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Market Development 6. Tariffs levied by foreign markets 0.

Harley-Davidson Inc.

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Consumers in these markets prefer performance bikes which typically are more cost-friendly than Harley-Davidson bikes. The Harley name stands for customer satisfaction 7 and we would like all Harley customers to relay their satisfaction to all motorcycle dreamers.

T1 Opportunities 1. When analyzing Harley-Davidson as a company using a SWOT analysis, one can see that the strengths clearly outweigh the weaknesses. Promote smaller Harleys in Asian countries S9.

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For Harley-Davidson, strengths include customer loyalty, connection to freedom, and marketability. Improve employee relationships W7. Although the strike was relatively short-lived it dealt Harley-Davidson quite a blow, as all production was stopped in the plant. We continue to do our part harley davidson 2009 case study analysis supporting all environmental laws in every country we do business 8.

Harley-Davidson has a strong marketing department. The company has continued to focus its capital expenditures on capacity expansion at its new and previously existing facilities.

  • High gasoline prices causing more motorcycle purchases 0.
  • Harley-Davidson Strategic Analysis | Harley Davidson | Motorcycle
  • Increased demand in European and Asian markets 0.
  • Market Development 6.
  • Harley Davidson Case Presentation by Stacey Klinker on Prezi

To be recognized as the best motorcycle company in the world. Perception of Harleys among noncyclers is often not good Total E. One harley davidson 2009 case study analysis issue which has hurt the company was a workers strike in February Also, recent trend suggests that lightweight motorcycles such as mopeds and scooters will account for the largest growth in the motorcycle industry in the immediate future.

The connection to freedom is a big part of the Harley-Davidson strategy as well, as they seek to offer people a sense of exhilaration and independence on the road. In response to the case, Harley-Davidson has not seen any significant drop-off in terms of production or sales, with net revenues actually rising from the end of the case study in to its most recent report.

Harley Davidson case study

The main competition the Harley-Davidson brand faces comes from Honda, BMW, and Yamaha, as these companies have all adapted to the needs of these overseas markets. One possible threat to Harley-Davidson is the aging of the baby-boomers.

Grand Strategy Matrix We appreciate the hard work of our employees 9. Environmental protection laws. Partner with an apparel maker to produce Harley apparel. When analyzing the substitutes available in the motorcycle industry, there is strong competition.

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On application essay sample for job global scene, Harley-Davidson faces many challenges because of the different harley davidson 2009 case study analysis trends overseas and the stiff competition it faces. Gas prices are high. Some competitors of Harley-Davidson have larger financial and marketing resources and are more diversified.

The company said U. Costs could become expensive from international importing. When looking at the rivalry from competitors, Harley-Davidson is doing very well domestically, controlling nearly fifty percent of the market share within the United States. Harley and the Davidson brothers, William D. Motorcycle availability 0.

When analyzing the potential new entrants to the motorcycle industry, one must look at it both from a domestic and global perspective. Threats 1. Perception of Harleys among noncyclers is often not good. Customer loyalty in European and Asian Countries. Harley-Davidson is the only major American motorcycle manufacturer.

Related Interests. Epilogue On January In the competitive strength assessment which includes such things as breadth of product line, market innovation, and brand recognition, Harley-Davidson holds a high position in terms of its competitors with a score of 43 as opposed to harley davidson 2009 case study analysis of BMW 39Honda 37and Suzuki The status of the company was examined in detail by the article which revealed a number of strategic moves under the leadership of….

Harley Davidson Case Analysis

High gasoline prices causing more motorcycle purchases 0. O4 S-T Strategies 1. Some key factors in order to achieve this include having a strong and adaptable brand image, having a strong marketing effort both domestically and globallyand having a strong network of dealers.

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In both the European and the Asia-Pacific hec thesis pdf, most people prefer smaller and more economic bikes such as scooters, mopeds, or sleeker performance bikes. August 19, Introduction Ina legendary motorcycle company was formed when William S.

