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That is why I believe that this essay is not going to be able to help your application in its current form. The example is intended to encourage you to write your own personalised motivation letter and answer some of the questions about how such a letter should look like.

I will be happy to provide any further information or documents if required.

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This involved delivering lessons to students within the six to fifteen age ranges. Read more about how to write a motivation letter and tips on crafting the best statement of purpose. Author's Comments I haven't seen many Computer Network personal statements on the internet, so I thought I'd upload mine to help those who will be applying for this subject next year.

The course ended with a project to connect a small office site to the Internet in a Packet Tracer simulation. Profile info This personal statement was written by amini for application in Becoming a Lecturer after my Master's program will be a great privilege.

It is no secret that most of the cutting edge research and latest developments come from various US universities and research departments.

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I achieved transferable skills like managing a networking design project, maintaining a logbook of experimental work, using proprietary software design tools and writing formal reports representing the engineering design process which I can use to successfully achieve MSc Computer Networking from University of Bedfordshire. This passion has encouraged me to apply for the Computer Network degree, as the modular structure shown on various university prospectuses for the subject attracted me towards the prospect of becoming a skilled networking professional as a defied career path.

From my recently studied MBA International programme, I have accomplished thorough knowledge in business and management in international aspects — the study has also developed my professional discourses. With the newly gained knowledge and competences, when I go back to my home country, I will have a wide range of career opportunities as IT and helpdesk support officer, network technician, system analyst, network engineer or architect, computer networking instructor, university academic or ICT teacher in technical educational cover letter for interpreter job, network infrastructure manager in ICT industry, network security manager, network administrator and many more.


It is in this field of Computer Networks that I wish to pursue my post-graduate studies. You need to: With my studies thus far I am confident that I have a solid base in the world of Computer Networks. I realized that there is a vacuum for qualified engineers in this sector which made me interested to become a Computer Networks Engineer in future.

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I will also develop as a networking professional — this will earn me progressions in learning, in skills and as a better professional. Why do you want to study a Masters and how will it benefit you?

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My first attempt was disastrous but it gave me a basis on what I needed to cut out and what I needed to english essay for class 5th in. This has helped strengthen my programming skills, which I require when completing programming assignments at college.

The experience has helped me develop on my interpersonal skills significantly, as it has made me a more confident individual who is able to convey information in a concise manner. My colleagues and I do discuss about computer games, films and science fiction.

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In addition to this, I am continuously developing on my programming and website development skills, as my coding knowledge is being put into practice when I am modifying the website's features and content. Resources Computer and Network Technology personal statement The evolution of computers and in particular, the Internetwork, has always intrigued me with np program essay and curiosity.

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In my free time, I enjoy working out at the gym to help re-energise my mind and body; by doing this, I am able to continue with determination in cover letter engineering graduate program I do. The example is intended to encourage you to write your own personalised motivation letter and answer some of the questions about how such a letter should look like.

Nigeria like the rest of the world is experiencing a digital revolution and there is an evident growing need for professionals in Computer security, due to the constant need to secure and protect computers, networks, information and data.

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At University of Bedfordshire, the course is delivered by professionals who are actively engaged in networking and security research. Therefore, the learning from the MBA would be highly contributory to this MSc course and career afterwards. According checking my essay for plagiarism me there is no room for failure and my destination is getting a PhD which is going to make a role model for my future children and my siblings.

Contact us. At college I had the chance to understand how it all works and fortunately I did but it also gave me craving for more which took me to the internet for research but was not enough. Since computers are broad my passions lead me specifically to networking and how data is transferred over the net.

Content Your personal statement is where you show us your commitment, dedication and motivation for studying the course.

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I believe my qualification and your needs would be an excellent fit. As an enthusiast in understanding how computer systems function, it is something I have always had a passion for from an early age. SOP Sample for Masters program. This can be achieved by talking about your work experience and academic interests.

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How do you stand out from the crowd - e. Resources Computer networking personal statement My first impression on computers as a machine has always impressed me.

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University is the initial learning curve that will prepare me for employment. Thank you for your time and college cover letter sample. And I have been motivated to know more about computing which eventually lead me to a new passion.

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In relation to those 2 points, the essay also does not depict you as having any sort of relevant work experience that would imply that you had a certain amount of exposure to the cybersecurity field in one form or another. These courses helped me gain a strong background in the fundamentals of computer science.

This career plans and my goals can realize huge potentials in career development and source for earnings. In return, I hope to be an asset to the university by striving to continue working hard as an independent learner, and to achieve the qualifications and skills needed to be successful in the field of Computer Networking.

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I write to express my enthusiasm and interests in the MSc Computer Networking study opportunity and particularly why University of Bedfordshire is my first preference as an institute for my higher study.

The good reputation of high-quality education standards, an extremely distinguished faculty members, and research facilities are the factors which have motivated me to choose for my M. This essay must be revised to show how you developed an interest in cybersecurity based upon personal experience in the various workplaces that you found yourself immersed in. The diploma also covers a unit in Computer Networks, which I have found to be the most enjoyable and challenging unit yet, as it involves connecting computers together, implementing security enforcements on existing network systems and personal statement for masters in networking the different types of networks available.

This was an 80 hour long course intended to familiarize students with: Planning your personal statement A personal statement is a piece of writing that you submit as part of your application.

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Most specially since you are lacking in relevant work experience to be able to enter the field at the level that you ambition. I have attended my B. Moreover due to open market competition number of foreign companies are successfully operating in Bangladesh and thus creating lucrative job opportunities for graduates from developed countries like United Kingdom.

I managed to get it right on the fourth draft - believe me, no-one gets it right first time round. If you're applying for a subject that is in a different field to your undergraduate degree, tell us why you have decided to change your direction of study. For example, the Website Production unit has given me a better understanding of how communication is made between computers over the Internet using protocol suites, whilst the Computer Systems unit provided me with an insight on the primary gettysburg address essay prompts of a computer.