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Transformation of the West: This will be graded and a mark entered into the gradebook. Conclusion The final part of your essay is the last part that your examiner will read so it is essential that you leave a good impression. Only do this after you are confident that you have proved your thesis.

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Point, Evidence, ExplainP. The IB Paper 3 sections are indicated in green and shows how the course matches up with the IB units.

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Social Lag 1. There is a lot of debate around how many arguments you should present; it is going to depend on the question itself and the number of arguments you have.

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The Progressive Era: FDR and the New Deal: Evolution of the Corporation: Social and Economic Reform: Social Darwinism, the Gospel of Wealth and Criticisms 4. The assessment objectives for IB and its 3 exam papers and IA are as follows Assessment elements with no specific allocation to a component s apply to all components: It is always good to approach questions like these with SPE, or the social political and economic.

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You will be given clear details of what you will need to read in advance, and when necessary the notes you need to make, prior to the lesson so that you avoid coming to the class simply as a blank slate. Manifest Destiny Continued 1.

The Election of African Americans, women, minorities The Great Depression and the arts: This is where your historical knowledge plays an important part.

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Make sure you learn to develop your reading skills- take time, concentrate properly and make notes for yourself as you read. Things i like to do essay should have paper and pencil or pen every day.

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Ultimately History is a subject that poses questions without providing definitive answers- frustrating I know Please refer to the student handbook. Ideology and Philosophy 6.

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In this instance, you would give a short account of what Stalins aims actually were in the first paragraph. Political Developments: Supporting arguments -which constitute the body Here you want to develop the arguments that you have presented in the introduction Each supporting argument constitutes a one-paragraph mini-essay: Introduction This is the roadmap for the essay, spy essay you want to: Beliefs, Muckrakers and Demographics 2.

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TR and the Square Deal: Robber Barons, Trusts, and Holding Companies 3. Overcoming Isolationists Sentiments 3. If your teacher asks you to integrate more analysis — look at the explanation component of the body.

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Grangers and the Reaction to Urban Corruption 5. However, there may be some of you looking for fixes for your essays.

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When you write an essay for IB history there are 3 components: You should have some type of binder in which to keep lecture notes and handouts. By the end of the century, for example, the United States played a more active role in world affairs, and in the affairs of Latin America in particular, thus transforming inter-American relations.

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Ultimately, please remember this is a 2 year IB Diploma Course that we are working towards- you should expect to do far more work on the History of the Americas, including Canada and Latin America, than you will do on the course prescribed by the Texas Education Agency Background: Make sure to keep the introduction short and to the point by defining any key terms and then moving on to describe how the essay will be structured.

Taft Wilson and Dollar Diplomacy 5. The Great Depression: Gilded Age Presidents: National Issues: Writers and Reactionaries 5.

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Agencies of the New Deal 7. All applicable rules found therein will be applied- i.

IB History Outline - Christian McCarthy

But use this knowledge and come to the lesson with opinions. IB Academic Goals: Causes and Machine Politics 2.

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For more information, please download and use the following booklet as a guide to referencing: Only do this after you are confident that you have proved your thesis. These claims within your thesis then form the main paragraphs of the essay. Please use commonsense and maturity and I will in turn treat you as the adults you are fast becoming.

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This means that time is critical and so you must be prepared to make notes while we are discussing, talking etc. So in this case you would look at how successful or not each of his aims were.

Use as much or as little of this method as you like. This will be graded and a mark entered into the gradebook.

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Legacy of the New Deal B. I will sometimes test you on this knowledge.

City Life and the Impact of Industrialization 1. Urban Development: Part of your evidence for your historical claims may include the views of historians or direct quotes.

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The Spanish American War 3. The alternatives that were offered and the adaptations that took place marked a watershed in political and economic development in many countries in the region.

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Postwar Developments at Home: Foreign Policy in the s: