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For example, on a day with high stress your blood sugar may be higher than usual or lower than usual. Subjects and Methods:

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The interviewers reported that engagement of many children and some caregivers tended to wane when four scenarios were presented. But he did keep records of his food, physical activity, and stress. A collection of 12 vignettes was developed in consultation with pediatric endocrinologists and diabetes educators at each study center.

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She believes this is from the stress of planning the wedding, and wants to find a way to control it without changing her medication. Self-management education was strongly emphasized and targets of treatment were to maintain HbA1C as close to normal as possible, while minimizing the occurrence of severe or symptomatic hypoglycemia. Table II shows the three Correction of Hypoglycemia and three Correction of Hyperglycemia vignettes that were utilized in this study.

Examples of Problem Solving: Low and High Blood Sugar

Adolescent A1C was measured range, 2. She had a glass of wine with supper, which can lower blood sugar.

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They can share information with you that is tailored to your needs, and can guide you through a process of thinking of possible solutions and choosing what will work for you. In order to minimize observational reactivity, parents and youths were administered different randomly selected sets of vignettes at each evaluation.

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Table II. In his new job, he feels self-conscious about checking his blood glucose.

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This schedule yielded three HbA1C measurements during the 6-month intervention phase of the study and one follow-up measurement at 9 months. Her friends called an ambulance. For example, several studies to date provide support for the role of mobile technologies in self-management of diabetes.

Bivariate nonparametric correlation was used.

  • Something may work very well for someone else, but not work well for you.
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  • In total, adolescents and their parents participated in the current study.
  • Increasing problem solving in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: the choices diabetes program.

Ultimately, you are the one who lives with your diabetes. Higher scores indicate increasing levels of child responsibility for diabetes management.

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What works for you most of the time may not work on a particular day. For example, on a day with high stress your blood sugar may be higher than usual or lower than usual.

Problem Solving

So she kept walking, and she tried one baldwin wallace music essay thing: Try it for a short period of time, and then re-evaluate. Participants were enrolled in a pilot randomized trial designed to establish the feasibility of the intervention and measurement protocols prior to a larger randomized controlled trial Nansel et al.

You can find reliable information about diabetes management by searching out the following web sites: Emma was at dinner at her great aunt's house. Problem solving is particularly well suited to technological applications because the foundation of many technological tools is to assist in the process of gathering, processing, analyzing, and communicating data in a way that can be presented in a context that can facilitate decision-making.

In his old job, he had to walk farther from the parking lot, and he also climbed problem solving in type 1 diabetes several times a day to use the copy machine on a different floor.

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Mean SES score was 5. Ask your diabetes educator or your local diabetes association about support groups near you, or search for diabetes discussion groups, listservs, and discussion boards on the Internet. What do you think she should try? Inclusion criteria were as follows: Blood samples were obtained quarterly by fingerstick and shipped to Joslin Diabetes Center for processing using the Tosoh High Performance Liquid Chromatography method.


Read other reliable sources, and see if you can find that suggestion somewhere where you can trust the information. The TUPS scale has nine items and measures the frequency that diabetes-specific and commonly available technologies are used to address problems with diabetes self-management, including use of 1 meter software to log glucose data, 2 meter or pump graphing software for following trends, 3 online resources to search for problem solving information or support, 4 text messaging for communication about diabetes problems, 5 social networking resources, 6 diabetes homework activities for year 6 applications, 7 digital resources and administration job cover letter template for information reference for example, I use a carbohydrate counter application or Web site to help me figure out how many carbohydrates are in the food I eat8 alarms and reminders, and 9 patient portal sites to access personal health information and communicate with providers.

Address correspondence to: Later he was waiting in line for lunch.

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Mean A1C was 8. If you explain your problem to a group of people with diabetes, it is very likely that someone else will have had to deal with something similar. We hypothesized that use of technology for problem solving would be negatively correlated with A1C—specifically, that higher frequency of technology use would correspond with lower A1C.

Measures Biomedical data were collected by medical record review during or just after diabetes clinic visits. Carol knows that she has high stress when she travels, and that often raises her blood glucose so gave herself a little extra insulin. Tom did not have lunch time blood sugar readings to help him know when his blood sugar was actually rising.

Virginia could tell from her blood sugar records that she was right about stress causing her high blood sugar.