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The color of the storm, which usually varies from brick red to slightly brown, may come from small amounts of sulfur and phosphorus in the ammonia crystals in Jupiter's clouds. It also has an extremely strong magnetic field. Also, Jupiter has a favorable orbit. It is about 20 miles 30 km thick and more than 4, miles 6, km wide. It is the Sixth closest moon to planet Jupiter and sixth largest moon in the Solar System. Jupiter has unique cloud features.

The mosaic is composed of 27 images: This gas giant has a thick atmosphere, 17 moons, and a dark, barely-visible ring.

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Jupiter spins round much faster, turning on its axis once every 9. A giant red spot was seen on Jupiter in the seventeenth century, when telescopes first started to be used. At the deepest visible levels are blue clouds.

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It primary mission was to investigate, as a function of solar latitude, the properties of the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field, of galactic cosmic rays and neutral interstellar gas, and to study energetic particle composition and acceleration. In all it has eight moons, which can be divided into two categories of the closes four moons and furthest four.

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The most extraordinary feature on Jupiter is undoubtedly the Great Red Spota giant hurricane-like storm seen for more than years. Everything visible on the planet is a cloud.

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Io, Ganymede, and Europa. Though seemingly serene when viewed from the relative safety of our home world, Jupiter is a chaotic and stormy place.

  • InNASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft zipped by the gas giant, taking tens of thousands of pictures as they passed by.
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Ulysses discovered the solar wind has a much greater impact on Jupiter's magnetosphere than before suggested. Daytime here lasts for the whole summer, partially due to the fact that it is tipped on its side. This planet defies many of the limitations scientists know about star and planet formation.

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In fact, only three large craters have been found. Jupiter has helped transform the way we saw the universe in when Galileo discovered Jupiter's four largest moons.

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Juno is the only mission at Jupiter currently. Jupiter is the stormiest planet in the Solar System. Jupiter and his brothers, Pluto and Neptune, rebelled against Saturn and the other Titans, vanquishing them and imprisoning some of them in Tartarus.

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The magnetosphere is a bubble of charged particles trapped within the magnetic environment of the planet. Jupiter has dozens more—and there may still be more to find. Pioneer 10 revealed how dangerous Jupiter's radiation belt is, while Pioneer 11 provided data on the Great Red Spot and close-up pictures of its polar region.

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Juno returned some of the first detailed looks at the planet's poleswhich revealed cyclone swarms gyrating on its surface with roots that likely extend deep below the upper bands of clouds. Jupiter has many moons, each with its university english essay introduction unique properties.

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The cloudy sphere has bright belts on it which change their shape. Cassini Jupiter Portrait This true color mosaic of Jupiter was constructed from images taken by the Cassini spacecraft on December 29,during its closest approach to the giant planet at a distance of approximately 10 million kilometers 6.

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The third ring, known as the gossamer ring because of its transparency, is actually three rings of microscopic debris from three of Jupiter's moons, Amalthea, Thebe and Adrastea. The atmosphere of some planets such as Jupiter and Saturn which are called gas planet contain poisonous atmosphere which do not allow life to exist there.

It is the Sixth closest moon to planet Jupiter and sixth largest moon in the Solar System. The four largest moons of Jupiter are known as the Galilean moons and are named CallistoGanymedeEuropaand Io. It also has an extremely strong magnetic field And Then God Created Jupiter Essay words - 7 pages because it was the biggest star in the sky.

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A core less than 10 times Earth's mass surrounded by a layer of fluid metallic hydrogen extending out to 80 to 90 percent of the diameter of the planet, enclosed in an atmosphere mostly made of gaseous and liquid hydrogen. Since this planet is the fastest spinning rotates in less than 10 hoursit is flattened at the poles and it is bulged at its equator.

It is this methane gas which gives Uranus its bluish-green surface appearance.

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