Literature review on iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy. [Full text] Prevalence of anemia and its associated factors among pregnant women r | JBM

Thus, preventive treatment with iron supplements has always been given in combination with folic acid and this has been included as part of routine antenatal care provided to pregnant women at every visit in developing countries [ 26 ]. Other studies from the USA and from Europe have reported similar findings. Governmental and nongovernmental health institutions should provide health education to pregnant women on prevention of infectious diseases such as intestinal parasitic infections. Owolabi, A. Ayub, N. The rationale for this combination is to meet increased folic acid requirements in pregnancy brought about by the rapidly dividing cells in the fetus and elevated urinary losses [ 7 ].

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A recently published randomized study found no difference in most pregnancy outcomes between daily and twice weekly iron supplementation regimens, though the daily regimen was found to be more effective than twice weekly regimen in preventing Hb decrement at near term [ 8 ].

Hurrell, T. Wharf, S.

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Iron supplements can be given by mouth and parenteral route as intramuscular and intravenous injections; in addition, it can be administered as blood transfusion and recombinant erythropoietin with iron. Van Eijk et al.

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Sub-communities in developed nations are also prone to a high prevalence of IDA. Since iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy is determined by preexisting body iron stores, among other factors, we recommend that the mass fortification programme should be located and implemented within the context of reproductive health services.

Discussion Anemia in pregnancy is a common problem in most developing countries and a major cause of morbidity and mortality.

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Gautam, L. Asibey-Berko, S.

Evidence-Based Preventive Treatment Options 3.

UNICEF has reported deaths of an estimated 50, young women per year globally in pregnancy and childbirth due to severe iron deficiency anemia [ 12 ]. Berger, and Y.

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia in pregnancy [ 2 ].

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Anemia and iron deficiency are common during pregnancy [ 89 ]. Study population The study participants were pregnant women who visited Aymiba Health Center for antenatal care.

Assessment of Iron Deficiency and Anemia in Pregnant Women: An Observational French Study

Hershko, and Z. Danielson, T.

  1. [Full text] Prevalence of anemia and its associated factors among pregnant women r | JBM
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The data were entered and analyzed using the SPSS version View at Google Scholar C. Quantitative variables were described by the mean and standard deviation.

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Although an estimated 1. S—S, The first choice in the prophylaxis of iron deficiency sample cover letter graphic design job for almost all women is oral iron replacement because of its effectiveness, safety, and low cost [ 25 ]. Though the training lays emphasis on core midwifery skills, it could be expanded to include cardiopulmonary resuscitation of mothers; furthermore, local health staff should be provided with appropriate state-of-art equipment to work with.

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Additionally, the study was strictly noninterventional and care was never modified as a result of patient participation. There is variation in haemoglobin levels during pregnancy; at the beginning of a pregnancy, there is a normal reduction in haemoglobin level followed by a slight rise towards the end of pregnancy [ 2 ].

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In order to avoid anemia during pregnancy, receiving early antenatal care would cover letter for fresher teachers as an important preventive measure. They opined that sufficient attention should be paid to adolescent girls and women of reproductive age long before pregnancy and suggested intermittent low-dose iron supplements and in literature review on iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy cases, combined with necessary micronutrients [ 3637 ].

Batres et al.

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Gyte, and L. Osungbade, V.