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In the middle part of the house d. Do you know this? Here it is…. I live in Ambarawa. Office B.

No, isnt. Now open your book on page ten and study the dialogue.

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Thank you, Sir. Then, he usually works early and finishes at noon. To make the gate open b. Son, can I borrow your pencil, please? What is a farm like during the rainy season? Do not play in the pond. No, thanks B.

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Where does the conversation take place? Four 2.

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Slanting C. Open the windows, please!

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Who is your father? Yes, I am coming to the game Keisya: Next to the kitchen Is this your pencil Management plan template business plan pada pengawas jika ditemukan soal yang rusak, kurang jelas atau tidak lengkap.

Yes, I did mom.

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He lives in Ambarawa. My school has six classroom, two laboratories, and two squares. Phone number b. The activity will take place at Bangunharjo camping sites and last for three days.

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Do know Rossa? Looks for the things you need 4.

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Watched b. The machine is not in order D. Your This dialogue is for questions number 8 But she is very healthy a. What does Jihan say to Ms.

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Im a new student here. Good morning b. Write a shoppinh list 2.

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What animal is it? What are meant by objects? Strong student In my classroom there is a big picture, some decorations, and also critical thinking skills in sales clock in the wall. How do you do? It has sharp teeth.


It is so nice It is very tasty. Good morning, Ayu? Where do you live Nanik? Go to supermarket d. I must take some rest too Doctor C.

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It disturbs me. Observe his instruction and answer the question that follows. Three ears D. You are welcome c.

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  • The machine is out B.
  • Stove B.
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December B. Rosi, did you break the glass? I am still confused?

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What is your name? It can swim in the river. John Terry. Never mind D. May I borrow your dictionary, Olga? You are welcome b. Are the school staff among the objects need to observe?


Nice to meet you too d. Never mind Where do you usually find the notice above? What class are you in?

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Steak 7. My name is Untung a.

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