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Evaluation components To comprehensively evaluate the SBA curriculum a multiple methods approach with both quantitative and qualitative components was chosen [ 39 ]. Qualitative data of transcribed interviews were analysed by two researchers, with transcriptions sorted into meaning units and major themes were identified.

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Interviews were scheduled at times to suit the interviewees during January Pregnancy care has been a major focus of SMRU health care provision due to high levels of maternal [ 3031 ] and infant mortality [ 3233 ]. Most maternal deaths and disability are preventable if women have access to care from a skilled birth attendant SBA [ 5 — 7 ].

Clinical assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach competence included comparison with the ICM competencies for international midwifery practice [ 9 ] and requirements by regulation and registration authorities in Australia [ 40 ] and UK [ 41 ].

SMRU funds care in Thailand hospitals.

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SMRU provides care for uncomplicated and assisted vaginal births and post-partum care of mothers and babies including those needing special care [ 32 ]. The clinical component of a minimum of hours of supervised by local SBAs and expatriate medical practitioners clinical practice was competency based, equally weighted to the theory curriculum for assessment purposes, and scheduled over six to twelve months.

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The researcher made hand written notes of the conversation and transcribed them into a Word document on the day of each interview. Most students aim to complete the 10th Standard exam at around 16 years of age in Myanmar or in the camps.

Related Interests. Each applicant was required to have completed but may not have passed high school thesis princeton to year 10; write an essay in English on motivation to study as a SBA and attend a formal interview.

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Little London? The researcher has noticed children with bruises. Table 1 Training and workforce retention for each SBA training group.

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The SBA course was offered free, but on recruitment students were asked to sign a non-binding agreement to work at SMRU for a year after their graduation. Participation was voluntary, written and verbal consent was given prior to interviews and SBAs were free to withdraw at any time without disadvantage.

Skill recognition and up-skilling of existing SBAs was also achieved concurrently with these two programs. They were asked the following open-ended questions: Standardised clinical assessment tools were designed for this population and to reduce subjectivity in assessment, with simulations if clinical cases were not available [ 39 ].

In resource-rich countries, competence to practice as a midwife is assessed during and following an accredited midwifery education program and by registration authorities to assess continued fitness to practice [ 1314 ]. Care is provided by locally sba case study of a child in english pdf staff using evidence-based protocols with hour medical back up via telephone.

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What can be done to reduce the level of child abuse in Top Road? There is a shortage of qualified midwives world-wide [ 9 ] and it is recognised that midwives and other SBAs play a central role in the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity, particularly in neglected populations and resource-limited settings [ 781011 ].

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A comprehensive logbook in English was designed as a record of clinical placements, clinical experiences, reflection on practice and achievement of competence S1 File. It is also estimated that in more than 60 million women gave birth without care leaving them vulnerable to birth complications [ 2 — 4 ].

In Top Road? Qualitative evaluation of both the SBA and teacher programs was obtained using semi-structured interviews with supervisors and teachers. Miss Campbell who demonstrated steps that should be followed when presenting a research of this nature. Methods Setting On the western border of Thailand in Tak Province there is an estimated population ofpeople from Myanmar living in refugee camps and another estimatedmigrant workers from Myanmar living in Thailand, most of who identify as either ethnic Karen or Burman and speak Burmese, several Karen dialects and sometimes English and Thai.

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We also reviewed perinatal indicators over an eight-year period, starting prior to the first training program until after the graduation of the fourth cohort of SBAs. There are no right or wrong answers. What factors contribute towards child abuse in Top Road.

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In populations without formal infrastructure, such as in refugee camps, training and assessment of baccalaureate-level midwives is neither feasible nor possible and there are a limited number of publications on the training of birth attendants in such settings [ 415 — 20 ].

Qualitative data of transcribed interviews were analysed by two researchers, with transcriptions sorted into meaning units and major themes were identified.

DELED Course School Based Activities ( SBA ) - Information

Each exam was translated into written Burmese by a medical doctor and verified by independent back-translation. I would like to give special thanks to all who have helped to make this project a success. The skills needed to provide basic emergency obstetric care for mothers and newborns BEmONC has also been mister pip character essay as the focus of training for SBAs [ 12 ].

Of the 9 students who dropped out of training prior to completion of all requirements only two were failing the theory or clinical components of the program and chose to leave rather than attempting to gain pass standard. Research Questions 1. Of the five teachers, one had left the organization and three of the four remaining teachers agreed to participate in in semi-structured interviews, in English, with one on leave in Myanmar unable to participate.

This corresponds to the year before the SBA student workforce commenced practical duties and each year thereafter until Jamaica Syllabus Relevance: All responses were de-identified and names changed to ensure confidentiality.

