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Show More Noise pollution is machine-created sound that unsettles the natural balance of human or animal life. Noise pollution is a kind of pollution that should be controlled effectively to maintain a peaceful and healthily balanced life.

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The noise pollution decreases attentiveness level and results in tiredness and fatigue. When the background noise level is fifty decibels, normal conversation can be easily carried with someone up to one meter away. It is vital that animals are able to communicate with one another to warn, and Related Documents Pollution Essay Pollution, contamination of Earth's environment with materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life, or the natural functioning of ecosystems living organisms and their physical surroundings.

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Not forgetting how our Aviation industry is related to our Tourism industry. The most common source of the pollution is brought on worldwide by transportation systems that include motor vehicle noise, aircraft noise and rail noise. The permitted noise level is decibels as per the Environment Protection Rules The creation of noise by the low airborne military airplane has also included the noise pollution to the atmosphere predominantly.

How Serious is Noise Pollution?

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Add to the mixture, the sound of our home appliances, bars, restaurants and counter halls and you have a symphony of irritable noise pollution all around you. Noise Pollution Causes The first source of noise pollution is any industry that uses big machines.

Essay on Noise Pollution: 7 Selected Essays on Noise Pollution

Planting of trees around houses can also act as effective noise barriers. More so, we should be mindful of our activities which increase the levels of sound pollution. Devices such as blenders and washing machines usually make significant amounts of noise.

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Limited use of machines like vehicles, horns in them, etc. Essay noise pollution pollution can be very detrimental to animals in the wild, the change in balance of prey or predator detection and also avoidance and also avoidance. Moreover, it leads to increased cases of people suffering from hypertension as well.

Sources of Noise Pollution: Show More Noise pollution is machine-created sound that unsettles the natural balance of human or animal life. The unpleasant sounds and noise can cause an imbalance in nature.

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This brings a essay noise pollution in the essay noise pollution levels of humans. Regards, Sophia Like this post? Satellites are projected into space with the help of high explosive rockets also contributes to noise pollution. Advertisement Biodegradable pollutants are materials, such as sewage, that rapidly…. Actually, it would be fair enough to discuss the different sources of noise pollution in this essay.

The sounds from such events in most cases end up being excessive. Hearing loss is a major consequence of noise pollution. Make sure that all openings are acoustically sealed. Pregnant women are also advised to stay away from such high irritating noises that cause noise pollution. Noise Pollution Effects Exposure to noise pollution, especially over long periods, can have unwanted effects.

Noise Pollution

Another cause is the social interactions among people. Increased incidences of coronary artery disease have also been found in those who have been exposed to dangerous noise levels.

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Noise pollution can affect both the behaviour and health of humans. In the past thirty years, noise in all areas, especially in urban areas, have been increasing rapidly. Recent research is showing that prolonged exposure to noise pollution increases our blood pressure significantly and over time it can create cardiovascular problems.

Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! It results in various diseases such as mental illness and high blood pressure to the human beings as it distracts the peace of mind.

The elderly have a possibility of average number of pages in a phd thesis from cardiac problems as a result short essay on save water save electricity noise. There are few non-industrial and industrial sources of the noise pollution as stated underneath: This directly affects your overall health.

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Causes and Effects — Essay 4 Words Noise pollution is a type of pollution that is produced by numerous things whether by the industrialized or non-industrialized noises influencing the health of plants, human beings, and animals in several parts. Loudly played radio or music systems, and other electronic gadgets etc.

People should be educated about the hazards of noise pollution. In fact, light music is always from pleasant to ears than loud thuds of music.

  1. People should be educated about the hazards of noise pollution.
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  4. Health effects include the development of health problems such as hearing loss, insomnia, stress and mental distraction.
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Even if they a Increasing distance from the noise source and the recipient offers a passive means of control: Reduce Noise at the Source: Related Articles: How Can we Reduce Noise Pollution? Establishing lower speed limits for highways that pass through residential areas, limiting traffic volume and providing alternative routes for truck traffic are effective noise control measures.

The other problem with noise pollution is the fact that people often underestimate the effects it can have on our health. Both indoor and outdoor noise pollution can come from a wide range of sources.

For instance, as per the order from the Supreme Court of India, no one in the country is allowed to make use of loudspeakers for playing music after 10 pm.

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Another source of this type of pollution is some social events. Let me know what you think about this article. Noise pollution is however described as noises that are annoying or irritating that are constantly being heard in an environment.

The different modes of transport, vehicles, airplanes and trains, usually make noise as they move from one place to another. While traffic dons the… Noise Pollution Words 7 Pages Noise pollution or environmental noise is displeasing human, animal or machine-created sound that disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life. Although some environmental pollution is a result of natural causes such as volcanic eruptions, most is caused by human activities.

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Hearing loss that is induced by nose can be as a result of a prolonged and constant exposure to levels of noise that are above 85 decibels. Noise may not seem as harmful as the contamination of air or water, but it IS a pollution problem that affects human health and can contribute to a general deterioration of environmental quality. Essay on Noise Pollution: The higher level of noise should be reduced at home and also at a workplace.

Other sources that cause the pollution, both indoor… Noise Pollution Essay Words 23 Pages Cover letter programming languages Pollution Abstract No one on earth can escape the sounds of noise- an unwanted, disturbing sound that causes a nuisance in the eye of the beholder.

In just one eight hour period of exposure to high noise levels, blood pressure can rise five to ten points.

Noise Pollution Essay - Words | Cram

Moreover, we must switch off the appliances when not in use. The residents of areas near the airports can also benefit from changing the time and flight paths of flights. Is it helpful to you? However, the noises we hear are mostly related to activities of daily living and therefore people are used to them. Every one of us is so selfish that we ruin other fellow beings average number of pages in a phd thesis to enjoy our own.

There are two main categories of polluting materials, or pollutants.

Essay on Noise Pollution

The causes of noise pollution are mainly the activities that take place within n environment. We should reduce mechanical run out of shafts.

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It is because it does not affect us immediately as other forms of pollution such as water and air pollution do. Construction is another activity that heavily contributes to noise pollution. Higher levels of noise are hazardous and it is also difficult to make them escape in a closed environment.

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And can be termed as noise. Generally, noise pollution should be taken seriously just as other pollutions. Since animals have a better reception of sounds, they may become aggressive if there is noise pollution in an area. Pollution is a term that has been related to chemicals and major problems in the environment without the thought of having noise as a pollutant to the environment.

Noise Pollution on Students

At these events, people will have to have fun, which includes loud music and plenty of noise. With overly populated short essay on my school garden and the increase of average classroom sizes, many students suffer from noise pollutants that can be found inside and nearby from their schools… The Effects of Noise Pollution Essay Words 6 Pages The Effects of Noise Pollution Have you ever considered that several of the noises you hear are noise pollution?

Another source of noise pollution connected with aero planes has been scaring away of birds. The elevated structures in the metropolises result in the noise to echo in that region for a certain period.

It enormously influences the expecting females and results in abortion and irritation.