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A unified approach to the analysis of unidirectional and bi-directional parallel flow heat exchangers Optimization of a material flow time for plastic component by design evaluation Compensation of tool forces in small diameter solid carbide end mills.

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Drop test analysis of industrial helmet used for Mining Industrial standards 2. Analysis and part life estimation of a foot rest Experimental investigation of the discharge valve dynamics in a reciprocating compressor for trans-critical CO2 refrigeration cycle.

  • Parametric optimization of a cc oil cooled engine cylinder fins.
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Failure teaching assistant cover letter pdf analysis of welded joints Fatigue analysis of diesel engine connecting rod using metal aluminum matrix reinforced with boron carbide. Optimization of a material flow time for plastic component by design evaluation Drop simulation and material optimization of USB flash drive AMS Developments of mechanical final year project thesis hot forging die life prediction model.

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Hydrofoil analysis using CFD Composite material analysis of a driven shaft for variable speeds Design evaluation of a two wheeler suspension system for variable load conditions Defending a thesis is a procedure that comes after writing it. Analysis of Effect of clearance between the blades in shearing operations. Design evaluation of medical wheel chair. Assembly analysis of a gear train of a gear box Manifold optimization of an internal combustion engine by using CFD analysis.

Improving surface finishing quality by using radius carbide tips.

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Optimizing an intercooled application letter sample applying student assistant for an ideal gas model Mechanical analysis of dies used in closed die forging to reduce defects One of its attributes will be whiskers or vibrissae which will be mounted on the head and along the body of the object.

Impact test on motorcycle helmet for different angles of impact using FEA Analysis of drilling bed due to torque and thrust Strengthening car bumper in load bearing direction by mechanical final year project thesis material Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer IM7 Design evaluation of a ceiling fan blade for Rolax company 6.

Other tools include: FEA analysis for optimization of resistance spot welding process These include: Whisker design for lighter-than-air robot Scutigera Supervisor: Kinematic analysis of a three degrees of freedom parallel Manipulator Failure response of single bolted composite joints under various preload Performance improvement of an automobile radiator using CFD analysis. Optimization of high speed turning parameters of Super alloy Inconel material using Taguchi technique Vibration analysis of delaminated composite beams using analytical and FEM models.

Optimization of welding parameters for MIG welding M.

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Injection Mould tool design and Mould flow analysis of Exhaust fan. Influences of tool pin profile and welding speed on the formation of friction stir processing zone in AA aluminum alloy Analysis of column used in drilling machines subjected to axial forces Reducing the wear tear of ceramic end mill tips of a milling cutter.

Analysis of spindle due to torque and thrust during drilling Selection of a manufacturing process for customer requirement.

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Students should strive to choose topics which are capable of stirring their interest and that of the reader. It should be extensively researched and should have a relevant topic.

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Non linear dynamic analysis of crankshaft used in two wheeler Performance of orifice plate assemblies under non ā€” standard conditions using CFD. These whiskers will provide sensing of the environment for two purposes: Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads.

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These ideas and research can serve as a starting point for the design of vibrissae for Scutigera. Analysis of warm forging process Life cycle optimization of residential air conditioner replacement Besides, taking time to choose thesis topics can direct students to research on mechanical engineering thesis projects which can prepare them for their future aspirations.

Choosing a commonly used topic can prove to be difficult.

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Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads 9. Failure analysis on diesel engine connecting rod due to repeated mechanical final year project thesis Effect of a coolant on carbide tool life Profile modification and Validation of spur gear to increase the tooth strength CFD prediction to optimize front end cooling module of a passenger vehicle The modules will be equipped with propulsion, power source and sensors for autonomous operation of the robot and for exploring its surroundings.