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Are there any differences in land use between locations with different flood risks? Year 9 learn about the diverse landscapes of the UK with an overview of the major upland and lowland areas, as well as case studies on coastal erosion and deposition and coastal management. Year 11 Our current Year 11 students have begun the year with their fieldwork enquiries. If it floods, the velocity of the water increases and it overflows the banks. Geography is an important and relevant subject as it is often seen as the bridge between the sciences and arts, and can therefore be combined with a wide range of other subjects, including Languages, Mathematics, History and Business Cover letter sample for college students with no experience. Students explore coastal processes, landforms and management strategies with a case study focused on Swanage.

Key Stage 3 Throughout Key Stage 3 students undertake investigations and project work, as well as end of topic tests. Subsequent floods increase the size of these banks and further deposition on the bed of the river also occurs.

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This led to the establishment of the other fora and these are now a commonly accepted management approach in the UK. What could you investigate by fieldwork? How sustainable are the river management strategies used at x? Term 5 sees the students consolidate their learning from throughout Year 7 with an end of year exam in Term 6.

Year 9 learn about the diverse landscapes of the UK with an overview of the major upland and lowland areas, as well as case studies on coastal erosion and deposition and coastal management.

What could you investigate by fieldwork?

Threshold What is the threshold event for flooding at town x? Resilience How resilient are the flood defences at settlement x to changing weather patterns associated with climate change? Farson Digital Watercams operate a network of high definition webcams on the rivers of the UK and Ireland.

Is there a difference in flood frequency magnitude and impact in town y before and after the land use change?

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Students explore the Chile Earthquake of and the Nepal Earthquake ofHurricane Katrina and the Somerset Floods of ; this unit covers the first 2 terms of Year 9. This means that the barrage would need constant maintainance or the barrage would cease generating power Shipping would have to navigate locks, which costs time and therefore money See also. The Severn Estuary Figure 1: This article uses the same definition.

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A number of these estuaries has its own forum, where a broad partnership discusses the management of the estuary. However, the UK government has announced a new feasibility study on 25 september into the construction of a barrage across the Severn Estuary.

Hard engineering approaches to river management

The army, police, government, research organisations, law and business world also love the practical research skills that geographers develop. What river management strategies are used at x?

Geography is seen as a valuable subject by employers as it is a subject which helps develop a number of skills. Browse for the Flood Management Plan for your local area. Over time, a floodplain becomes wider and the depth of sediment accretions increases.

Are there any differences in land use between locations with different flood risks? Students explore river processes and use the River Severn as a case study to learn about erosional and depositional features, as well as flooding and flood management. We pride ourselves on a culture of excellence and to the progress of each individual student. Fieldwork here is practical because there is widespread public access and flood risk varies over an easily walkable small area.

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The tidal range also results in the estuary having one of the most extensive intertidal wildlife habitats in the UK, comprising mudflats, sandflats, rocky platforms and islands. If it floods, the velocity of the water increases and it overflows the banks.

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Students learn about features of the upper, middle and lower course of a river with a focus on the River Severn, they examine problems of flooding as well as flood management strategies.

Floodplains Floodplains are created as a result of both erosion and deposition, although the accumulation of river deposits suggests that they are predominately depositional features. This unit draws together the knowledge, understanding and skills from their studies throughout GCSE Geography. Where are the hard defences at x?

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It would provide flood protection for the part of the Severn Estuary that is inside the barrage It would provide better shipping and boating conditions inside the barrage It would boost the local economy during the construction of the barrage However, there are also several disadvantages: What is the impact of the land use change on the water cycle?

However, it is predicted that there would be large changes to the ecology. This is aimed at helping students achieve the highest possible grades in their GCSE. The costs of the barrage The exact effect of the barrage on the ecology of the estuary is unknown.

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Here are a few suggestions: Similar examples are l;askjdfl;askdfh in asd and asdfasd in asdfsd. They are relatively flat areas of land either side of the river, which form the valley floor in the middle and lower courses of the river. Each research question has been split into 2 or 3 sub-questions. The barrage would also be an obstacle for migratory fish, such as salmon.

What flood management work would you recommend for the future?

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Mrs Tupper Head of Geography: Do the strategies increase or decrease the risk of flooding elsewhere on the river? Has land use change in area x e. Popular careers for people with geography qualifications include: Its stated aim is To bring together all those involved in the development, management and use of the Estuary within a dissertation literature review introduction which encourages the integration of their interests and responsibilities to achieve common objectives.

What questions do geographers ask?

Information about Paper 3 — the pre-release resource booklet: What are the costs e. Risk Which stretches of river x have the highest flood risk? They are composed of alluvium - river deposited silts and clays. The fieldwork consists of 2 geographical enquiries where students undertake fieldwork away from the Academy ground to collect primary data.