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Just make sure you give them a website to go to, a set of questions to answer or a task to complete, and above all don't forget to plan the assignment with a grammar point or learning objective in mind. Put on some headphones Music can do anything from relax us to invigorate us to help us fall in love. It requires students to use the lesson content in a more flexible manner. Which would you prefer? Students can put their writing skills to work by writing out a scene starring someone they internet sweepstakes business plan. Shadowing refers to reading the script while the audio plays to mimic intonation, focus on speaking fluency, etc.

The article should connect with and extend the contents of the lesson. There are so many fun and interesting things you can learn from simply watching the people around youand there are plenty of places for good people-watching: Let them practice speaking by asking students to tell a classmate about a person they saw.

The next day, have each person get with a partner and show them the pictures they took for each item on the list. Homework Assignments That Work by Tara Arntsen 87, views Adult ESL learners may not have a lot of time outside of class to devote to their English studies but assigning homework once in a while can be beneficial.

5 Most Creative Homework Assignments: Homework That Works

Choose a video which is no more than 10 minutes long. A discussion could also be based on the material students read. Works best with teens and kids; a neat reason to revise at home and much more fun than an individual test.

So take a minute to write any homework assignment on the board so students can read it as well as listen to it. There are dozens of grammar quiz sites out there, but proceed with caution: Assign reading materials for students to write a short summary, answer a critical thinking question, etc.

And sending students on a photo scavenger hunt can encompass the same type of fun. Notice, too, how there is always a meaningful follow-up to the homework task in class.

The teacher instead begins with a warm up based on the article, and then segues into the theme or topic. Challenge students to listen to dialogue and note unfamiliar vocabulary they hear. The websites I have selected also have adverts but they are not invasive. In other words, the article expands on the previous lesson, perhaps showing real use of the target language; an alternative point of view on a topic, more detail on a topic, etc.

A game element is really motivating and this works with many different language levels. Students look up a person, place, or thing and prepare a short presentation. Start some gossip Gossip? Keep your homework practical. They may surprise you! Practice the lyrics to learn intonation and rhythm.

Have them share with the class next time.

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Which of the nominees for Best Picture is the longest film? As a next step, students practice reading aloud in front of the partner, who again provides feedback and encouragement. In an intermediate class, content from Wikipedia or an article written for native speakers serve as only two examples which, although are excellent resources, may be impractical in a lesson with limited time.

Homework Assignments That Work 1 A Word Book A Word Book or Vocabulary Journal is a classic among teachers of very young learners who are not adept at using dictionaries; here they have a chance to make their own.

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Writing Writing is an essential skill and, as a TEFL teacher, you must set and mark writing assignments. