Intercultural communication business case study. "Global Virtual Teams: An Intercultural Communication Reality Check" by Karin L. Goettsch

A case study is used to relate this theoretical matter to a concrete situation. The methodology chapter explains the approach, method and design used for this study, as well as introducing the respondents chosen for this thesis. Job field:

Introduction As anthropologists business plan for ferry service want to make a difference in our world. Objects, customs and information get accessible that open up new worlds and horizons for any individual. People with different attitudes, perceptions, worldviews and ideas are confronted with each other and are being forced to communicate. Frederick, wiiliamcfrederick.

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Place, publisher, year, edition, pages Content and Structure of Intercultural Training 4. It is anthropology put to use. The Role of an Applied Anthropologist 4. The cases explore interactions across national cultures and regional boundaries, demonstrating both traditional and unusual approaches to problems that sooner or later are likely to challenge all managers who operate internationally.

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Definitions 2. Constitutes intercultural communication therefore a part of the academic discipline of applied anthropology? Create Close Losing the Translator: The empirically obtained information is often related to processes of planning and implementation of programs and policies.

How can these Case Studies help you? Situation 4.

A Collection of Case Studies; Volume 1

This involves some type of transfer of knowledge, expertise, or service between distinct cultures Chambers Case Study: There would, firstly, be one as a representative, whose purpose it is to account or testify on behalf of the people they studied.

Training in cross-cultural interaction and behaviour forms part of communication. Anthropologists in Intercultural Training 5.

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As the author wants to further investigate this issue, she draws first on the definitions of the most important two terms to afterwards clarify the specific role expected of an applied anthropologist.

Definition of Intercultural Training 4. Since one of the most obvious developments in contemporary society is that the world is continuously growing closer and closer, people get to meet and communicate that would have never met a few hundred years ago. However, link words essay writing fields of study, such as anthropology, cultural studies and psychology contribute to the speciality as well Kwintessential I.

He is an active contributor in the formulation and investigation of applied research activities. Intercultural training provides us with that opportunity.

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Volume 1 contains case studies concerning different aspects of international management and intercultural communication in business, marketing and politics. MIC master students are coming from all over the world and often had to write the case in a non-native language.

A Case Study of Intercultural Communication on the Example of Disneyland Paris

A further function would be as an informant who transfers knowledge about one sector of society to another one. The analysis explains how language proficiency has a positive effect on the effectiveness of communication between the expatriates and their Japanese co-workers and business partners, as well as on building of trustful relationships, the ability to access information, and consequently work performance.

The necessity for this academic field is expressed in the idea that communication can only be appreciated with an understanding of the culture it supports Jandt Furthermore, the literature review elaborates on the role of communication in business, with examples from previous studies on expatriates in Japan, finally ending in the conceptual framework used for this study.

The intention is thus to treat each faction as an equal partner and participant in obtaining solutions from compound social problems.

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Applied Anthropology Applied anthropology, a sub-discipline of anthropology, describes the utilization of academic theories and methods to find practical solutions for societal problems. By making the most of the cultural differences, we can improve intercultural communication in civil society, in public institutions and the business world. Furthermore, the study of interpersonal interaction is an essential part of the field.

They were created by participants working in the field of public administration; international organizations; non-governmental organizations; development and cooperation organizations; the business world production, trade, tourism, etc. The example of cross-cultural training is employed as a practical and functional aspect of intercultural communication.

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It is, furthermore, useful in judging the worth of projects, informing about results and predicting further outcomes Chambers The conclusion infers the whole topic and tries to give an outlook on future development. The richness of this material is that it contains real-life experiences in intercultural communication problems in various settings, such as war, family, negotiations, inter-religious conflicts, business, workplace, and others.

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Disclaimer These cases represent the raw material developed by the students as part of their certification project. The Role of an Applied Anthropologist One of the roles of an applied anthropologist in the occupational world exists in the brokerage between different societies.

Certain matters like skills to identify, specify and resolve contemporary social problems through anthropological background and methods persuasive essay letter to the editor up a whole new set of employment locations. The literature review includes theories and findings of previous research related to intercultural communication, and what effect language proficiency has on the different aspects of intercultural communication.

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This paper tries to further investigate the correlations between these two academic fields. Volume 2 deals with cases of international management in social and educational settings. Therefore, we wish you an insightful and pleasant reading. Additionally, in order to achieve the purpose of this thesis, the following main research question will be answered: The methodology chapter explains the approach, method and design used for this study, as well as introducing the respondents chosen for this thesis.