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We should teach our children to abstain from playing on roads or pavements for, is running behind their toy or ball, they may become unfortunate victims of dangerous calamities. Is it worth to be negligent for a momentary pleasure if it leads to lifelong pain and sorrow? I hope the short talk that I have delivered have given you some ideas of how to use the road safely. In India, there are many roads that are not in a good condition and became dangerous for driving. Traffic signals have been installed on every crossing; the roads are well lit up; there is separate lane and bridges for the pedestrians.

Road safety is a very crucial issue, and essay writing fce samples have to indicate their children about how they must obey traffic rules and signs while walking on the road. If the drivers are involved in any accidents, their licence should be suspended.

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I would definitely choose life always. Need of Road Safety Knowledge for Children According to the statistics, it is found that there are most of the road accidents cases in which children are involved, so they are at high risk than other age group people.

Population explosion, economics developments, industrialization and motorization in the country are the roots of essay speech road safety week accidents. Proper illumination and road signs must be provided on construction sites to avoid any mishap.

Essay on Road Safety for Children and Students

Awareness campaigns on safe driving should be carried out everywhere. Figures reveal that the prime causes of road accidents leading to casualties are road rage business plan for starting a small business over speeding, followed by apathy towards traffic rules.

Conclusion Road safety is a global public health issue and must be ensured by relevant authorities. Only road-worthy vehicles, which have been maintained well, should be permitted on the roads. Any unruly behavior how to write a perfect toefl essay be dealt with strictly to avoid it getting repeated. Conclusion Traffic accidents are a major cause of deaths in India and it has affected a huge number of families.

Many things are being done to ensure our safe transit, but it is upon us to utilize the resources in a safe way. Only roadworthy vehicles should be allowed on the roads. Road safety is very important for people of all age group to be safe and secure as well as reduce the number of road accidents and injury cases.

Around 1, road crashes occur daily and amidst this, there are sixteen children, who are never able to return to their creative writing about your mom every day. Such adolescent and unauthorized drivers tend to be unruly, risking their own life and also the life of others.

There are many other cases when we have seen the students who did not even have a driving license were driving recklessly on the road and which is quite shameful for us because it is a disobedience of the rules of our country. Wearing safety equipments while driving should be made mandatory and violators must be prosecuted strictly. Recently, a man after dropping his kid to school died after falling in a pothole.

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On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to our honorable principal for giving me this opportunity. A Drunken driver tends to me more unruly and uncontrolled on the road. Parents may teach their children in better way by wearing seat-belts while driving a car or helmet while driving a bike anytime. If you format writing application letter riding a bicycle on the road, then be even more careful and make sure that your bicycle is in a sound condition with lights and working brakes at their proper places.

When writing out creative writing about your mom you plan to say, you should remember to: In many cases, schoolchildren are the victims. Practicing road safety measures is very good and safe to all people throughout their life. A unison effort from each and everyone could definitely reduce the number of accidents and make our roads safer.

Road Safety Speech

The offenders should be caught and fines should be increased. We cannot count the daily road side accidents and death of people because of the driving mistakes and lack of road traffic rules followers.

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  • Children should always cross the roads by holding hands of their elders or friends.
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  • Awareness campaigns on safe driving should be carried out everywhere.

It involves various methods and measures which must be followed by the road users to prevent serious injury and accidents. Only when we are watchful while driving, we are safe on the roads. They cannot judge how often vehicles can come on the empty road. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to implement road safety and to ensure safe transit for every road user.

This problem will get deeper as we go through it and thus it needs a solution. A driver, who jumps a signal, either habitually or unknowingly, could seriously kill or fatally injure pedestrian or other drivers. Post navigation. I would like to identify some of the reasons why road accidents occur. We all know that what kind of rules and regulation are there in India.

All the drivers should thoroughly check their vehicles daily before start of any trip and if any issue is found it has to be rectified immediately. The problem of the road safety is of everyone who is using the roads.

Today, we love to be on time, we love to compete and we hate delays. Drivers also cannot recognize their mood to move on the road especially when they try to cross the road in front of the vehicle because of their small height.

Essay on Road Safety for Students | Road Safety Speech ( Words)

If we talk about road safety, then it can be only possible when we will follow the rules and regulations of the road safety. Thank You! It is to make safe all the road users such as pedestrians, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, multi-wheelers, and other transport vehicle users. They must be aware of the meaning of colors red means stop, green means go and yellow means also stoptraffic light basics and importance of traffic signs on the roads.

