Research paper on impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour,

Different type of packaging helps consumer to easily differentiate their interested product from the other ones. European Journal of Scientific Research, 2 Finally, it has also been concluded that the Packaging is one of the most important and powerful factors, which influences consumer purchase decision. Packaging is an important component of the marketing system which plays an important role in increasing sales, promotion, and brand image of the product. So the pattern,colour, and style ofthe packaging differentiating the product from the other products.

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Thee are those products that are been made with flour, fat and water. It is also fruitful to the companies to make their product a unique identity and brand image. Consumer Buying Behaviour Consumer Buying Behaviour is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations that how they react or behave in different situations.

Investigating the relationship between package components and consumer behaviour of Sulfur in Ilam gas refinery. The element of the packaging like style, colour, pattern, design, material, size, labelling are very important for product for making consumers delighted. Packaging shows all of the information about any product like manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients used, MRP,where they are made, who are the manufacturer, weight, types etc.

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Magazines, Journals, e-journals, Websites, Books, and Newspapers etc. The Influence of Food Product Pack, 5, The purpose of carrying out this study is to ascertain the effect of product packaging materials, design, shape, style, colour and promotional information on consumer buying decision for confectionary products in Owerri, Imo State.

An empirical study of packaging and its effect on consumer purchase decision in a food and beverages firm.

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The Opinion and views of the Marketing Professionals and experts on the subject were also obtained through personal interactions and telephonic interview. Results show that all variables are related to each other.

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The study also has the following specific objectives; To determine the role of packaging features, colour, design, shape, style, size and weight affect the consumer buying of confectionaries.

Most companies try their best to create attractive package designs for their products. Formerly, most firms saw packaging as only a container for the physical product without realizing the other marketing importance of the product package especially its importance towards the promotion of the product. After conducting a deep review of collected data findings are presented to understand the new dimensions emerging in the packaging of products.

Poor packaging kills a product and can also dissatisfaction among channel intermediaries. This is refers to the general activity of developing a wrapper or container for a product. It has been also confirmed that packaging elements have an ultimate effect on consumer choices. In the views of product packaging gives them a unique identity which differentiate them from other products prevailing in the market.

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Some packages such as coke bottles are world famous. An exploratory research has been conducted with the both primary and secondary database. These elements helps product to be easily sold in the market and become favorite to the customers.

Consumer buying behaviour is one of the process of decision making of any buyer both individually and in groups such as how emotions affect buying behaviour. To study the factor which effects the buying behaviour of consumer by Packaging.

The findings of the intended are expected to contribute to the body of existing knowledge in the area of packaging and its influence. Packaging and Consumer Buying Behavior As far as recent trend is concern, the companies must having a correct understanding of consumers and their buying behavior.

South Asian Journal of Management Sciences, 3 1 Parmar, M. All data have been analyzed to ascertain the relationship between each variable that is related to packaged products. Their analysis also how to creative problem solving that the colour and style of packaging is also plays an important role to change the buying behaviour of the consumers. Despite the fact that numerous studies in the past have contributed to the theoretical and practical knowledge on packaging, demonstrated that packaging plays sufficient role in marketing of goods and services from all sectors of productive economy, yet quite a number of small sephora case study harvard large scale manufacturers have shown less concern to packaging their product effectively.

Packaging is an important component of the marketing system which plays an important role in increasing sales, promotion, and brand image of the product. At last we can say that Packaging is that package of marketing tool which is not only useful for companies but also very necessary for the consumers.

Arowomole and Adeyemi defined packaging as the general group of activities in product planning that involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. It is further concluded that the packaging elements like its color, packaging material, the design of the wrapper and innovation are more important factors when consumers make any buying decision.

Their research showed that the packaging as a whole impacts on the consumer purchase intention.

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Research paper on impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour elements of packaging such as information about the product, style, design, pattern, colour, ingredients used, important dates, price, etc. Information available on packaging, colour, pattern, style, fonts, pictures, photos, offers, etc.

Different types of packaging styles plays a vital role in the life of product. Sanitation, convenience in handling and use of safety and preservation.

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Consumer buying behaviour is changes according to different conditions such as demographically, culturally, traditionally, climatically, etc. For the communication of all information about the productsmakes packaging a most important marketing tool for the companies.

The Influence of Packaging Design Features on Consumers' Purchasing & Recycling Behaviour

To overcome this problem local brand should use patriotic colours in packaging as well asshow familiar culture in their packaging to get success in the market. In primary source the data is collected by the researchers own observations at different sources. To know whether the cost structure of packaging is justified by the marketing growth of confectionaries. One of the main aim of every business organizations is to satisfy the behaviour of consumers.

This refers to supportive means if including sales other than advertising personal selling, sales promotional and publicity. Complete marketing is finally depends upon this.

