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Under current IMO law it is forbidden for merchantmen to carry firearms for self-protection; usually, only Russian and Israeli ships carry guns. Problems of maritime competence, territorial waters, differing resources human, military, economic and so on and other issues create a complex arena in which it is difficult for law enforcement agencies to locate and follow pirates and terrorists freely.

Difficulties are mostly connected with control and authority over the maritime hot spots and chokepoints all over the world.

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The first part is probably the most innovative. We examined these phenomena, research paper on maritime piracy according to their general aspects and then from different and particular viewpoints, considering original issues such as as crew training both legal and pirate crews and the post-traumatic stress disorder affecting many crew members who have crowdfunding a literature review and research directions victims of pirate attacks.

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As we said, the purpose was to compare information and data, share case studies, examine good practices and failures, present adopted solutions and proposals, and create links and partnerships, thus stimulating cooperation among different law enforcement agencies and upgrading the knowledge of people involved.

And this is why this book required so much time and effort.

IOS Press Ebooks - Piracy and Maritime Terrorism: Logistics, Strategies, Scenarios

The workshop was attended by key speakers and participants representing eighteen different countries. It is obviously not possible to give a comprehensive overview of these phenomena in one book.

PIRACY STUDIES | Research Portal for Maritime Security It includes three papers regarding methodological solutions that can be very useful in the field of maritime threats.

To obtain all of this for a new start-up organisation would be a utopia, and in the meantime we would lose much time while pirates and terrorists continued their illegal activities. The Geography of Violence Against Civilians: There are many objective difficulties, and research paper on maritime piracy international law is not sufficient to handle the situation, in particular owing to the scarce application of approved agreements and conventions such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Montego Bay, 10 Decemberand to the necessity of ad hoc agreements for specific areas and countries.

Key Findings: New organisations require time and resources to become operative and practically efficient, as well as general agreement and approval among all the official actors involved in their creation, maintenance and organisation. The complexity of the supply chain process for completing containerised shipments make it extremely difficult to ensure the integrity of cargo.

  • Some selected case studies.
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Attacks carried out by Somalia-based pirates continued multi-year decline; only 23 vessels were attacked. Official piracy data should be approached with some caution, due to interpretative discrepancies, and also because many acts of piracy go unreported.

It would require at least an encyclopaedia, and probably that would not be enough.


Related Publications Written by Jay BensonJohn FilitzEric KeelsJoshua Lambert on March 15, Though historically the number of armed conflicts has been declining, there has been a recent surge in ongoing civil wars.

Collins homework book higher 2 answers and maritime terrorism. Peace Research paper on maritime piracy and the Geography of Violence Against Civilians Written by Jay Benson on February 21, Peace enforcement has become the subject of vigorous debate among both policy makers and academics working in the field of peace operations.

New methodological approaches to maritime threats; 2. Peace is Ours: The first is about a particular methodology inspired by and connected to situational crime prevention that has been experimented for port security.

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It includes three papers regarding methodological solutions that can be very useful in the field of maritime threats. The main objectives of the NATO ARW were to promote dialogue and cooperation on piracy and maritime terrorism among states, institutions, law enforcement agencies and private companies such as insurance or shipping companies ; compare information and data; share case studies; examine good practices and failures; present adopted solutions and proposals; and create links and partnerships in order to stimulate cooperation among different law enforcement agencies and upgrade the knowledge of people involved.

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  2. In fact, even if well-organised piracy has many elements in common with organised crime, it has many particular characteristics that make it a very singular phenomenon.
  3. We hope that this book will foster debate around these topics, offering some qualified ideas, opinions and talking points to the international practitioner community, and helping law enforcement agencies and policy makers to face the new worldwide maritime threats.
  4. The NATO workshop provided a response to the need for research and analysis at an international level on the topics of maritime piracy and terrorism, and to the request for real dialogue opportunities among law enforcement agencies.

If the better-organised pirates groups can be considered organised crime groups in themselves, it is more difficult to understand the real bonds that tie piracy and maritime terrorism. Indeed, given the difficulties that existing organisations and conventions are facing in order to become truly effective, it may not be financially feasible to create new law enforcement agencies and new special institutes or maritime corps to fight the new threats.

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Different threats, different solutions. As said before, it is very easy to find information about attacks and single ships and vessels on the sample of good application letter for job, especially if we consider the most famous or rather, infamous events.

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Maritime targets present logistical complications and require specialised skills and knowledge, and therefore land-based targets are still preferred by terrorists. The latest Vessel Tracking Information Systems VTIS are making it easier and easier for anyone to discover the precise locations of ships at any point.

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Most of all, it is not possible to say if modern pirates especially the better organised amongst them are connected to international organised crime, or to terrorist groups. Oceans Beyond Piracy has launched the fourth installment of its annual reports detailing the economic and human costs of African maritime piracy.

A typical container shipment may involve a multitude of parties and generate 30 to 40 documents.