Rates of induction of labour, augmentation of labour, post-partum haemorrhage, episiotomies and use of a partogram were also included. As I have been an residence of this area. You are on page 1of 15 Search inside document Name of candidate: Your confidence is greatly assured.

In —, five experienced SBAs completed a train-the-trainer TOT program and went on to facilitate further training programs. No one will have any idea relating to who answered a question in any particular way. Although no longer working at SMRU at the time of the interviews, the researcher was well known to all participants, which had the advantage of trust but the disadvantage of positive bias.

Carlton Crooks Name of School: My mother provides financial and emotional support. The main economic activity in the area is entrepreneurship: Continuous normally distributed data were described by their mean and non-normally distributed data by their median and inter-quartile range.

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What are the causes of child abuse? SMRU maternity clinics are able to provide all seven signal functions for Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care BEmONCparental administration of an oxytocic, antibiotics and anticonvulsants, removal of retained products of conception, assisted vaginal birth including breech birth, resuscitation of the newborn using a bag and mask and screened blood transfusions [ 2336 ].

All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files Abstract Background To evaluate a skilled birth attendant SBA training program in a neglected population on the Thai-Myanmar border, we used multiple methods to show that refugee and migrant health workers can be given effective training in their own environment to become SBAs and teachers of SBAs.

SBA clinical practice logbook.

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Dear Respondent. This is not a test.

Any rating disagreements between the researchers were resolved by discussion. Preference was given how to get started writing a literature review applicants who were at least eighteen years old with no upper age limit. Methods and Findings All results were obtained from student records of theory grades and clinical log books.

The curriculum was designed as a fit-for-purpose apprenticeship model with classes scheduled to avoid unnecessary disruption to clinical care. All 79 students were able to: For evaluation of the SBA curriculum, five experienced local SBAs from the three birth units agreed to participate in semi-structured interviews in English in January Most questions can be answered by putting a tick in a box beside the chosen answer.

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This study describes the evaluation of an accelerated skilled birth attendant SBA curriculum designed to meet the specific requirements of refugee and migrant populations from Myanmar Burma giving birth in the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit SMRU clinics located along the north-western border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Quantitative The quantitative components evaluated included: Individual, family and Society. According to child abuse may be defined as …………………….

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The WHO lists core skills that SBAs must have and states that further skills may be added to meet the requirements of the setting [ 5 ]. Close proximity of the classrooms to the maternity units at each site enabled both scheduled and opportunistic bedside teaching and demonstrations.

The WHO partogram has been used since [ 3435 ] and women with complex problems or who need caesarean delivery are transferred to Thai hospitals between 30 and 75 minutes away by car.

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Conclusions We demonstrate that in resource-limited settings or in marginalized populations, it is possible to accelerate training of skilled birth attendants to provide safe maternity care. If required during the exam, Karen-speaking SBA teachers offered spoken translation of questions for students not fluent in either English or Burmese. Perinatal indicators within Shoklo Malaria Research Unit SMRUsuch as place of birth, maternal and newborn outcomes, showed no significant differences before and after introduction of training or following graduate deployment in the local maternity units.

How does child abuse affect victims living in Top Road?

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Case study ent600 uitm contrast to NGO support for refugee health, migrant health care is not subsidized, with policy makers in Thailand grappling with how to pay for migrant health [ 2829 ]. Students had no access to the Internet, and limited access to other resources such as textbooks.

Interview length was determined by the interviewee and lasted between 5 and 25 minutes. Differences were amended by bringing both the forward-translator and the back-translator to a single meeting. S1 File. For the semi-structured interviews with SBAs providing feedback on the program, written informed consent was obtained at the time of time of the interviews no minors were interviewed.

Special thanks to the respondents of Top Road who spent time answering and returning questionnaires on time so that data could be gathered and presented. Participants were given the opportunity to verify interview transcripts typed in English for correct capture of responses [ 42 ]. In order to collect the necessary data for this project.

In this setting it is also important to provide resources, competent teachers and an enabling environment, both during and following basic training [ 9102324 ].

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Confidence, competence and sba case study of a child in english pdf emerged from qualitative evaluation by senior SBAs working with and supervising students in the clinics.

For the and intakes, potential students also completed a three-week, introduction to health-care course with subjects such as basic science, anatomy, physiology, patient assessment skills and principles of infection control.

Campbell Territory: The population in the area is approximately two hundred and seventy.

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Inattempts were made to further strengthen recruitment strategies and prevent post-graduation attrition by requiring students to have verbal family support for their study, and by providing incentives to remain at SMRU such as free accommodation.