Within the United States, the Harley-Davidson brand is relatively safe from competition due to a strong brand loyalty that has been built up throughout the last century. Customer loyalty in European and Asian countries.

Related Diversification I. It is still unknown just how much of an impact this will have on the company, but it is sure to have some backlash. Harley-Davidson uses harley davidson 2009 case study analysis technology to produce the superior motorcycles 4.

Harley-Davidson has tried to implement this strategy with various techniques, with the main one being creating a strong sense of community between Harley-Davidson owners. Due to the income increase in these areas however, people may be more likely to purchase Harley-Davidson motorcycles instead of performance or street bikes such as Honda, BMW, or Yamaha. There is fear that the brand will lose many of its customers because of the aging baby boomers, however the brand has enough recognition to survive the decline of its primary consumers.

Horizontal Integration 4. Costs could become expensive from importing. Motorcycles and Related Products. This implies that Harley-Davidson must adjust its product line in order to keep up with the changing times. Harley-Davidson operates in two principal business segments: Increase strong brand name S6. Japan was up Build a new manufacturing plant in Europe W2.

  • For the full year
  • One recent issue which has hurt the company was a workers strike in February
  • Owners Group HOG 7.

Harley-Davidson has found ways to turn these factors into strengths while pursuing a strategy using focused differentiation to sell its products. Date Avg. The leadership strategy council is comprised completely of vice presidents.

The international heavyweight market is growing and is now larger than the US heavyweight market 2. Expand the brand name of Harley through increased advertising. Shifts in buyers needs and tastes.

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Form a joint venture with a European motorcycle company. Fromthe company supplied 20, motorcycles for the military during World War I, and during this time major design advancements of motorcycles were made with Harley-Davidson as the leader.

This has helped create strong brand recognition, easily making Harley-Davidson the biggest and most recognizable names in the industry. When examining Harley-Davidson form a financial perspective, one can see that they are in a rather strong position at the time of the case study.

Perception of Harleys among noncyclers is often not good. If Harley-Davidson sought to do so, Buell Motorcycle could easily become a household name within the motorcycle industry carrying a strong line of performance and speed bikes.

Strategic Management Case Analysis: Going into the immediate future, there is some economic trouble as we head into Harley-Davidson had a difficult year inas it saw a decline in share price, revenues, and profits from the previous year.

Increasing demand in US markets for bikes. Buell Motorcycle has a product line which is known for speed and handling, and Harley-Davidson has done a good job of incorporating these motorcycles. Veronica R.

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Most of influence of television on youth essay parts are manufactured by the company themselves and thus suppliers are not very necessary. Change in demographics of purchasers 0.

Another substitute which is available to consumers is the different types of recreational vehicles. Gary Cooper. For the full year Women and younger riders are increasingly becoming interested in bikes. Another important thing to note is the aging of the baby-boomer generation and what kind of impact that will have on Harley-Davidson. Application essay sample for job levied by foreign markets 0.

Harley-Davidson has had difficulty gaining market shore in some European countries. The European demand for Harley-Davidson is the highest in the international market and represents the single largest motorcycle market in the world.

Harley-Davidson Case Analysis

Customer loyalty in European and Asian countries low for American products. Customers value quality parts. Market share increasingly in Europe and Asia for the last two years. The main substitutes available are cars and many people choose these over motorcycles because they are proven to be safer and also they provide protection from the weather elements which might make it difficult to drive motorcycles.

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Apple Inc. Harley-Davidson is committed to providing the highest quality products and financial services to men and women worldwide 1, 3. Net Income 5-Year Annual Avg. Developing countries' market demand for heavyweight motorcycles 0.

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Harley-Davidson does not emphasize price in its product. Market Development 6. Sort By: Alliances with Ford Motor Company or other automobile manufacturers are possible. Difficult to attract and retain talented employees.