Literature review on sports sponsorship. Sport Monetisation Series: Sponsorship Activation - Sport Business Chain

A Practical Approach. Therefore, a brand portfolio strategy has been created, followed by the launch of individual Federation-owned brands, alongside promotion-oriented campaigns and events.

Defending the co-branding benefits of sponsorship B2B partnerships: Weed, M.

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Thus, we have dressed children who danced in branded clothes, throughout the season, and also on the fan zone in F4. A Longitudinal Analysis of the Super Bowl. Journal of Sponsorship, 3 4 Effects of ambush marketing: Doust, D.

A typology of strategies. Strategic implications of attitude-toward-the-ad in leveraging event sponsorships. Internationalising ambush marketing: Pitt, L. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 10 3 Chase, C.

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Brands can reach way more people at the same time for the same game. Masterman, G. Taylor, C. Shani, D. The London Olympics Johar, G. Olympic Sponsorship vs. How effective is the sponsorship of global sports events?

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With the following sub-questions in mind: Reference Cornwell, T. Furthermore, sports were considered to have a wide appeal in terms of segmentation for prospective sponsors and should, therefore, be considered in relation to a message strategy for the club. How event sponsors are really identified: Moreover, within the world of sport, competitive advantage has become significantly difficult to achieve, given the high level of existent expertise in creating unique marketing strategies Maloney, In my opinion, social influencers will play a bigger role in sponsorship because of the huge costs of celebrities.

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Journal of Sponsorship, 4 3 The good, the bad and the surprising. There is no way to track this content or monetise it alone; nonetheless, providing and promoting a hashtag specific to the sport clubs, they end up owning and being related with the content Furthermore, giving fans exclusivity could also lead to a successful sponsorship activation.

Townley, S. Market prominence biases in sponsor identification: Thirdly, the notions on strategically approaching prospective sponsors was considered comparing the derived implications. Meenaghan, T. Similarly, the former should activate the sponsorship at their end, as well, by taking advantage of the digital era, in order to lead and help the sponsors activate on digital.

To deeply understand the partnering entities in order to be able to propose relevant projects and develop campaigns that respond to the needs of the partners.


Kelly, S. The Case of Ambush Marketing. A Practical Approach. Evolution, challenges and impact on the Olympic Movement. Olympic sponsorship: Degaris, L.

Sport Monetisation Series: Sponsorship Activation - Sport Business Chain

Ellis, D. The ethical issues.

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What do you see as the top 3 trends in sport sponsorship that are generating the most value to both the sport organisation and the business? Legal Guarantees for Olympic Legacy. Ambush marketing - A threat to corporate sponsorship.

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Secondly, the implications of engaging in sports sponsorship was considered while distinguishing between elite and grassroot sports. On a long-term basis, how can sport organisations monetise the variables involved in a successful sponsorship activation campaign? Hence, sponsorship activation is now in its simplest form. However, the challenge of attracting corporate sponsorships is a Journal of Advertising Research, 45 3 Nufer, G.

Payne, M. Fighting for what is left of exclusivity: Corporate strategy and consumer reaction.

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Sport is continuously changing with the implementation of new technologies, while sponsorship basically remains the same, and in sports, this entails three players: Ambush marketing in sport: Question 2: In the analysis, significant themes revealed in the analysis are; strategy, returns, and strategy.

Ambush marketing: The fight against ambush marketing and London Therefore, sport clubs must give them something to be a part of, experience, talk about, post and share. Winning the Olympic marketing game: International Journal of Advertising, 31 1 Awareness, perceptions and impacts.


Who Gets the Gold? Recall of logos on clothing, equipment and venues at the Winter Olympics. Journal of Advertising Research, 46 2 Firstly, it revolved around the essentials of attracting sponsors regarding what companies look for in a sponsorship. Live content plays a major role in activation plans as more venues become connected.

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Journal of Advertising Research, 29 4 A baseball field analysis. The literature review consists of theories within communication theory and communication planning, the concept of marketing communications and advanced creative writing ideas, and the notion of sponsorships particularly within sports.

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Impellizzeri, F. Journal of Sponsorship, 3 2 Meaning the production of knowledge is developed from individual perspectives on the social world while acknowledging the basic structures constituting it Kuada,p.

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Grohs, R. Managing Leisure, thesis statement about college degree 1 What advertisers should watch. Event sponsorship and ambush marketing: For instance, internal communication, CSR Corporate Social Responsibility or sales are very appealing areas literature review on sports sponsorship such sponsorship proposals. Processes and consequentiality.

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Journal of Strategic Marketing, 20 1 Unless sport entities mark it, this becomes a disconnected content for them and their sponsors. Hoek, J. Visual Pun or Passing Off?: Finally, a sponsorship proposal was often seen as literature review on sports sponsorship business inquiry by the prospective sponsors and should, therefore, contain the most important information regarding potential sponsorship returns and instruction for sponsor activation in a well-arranged manner.

The analysis consisted of several codes that was merged into categories from which themes subsequently literature review on sports sponsorship.

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International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 10 4 Protecting the Olympic brand: Thus, those organisations that will succeed to convert individuals into fans will develop a strong relationship with the fan-base and will, in turn, benefit from earning share of time. Journal of Sport Management, 22 4 Guest Editorial Ambush Marketing: Lastly, sports sponsorship was conceptualized by looking at the thoughts of a number of scholars who had investigated the field. LITERATURE REVIEW OF SPONSORSHIP

Regarding the theme returns, the interviewees considered increased exposure, recognizability, visibility, sales, and goodwill amongst other features as reasons for why they engage in sponsorships. Are these attempts working? Document Type. Thus, the sport organisation should treat the collaboration with its partners as natural and seamless as possible, and not as a burden.