Jeeves is overheard describing him once as "mentally negligible".

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But I have nothing to complain about. I hate having only myself to come home to.

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Or maybe, just maybe, we should stick to the idea of initials and borrow a set that have already taken on the darkest possible connotations of evil and tyranny. But is he stupid? He mocked himself sometimes because he knew that a great proportion of his readers came from prisons and hospitals.

  • I flip open a book of stories and happen on Bertie and Jeeves discussing a young man called Cyril Bassington-Bassington.
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If Jeeves and Wooster had been his solitary theme, still he would be hailed as the Master. It may still be amusing when delivered as dramatic dialogue, but no actors are as good as the actors we each of us carry in our head. You want to stay where you are, in the Republic of Pubescence, where feeling has primacy and pain is beautiful.

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I know you cannot believe it now. Particular to Wodehouse are the transferred epithets: Le plaisir du texte. You look down at the fools almost as much as you fear them.

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And many, many more. Kindness counts more than virtue, justice, truth, or anything else. Spend a few extra moments and a few extra words connecting with others. Just let the words fly from your lips and your pen. Well sod them to Hades.

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Stephen fry essay think what offends examiners and employers when confronted with extremely informal, unpunctuated and haywire language is the implication of not caring that underlies it. And we, gay people, are happy now or not in large part thanks to Stonewall rioters, Harvey Milk, Dennis Lemon, Gay News, Ian McKellen, Edwina Currie true et al, and the battered bodies of bullied, beaten and abused gay men and women who stood up to be counted and refused to apologise for the way they were.

Conventions alter too, like life. There is in fact a little thread of autobiography in the second Psmith novel, Psmith in the City. Language, language, language.


You went on to affirm that if ever you dared in later life to repudiate, deny or mock your year-old self it would be a lie, a traducing, treasonable lie, a crime against adolescence.

He has adopted his own brand of "practical socialism" and retains to the end the habit of referring to everyone as "Comrade". But those rugger-playing ordinaries have souls too. If you are immune to such writing, you are fit, to use one of Wodehouse's favourite Shakespearean quotations, only for treasons, stratagems and spoils.

His discovery or theorem if you prefer was that the mind comes pre-equipped for language, syntax and grammar, much as the body comes pre-equipped for growth and sexual development.

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The extraordinary truth is that you want to stay there. Only to a dullard is language a means of communication and nothing more. There are all kinds of pedants around with more time to read and imitate Lynne Truss and John Humphrys thesis statement about church to write poems, love-letters, novels and stories it seems. He is reported to be of an entirely apolitical cast of mind; much of the furore of course was the result of literary jealousies.

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You can picture the scene. I can attempt to disguise my language, I can dress it up into even more elaborate and grandiose orotundity, prolixity and self-consciousness, Will Self-consciousness you might say, or I could dress it down into something stripped.

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The ordinary people, whose path through life is guaranteed. It is a shame in a way that it would now be considered too cruel to repeat the experiments, just imagine how much would be revealed by a study of these unique languages.

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And that is the point, really: Of course aside from both of these, there is the local tongue, English, French, Cantonese, Basque, whatever. Let there be textural delight, let there be silken words and flinty words and sodden speeches and soaking speeches and crackling utterance and utterance that quivers and wobbles like rennet.

Many believed, quite seriously, that the Biblical explanation in the story of the Tower of Babel was the true answer to the riddle of language, just as they believed in the Flood and the Creation.

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No men-seeking-men personals. Or fold it in scented tissue and lay it tenderly in your hope chest, according to taste. Feelings are not something to which one does or does not have rights.

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The people of Britain are happy or not because of Tolpuddle Martyrs, Chartists, infantry regiments, any number of ancestors who made the world more comfortable for them. I suppose we should remind ourselves of the old distinction made by the structuralists and structural linguists.

Brexit: Facts vs Fear, with Stephen Fry.

But be wary, for the most basic tenets of rationalism, openness and freedom that nourish you now and seem so unassailable are about to be harried and besieged by malevolent, mad and medieval minds. No gay chatlines. But more than that, he taught me something about good nature.

  1. Jeeves made his first appearance in in the short story "Extricating Young Gussie".
  2. Spend a few extra moments and a few extra words connecting with others.

I get invitation cards through the post almost every day. Many have sought to "explain" Wodehouse, to psychoanalyse his world, to place his creations under the microscope of modern literary criticism.

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