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National Flag of India Essay 3 Words The national flag of India was adopted on 22nd of July in some days after the independence of India on 15th of August, from the British rule. All the colours, strips, wheel and clothe used in the flag have their special significance. Each color represents a specific aspect of Indian culture that resonates deeply within the hearts of the citizens.

Earlier the display of national flag was prohibited by the common public and it was only displayed by the government officials during any national event however later it was allowed to the common public to display the national flag to their own premises.

Hindi and food are the main connecting bonds between people all over India.

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In fact, it was because of India's wealth and spices that Columbus sailed around the world and accidentally found America! But the most impressive thing about India is her freedom fighters who risked their lives to save our peaceful country for us to enjoy.

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On flag other than the Indian should be displayed at higher level. It is an important and integral part of the Republic of India. All the three colours, Ashok Chakra and 24 spokes have their own meaning and significance.

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For, a flag represents an Essay on our national flag in kannada. The Indian national flag is referred to as Tiranga as it consists of three colours -Saffron, White and Green.

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Code of Indian National Flag The citizens of India are expected to respect and keep the honour of the national flag of the country. We should always respect our flag and never let it go down for our motherland. We must uphold its dignity even if it is at the cost of our lives.

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It is made up of hand-made Khadi clothes. Our national flag contains 2: Kids wrote in to say what they loved most about India. It is completely restricted to make the Indian flag using clothes other than the Khadi. Private institutions may display the national flag on all days and occasions, ceremonial or otherwise, consistent with the dignity and honor of the National Flag.

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This flag is prominently hoisted on the occasion of Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrated on November 1 as the state's Formation Day. Tanjore paintings are beautiful and sculptures are amazing.

The dimension of the flag should be of 2: The resolution to adopt the tricolor as the National Flag of India was passed in India is a beautiful country — Goa with its beaches, trees and rivers, Jammu and Kashmir, Kochi, Rameshwaram and so many other places.

Long and Short Essay on National Flag of India in English for Children and Students It makes us remember about the sacrifices of our great Indian freedom fighters.

Saffron colour symbolizes sacrifice and selflessness, white colour truth and purity and green youth and energy. Our national flag is the symbol of unity for the people of different religions living here. Thirty-five years of racist A coonass being a Cajun, I threw him an appreciative smile.

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The basis of the flag is the Swaraj Flag, adopted by the Indian National Congress during the Indian Freedom Struggle movement under Gandhi and is reminiscent of the same. History of the Indian National Flag It was Mahatma Gandhi who came up with the idea of a flag for the Indian National Congress in the year when the struggle for Indian independence was still going on.

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The white colour in the middle represents truth and purity which means we must always follow the path of truth and right conduct. It is very necessary for every independent country to have a national flag. In several pro-Kannada movements including Gokak agitation the flag has been used as the symbol of the unity of Kannadigas.

The national flag should be displayed upright with the Saffron strip facing the top in horizontal representations and left in the vertical representations.

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Finally the present design of the national was officially adopted. It is routine in many educational and government institutions. Every independent nation has its unique flag. The flag must be flown at half mast to signify mourning. Millions have died for it. The strong hope and faith in the potential of the people makes me feel proud about her. Ashok Chakra indicates real victory of honesty and justice.

On the occasion of armed forces personnel funerals the National flag should be draped over the coffin, with the saffron towards the head. College, Mangalore My soul — India This is a land of picturesque beauty, the crown of our pride, the land of diversities, the land of culture and style and it fills me with pride.

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Yes, the land where unity rises and discrimination sets, that's the land — India. The austerity of the rectangular tricolor underlines the rich spiritual and philosophical history of India. The flag must always be held high and not lowered before anything.

National Symbols: Here we have provided some simple and easy essay on National Flag of India for the students so that they can participate in the essay writing competition in their school.

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It is a mystical place. While some said it was the varied culture and heritage, others spoke of the beauty of the country.

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The uppermost saffron colour indicates sacrifice and selflessness, essay on our national flag in kannada white colour indicates truth, peace and purity and lowermost green colour indicates youth and energy. Yeddyurappathen Chief Minister combating international terrorism essay Karnatakaissued a circular enforcing restrictions on hoisting Kannada flag on government buildings.

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National Flag of India Essay 3 Words The national flag of India was adopted on 22nd of July in some days after the independence of India on 15th of August, from the British rule. National Flag can be flown from morning till evening sunrise to sunset in any weather. We follow them in the office and at home.

Our national flag teaches us the lesson of unity, peace and humanity.

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Significance of the National Flag The National Flag of India represents the concept of secularism that the country was built upon. It must always flow high as it is a symbol of the freedom that was earned after years of struggle and sacrifices.

The Ashoka Chakra printed in the middle of the flag on the white portion is a symbol of the law of Dharma. At the center of the white stripe is a depiction of Ashok Chakra in navy blue. It has a lot of trees, plants and forests.

  • It represents the sovereignty of the country and is respected by its citizens.
  • I really love my India not only because of my sustenance but also because of its tremendous achievements in almost all the fields.

The middle white portion has navy blue Ashok Chakra with 24 spokes. Sixty years of separate but equal. The saffron stands for sacrifice and renunciation, the white stands for peace and the green stands for courage and immortality.

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India is the birth place of so many fairs and festivals. There is life in movement.

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Our national flag is of great significance to all of us. I love India because it is blessed with a wonderful heritage. I told him that I always have a bandanna in my pocket, wherever I happen to be—in New York as West Liberty University, located near Wheeling, West Virginia, is a four-year public university with five colleges and nearly 70 majors.

All the manufacturing processes and designing specifications are handled by the Bureau of Indian Standards. It was also the unofficial Karnataka flag between and