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This paper aims to discover the consumer intention when buying the products, specially packaged products. This refers to the aspect of a product that has a legal right and protect the product from limitation. Research paper on impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour, M.

“Impact of packaging on consumer buying behavior"

Taiye Tairat Borishade, O. Again, in carrying out this research, research paper on impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour researcher was confronted with a number of problems and limitations owing to financial and time constraint, the researcher was unable to travel to other parts of the country for effective data collection hence, the researcher for effective data collection was carried out in Owerri metropolis.

In other words we can say that packaging is one of the main source by which product become a unique one and gets the different identity. A company or person who makes or product goods or production on large scale with machinery.

Packaging acts as the language of product which provides the basic characteristics and important information about the product.

THE IMPACT OF PACKAGING ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR - Project Topics European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, The study was conducted in the premises of Don Bosco Institute of Management.

Impact of product packaging on consumers buying behaviour: These are specialize outlets which he have stock displayed on shelves for customer easy access. This is the power to produce an effect, especially on character, beliefs or actions. Mahera Mazhar, S.

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The influence of food product packaging attributes in purchase decision: Relationship marketing is an effective way to know and to analyses the actual Consumer buying behaviour. Visibility of all contents and features are very important to the consumer needs. Siti Hasnah Hassan, L. To conduct a deep review of literature by which emerging factors can be identified for further research in same field.

Packaging Material Any material used especially to protect something- packing, padding. He added that the containers is called the packaging and it might include there levels the primary that contains the conduit the secondary that covers the primary containers and the territory that protect the entire product designing haulage.

It has been shown that in self service store, it is packaging that does selling, no wonder it is often regarded as the silent salesman. In other words we can say that packaging is the main source which provides a unique identity to the product and indicates the superiority of essay on psl cricket 2019 product in a market.

Kotler, defined packaging as the activities of designing and producing the containers for a product.


Key words: Packaging, Consumer buying behaviour. The essay on psl cricket 2019 they use to select and choose any products and services are known as buying behaviour of that individual. Does the cost structure of packaging correspond with the expected marketing growth of confectionaries? Finally, it has also been concluded that the Packaging is one of the most important and powerful factors, which influences consumer purchase decision.

Because if international brands comes into the market to avail this opportunity then definitely the sales of local brand decreases. Examples of those products are cake, meat pie, peanuts and chin-chin e. Packaging pattern and styles creates deep impact on consumer buying behaviour.

Sincewhen folding cartons was discovered, the packaging industry has grown steadily with period of rapid expansion occurring intermittently. The type and how to creative problem solving of packaging adopted depends on the types of product market. This is anything that can be offer to a market for attention, acquisition and consumption and must safety the consumers need.

The purpose of this research is to examine the essential factors, which are driving the success of a brand. It is also depends on the credibility of the brand of that product. Impact of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behaviour Jeffrey R Pohtam Abstract The objective of this study is to determine the role of packaging on consumer buying behavior. Khan, S.

So, packaging material has a strong impact on buying behavior. Research Methodology: Does the choice of packaging materials affects consumer purchase of confectionary products? It helps companies to differentiate their products from their competitors. In other words we can say that packaging is a complete package to capture the mind setup of all group of human being. Influence of product packaging on purchase decisions.

So it is very important for local brands to enhance their packaging style for which they can easily compete with the big companies. The major revolution merchandising era when mass production teaching were inaugurated and individual sealed packaging replace bulk merchandize.

Journal of Business Strategies, 6 2 This research study is intended to investigate and appraise packaging as it affects manufacturers of confectionaries in Owerri, Imo State. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 3 11 The most commonly used packaging materials include corks, asbestos, rubbers, plastics papers and several types of strong materials, such as lead glass, packaging has gone all the way back to the down of industry when primitive societies carry barriers centuries packaging primary roles was research paper on impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour hold, protect my favourite fashion designer essay transport goods from manufacturers to the users of industry goods.

To investigate whether moderating factor government policies, technology, competition affect the consumer buying decision of confectionary product. The appearance of a packaging help consumers to identify the product brand.

It will outline the various roles packaging play in selling off confectionaries. European Journal of Scientific Research, 2 Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research, World Scientific News, Brand image mediates the relationship of packaging and buying behaviour of consumers.

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Packaging provides two major services for both consumers curriculum vitae of a medical doctor produces that is it services as a product measure for the product and also promotional device. The ability to corporate into packaging decision the right choice of materials, colour, shape, design, style, size and promotional information has been a major challenge facing marketing managers in the small and medium scale ventures.

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  4. Packaging is an important component of the marketing system which plays an important role in increasing sales, promotion, and brand image of the product.

This will helps the consumers also to easily differentiate their desired product from the other one. Every companies have their own range of packaging features such as style, colors, pattern, designs, shapes, fonts, symbols and information. The study showed that the packaging creates the deep impact on the perception of theconsumers.