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But common sense also concerns itself with many things of vital importance that lie outside the bare facts of physical science. Science has made our life easy and comfortable with its innovations.

Radio and television are also great media for communication. Science is an integral part of our daily life. Penicillin,X-ray,biopsy and ultra-sonography,E. Allah and the soul are being treated as mathematical equations.

It is contributing newer and newer forms of inventions for human life.

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R etc. Now you can hold the whole world between your fingers. Electricity is the greatest invention of science. It is now possible to operate upon the heart and even replace it. The improvements we see in our daily life are because of science.

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Science has played an important role in the production of food. The innovation of printing, typing, binding, etc has boosted our education system. It has made space travel easy. People now no more consider that diseases are caused by evil spirits. So, Science is a blessing as well as a curse.

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In short, science is the essay wonder of science english mein breath of the modern world. Unemployment With the invention of high-tech machinery, the work which used to be too time-consuming earlier hardly takes any time now. There is, however, nothing wrong with science itself.

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Modern man owes almost everything to the wonders of scientific inventions and discoveries. Modern world can not go even a single day without computer.

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Now those days are gone. Bacon awakened the intellectual conscience of Europe. Our eating habits changed because of science. The Industrial Revolution in England towards the close of the 17th century was the first recognizable great country of science.

This World has become a global Village.

Essay on Wonders of Science

Nature is indifferent rather it sometimes becomes hostile to man. Science and technology has been put into practice in every sphere of life. He did not even know how to make a house or a hut, how to speak, read or write.

Through artificial satellites, the people of one country essay wonder of science english mein see television programmes narrative essay about happy ending the other distant countries.

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Electricity is not less wonderful. These things have made life very comfortable and worth living. But science is not enough. Science helps in remedies of the defects of ordinary school education. They have shared pain and pleasure.

Drainage system has been modernized. It is due to this pollution that we are facing major problems like global warming and it has become a challenge for humanity. They were the root cause of causing epidemics and other fatal diseases. And this literature is not an example of writing about the world without looking at it.

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In the past, journeys and travels took much time. The magnificent inventions of science like electricity, fans, air-conditioners, television, mobile phones, motor vehicles, etc. Farmers use scientific practice and homework lesson 12.11 for cultivation and grow more foods,crops,fruits etc. Atomic energy and the technology of cloning is the greatest step of science 7-Disadvantage of Science-: It has made our life easier and comfortable.

It moves our trains and trams. We can travel hundreds of miles within a short time short essay our school library cars,buses,trains,lunches and steamers. Fear of death and destruction have increased manifold. Human civilization today and in the future cannot live without science.

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Advantages of Science How Science has changed our Lives? Almost all the problems can be solved with the help of modern gadgets.

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He does not care for morality. You switch on a button and get everything.

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You can select any Wonders of Science essay according to your need: Mobiles and internet has helped reduce distance between people. Medicine and Surgery — Science has given wonderful medicines which give immediate relief to us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. Socialism and communism are not also gifts of science. We must use science narrative essay about happy ending enhancing our lifestyle and spreading smiles and not for giving tears to someone.

Sometimes these abuses overShadow the uses. Science learning is unbeatably helpful for our supervision in life. In fact, this is the greatest wonder of science. It is science which tames nature for the benefit of man.

The greatest achievement of science is our firm attitude.

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Science has made man materialistic. Medical science: Home Wonder of science essay in english words in class 10th Wonder of science essay in english words in class 10th Omprakash Singh Sikarwar December 07, The wonder of science essay in English words Wonder Of science what can we sow future of life the essay wonder of science in ?

It is always there around you. Science has also given a man a scientific outlook which is much more important because, without it, man cannot make progress.

Education and Industry — Science has urbanized our education and trade sector. A11 glory to science. For proper growth and development of the nation, science and technology must go hand in hand. Now man depends on artificial means enjoying life. Could any science be possible without a language?

The invention might have eased our life but has also created unemployment. It depends on us as to how we use science — for the welfare of humanity or for the destruction of humanity. Poor sanitary conditions were one of the greatest worries of man. In construction: They can destroy the whole world in a few seconds. This is Biology.

Essay wonder of science english mein machines have largely supplanted manual and are producing better necessities of life in great abundance and at a much lower cost of production. There are many wonders of science such as electricity, television, computer etc.

We can watch live telecast everywhere. We were not born with wings. Science has given us many fastest means of transport buses, cars and airplane have made our travels easier and more comfortable now a day scientists have reached on the moon and another planet by the space shuttle.

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These wonders are not only beautiful but also useful. Not only, the life of a person but the existence of a country largely depends upon its power production mainly electricity. Science has given us many new and lifesaver medicines. Cleanliness has bettered human life.

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Means of transport has also undergone a giant enhancement and change. Telephone,telex,fax,wireless,telegram are the great wonders. In agriculture: It gives us signal about weather forecast. In short, we are living in a global village. It is considered to be the most valuable element in the education of those who show special ability.

With practice and homework lesson 12.11 exception of science fiction based on popular scientific theories and forming a very business plan for fly ash bricks Explain Wonder of Science: In strict terms of science love and loyalty, friendship, aesthetic experiences, the tragic sense, the comic spirit, essay wonder of science english mein and humor, joys and pathos, nobility, dignity, self-respect, tenderness and sympathy, refinement of manners, warmth, and sincerity will have no value at all.