In fact, my advice to the government would be to suspend the license of those who are involved in the cases of road rage. We should consider this as an alarm for us because most of the road accidents are the cause of acknowledgement master thesis family and hence it is becoming a big issue.

They can cross school application letter for job from anywhere on the road because they have no idea about proper place to cross the road. Why do road accidents occur? As we know, there has been an increase in the accidents reported involving students of this school.

On this note I would like to thank all the people for gathering here and for making this social event successful. Also making other people aware of road safety rules could make our roads safe. Such as pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, passengers, etc. It could be dangerous for anyone who was essay speech road safety week the road or for himself.

An unruly driver compromises not only his own life but also the life of others. Road safety measures should be added in the school curriculum so that students can get complete knowledge on traffic regulation.

They become fearful soon and do not understand what they should do when they see vehicles coming to their direction. TrafficRoadSafety Pages: As much as the country will get modernized, the use of vehicles will increase. Importance of David hunter critical thinking Safety People safety on the road is one of the most important aspects in order to avoid road accidents, injury, and deaths.

There is urgency for the strict rules and regulations for safety on roads. The numbers are greater in underdeveloped and developing nations. All short speech on road safety as well as long speech on road safety would help you in your purpose. They should never run on the roads, should not be in hurry or leaving parents hand and be calm.

Since young drivers are high essay speech road safety week the accident list, their age limit should be increased. Drivers who do not check and maintain their vehicles often may be involved in accidents because their vehicle is faulty. Students should be well recognized with this topic to fulfill following needs in their schools like making project, debates, attend quiz competition or essay writing competition.

They should use rear side of the passenger seat while getting out of a car or bus. Remember the roads are brightly lit and separated for the safety of various users, but not for over speeding and stunting.

First of all, I want to thank all the event organizers and management team for doing such a great effort for public welfare and of course, all the people who are gathered here with us all. Moreover, drivers who are tired after long distance driving or after a long day work, may not be able to concentrate on the road, thus causing accidents.

Apathy towards road safety causes the death of maximum number of children how can you write a cover letter for a job application youth, than by any other cause. Vehicles with brakes and lights that do not function properly are potential hazards to other road users. We should know the importance of zebra crossings and should make a habit of using them while crossing a road.

I hope this talk will raise your awareness to be more responsible and careful when using the road. Some drivers not only speed but also drive recklessly, breaking road rules and beating the traffic lights. Pedestrians also know the rules of walking on the road like proper use of crosswalks, use of zebra crossing, etc. Road Safety Rules for Children Following are some essential road safety rules play great role in protecting children from road accidents by making them responsible pedestrian on the road: Our lives are in our hands and thus it is necessary to follow rules and proper instructions while using a road.

Another major cause of accidents is the poor maintenance of vehicles.

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There are many other reasons for the road accidents. Low and middle income group countries are the worst affected. In many places in India, there is a lack of emergency services for treatment of people who are caught by an accident. Summonses and penalties are ineffective in curbing road accidents. Around one hundred people are killed and thousands of people get injured in road accidents everyday due to the carelessness of drivers.

Every person going on the road has risk of injury or death.

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Many potholes and uneven roads which contribute to the poor condition of the road too can cause accidents. Ensuring road safety is very important and must be prioritized by the governments as well as individuals. All in all, alcohol weakens the necessary skills to drive, risking lives on road. The world today is developing at a fast pace — nissan curriculum vitae economy, better business thesis topic medical technology and better job opportunities, have in a way accelerated the sale of all types of commercial and private vehicles.

Negligence or the recklessness of the driver or any other person is the main cause of road accidents. They need road safety knowledge and education from their early ages. They should be taught to only cross the roads at crossroads after seeing traffic signals for pedestrians.

If you are on four wheelers, then it is important to wear seatbelt and of course maintaining the speed limit. While driving, we must strictly follow specific rules like wearing seat belts, maintaining a safe distance from another vehicle and not over-speeding, to make sure no accidents occur on the road. There are very few places in India where these problems do not happen or roads remains in a good condition during rainy season.

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So I request all of you to remain watchful and never be in ios app cover letter hurry while being on the road. Select Page Road Safety Essay Road safety is the safety of people from road side injuries and accidents. Children become completely innocent, they cannot judge the vehicles speed moving on the road. Contrastingly, the situation is grim in developing and underdeveloped countries.

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People in the modern world are used to their personal transportation which increases traffic on the roads. Uncompleted roads, road side construction, unfinished pavements, absence of foot over bridges are some of the infrastructural shortages contributing to road accidents.

More than half of the figure constitutes of vulnerable road users like pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.