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Without question, the Natural Resource Inventory has furthered regionalization in the Dominican Republic. Logistics and supply chain management 5th ed. Inventory management in practice. Using simple demonstrations, the trainers showed, for example, that an area suitable for citrus production was currently being used for extensive grazing. Zabel vs. Incorporate soil, forest, conservation, and preservation projects identified in the inventory into an economically defensible package according to priorities set forth in the inventory; 3.

Williams, M.

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Lundin, R. These agencies pursued projects primarily on the basis of their water resource potential, too often overlooking projects' impacts on agricultural production or watershed preservation and conservation.

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A case study approach is used to identify the key factors that influence inventory management in a factory. Extending vendor-managed inventory into alternate supply chains: Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, 33 1 A system dynamics examination.

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Joint optimization of price, replenishment frequency, replenishment cycle and production rate in vendor managed inventory system with deteriorating items. A subsequent DRD technical mission helped the Dominican Government design a cadastral survey and initiate an agricultural land-taxation system that would start with the districts with the most production and revenue-producing potential.

Still another obstacle was the tendency of the national government, sectoral agencies, international lenders, and consulting firms involved to ignore all but large, highly visible projects that could be implemented quickly, Many projects did nevertheless grow out of the inventory.

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Besides preparing the action plan, the study team in Santo Domingo investigated pilot forestry, water-conservation, and soil-conservation projects in the region. Accordingly, it decided to focus the second study on the northwestern part of the country, principally the Western Cibao.

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A preliminary report published by ONAPLAN at the end of Phase I in spelled out this development strategy, the results of the diagnostic study, and the workplan for preparing the action plan. Evaluate existing sectoral projects in terms of a regional development strategy.

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Operations Analysis, 23 4 Christopher, M. IIE Transactions, 30 8 Propose agricultural development projects and demonstrate their relevance to pressing economic problems; 4.

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A case study. As an influence on national and regional planning, and 4. Tayur, S. Using simple demonstrations, the trainers showed, for example, that an area suitable for citrus production was currently being used for extensive grazing. Postponement strategy for international transfer of products in a global supply chain: Logistics and supply chain management 5th ed.

Prepare projects in social infrastructure, mining, and tourism to support agricultural production projects; 5. Implementing the Recommendations The DELNO study did not enable Dominican sectoral agencies to integrate their activities, because they still had no clearly defined resource-management policies.

Case study 1 - Natural resources and regional development in the Dominican Republic

See Figure 1, 1. Applications to dynamic lot-sizing models. In fact, under this law, commercial interests that stand to benefit from good forest management are prohibited from operating, while small farmers have lost the incentive to replant trees for soil conservation purposes.

  1. The study team delineated the study area and divided it into a hierarchy of sub-areas.
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As an information base, 2. For the lowlands, it recommended intensive agricultural production.

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A balanced approach. Walker, Ed.

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This became especially apparent during project identification. But the Dominican Government did use the DELNO model to integrate natural resource baseline information and socio-economic data into project design.

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