Lesson 11-3 problem solving sample spaces,

Subtract 1 from the integer: Two events are mutually exclusive if they cannot occur at the same time. Putting these numbers together, the result is 9, What are all the possible choices of sandwiches he can have? Example 1 Continued 1 Understand the Problem Rewrite the question as a statement.

Together, all the possible outcomes of an experiment make up the sample space. Lisa has a beige skirt, a black skirt, and a denim skirt. Multiplying Odd Numbers by 5 This is another time-saving tactic that works well when teaching students the 5 times table. Suppose a student wants to volunteer for an average of 10 hours a week over a period of four weeks.


Number of ways the first cube can be picked: In a deck of cards, there are 40 number cards and 12 face cards. How many possible choices of lifts and trails do the skiers have?

Jordan has a choice of wheat bread or rye bread and a choice of turkey, ham, or tuna for lunch.

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I think we can readily convince ourselves that there are 20 ways. He has case study on herpes virus brown sweater and a white sweater. The result is How many outcomes are possible in the game? In a deck of cards, there are 13 diamonds and 13 face cards. Squaring a Two-Digit Numbers that Ends with 5 Squaring numbers ending in 5 is easier, as there are only two parts of the process.

To determine the number of hours required in the fourth week, the student must add how much he or she surpassed or missed the target average in the other weeks: What are the possible outcomes? Now, when counting the number of sequences of 3 heads and 5 tosses, we need to recognize that we are dealing with arrangements or permutations of the letters, since order matters, but in this case not all of the objects are distinct.

Each line of this chart lists a possible outcome from two spins.

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A Chinese restaurant has a special on Friday nights. Just like that, a hard problem becomes easy multiplication for many students. Draw a club. A second bag has a red tile and a blue tile. How many arrangements are there of the 20 people that involve 0 people ill?

Distinguishable Permutations

In a deck of cards, there are 13 diamonds and 13 hearts. For lunch, Britney has a choice of a hot dog, a hamburger, or pizza and a choice of an apple, a pear, or grapes. This one has three steps, which 5 x 7 exemplifies. Answer each question. Draw a jack. Word Problems How outcomes are in the sample space?

In a deck of 52 cards, there are 26 red and 26 black cards.

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Application Carrie rolls two 1—6 lesson 11-3 problem solving sample spaces cubes. The events are mutually exclusive. Darren draws one marble from each bag. Draw a black card. Can you imagine enumerating all possible outcomes? This spinner can land on white or black. She has a red sweater and a white sweater, and she has a white blouse, a blue blouse, and a green blouse.

They cannot occur at the same time because a card cannot be red and black. List the number of outcomes for each separate experiment. What are all the possible choices of breakfast he can have?

Given n objects with: In this case, we can readily determine that there is just 1 way. In a deck of cards, there are 4 kings and 4 queens. Two events are mutually exclusive if they cannot occur at the same time.

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Draw a diamond. With an outcome of black on Spin 1, what outcomes are possible on Spin 2? If you order one topping, how many different choices of bagel and toppings can you order? If he flips the same result twice in a row, he will study. When at bat, she could strike out, walk, or get a hit.

Alternatively, we could use the formula for counting distinguishable permutations. For breakfast, Armando has a choice of pancakes, eggs, or cereal and a choice of milk, hot cocoa, or juice. Chad and Victoria are playing a game with a quarter and a spinner divided into sixths, numbered 1—6. First, divide the number being multiplied by 5 — which is 6 — in half. Event A: How many possible outcomes are there for two spins?

Santana only likes cream cheese or jam on his bagel. What are all the possible outcomes? There are six ski trails to the bottom of the mountain. There are 36 possible outcomes when Carrie rolls two 1—6 number cubes.

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The formula yields: How many choices are in the sample space? Two such sequences, for example, might look like this: They have been started for you. For each pair of events, tell whether the two events are mutually exclusive for a single experiment.

How many different calzones can you order?

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They would then multiply 9 x 10 to receive Problem Solving Application One bag has a red tile, a blue tile, and a green tile. What is the probability that the sequence of 8 tosses yields 3 heads H and 5 tails T?

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Ty is flipping a coin. Draw a ten. Creating Sub-Questions For complex word problems, show students how to dissect the question by answering three specific sub-questions. Example 1 Continued 1 Understand the Problem Rewrite the question as a statement.

Each movie is shown at five different times during the day. Additions and changes to the original content are the apple case study problem statement of the instructor. Printer-friendly version Example Suppose we toss a gold dollar coin 8 times.

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  • Susan and Ryan are playing a game that involves spinning the spinner at the right and flipping a penny.
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A player randomly selects one card and one tile. How many different ways can she wear a skirt, sweater, and blouse together?

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  2. Example 1 Continued 2 Make a Plan You can make an organized list to show all possible outcomes.
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Make a list. Example 2 Continued List each number of the cubes. How many different specials can you order? Make a tree diagram to show the sample space.

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In a deck of cards, there are 40 number cards and 4 jacks. First, subtract 1 from the number being multiplied by 5, making it an even number. I'm going to leave it to you to decide if you want to try to count this one out by hand! For a snack, Sophie can choose milk, apple juice, orange juice, or punch.

The tiles are numbered 1 and 2. The cubes are numbered 1, 2, and 3.

Sample Spaces and Events

Example 2 There are 2 marbles and 3 cubes in a board game. If they are not, explain why. Example 3 Sammy picks three number cubes from a bag. There are three chair lifts to the top of a mountain.

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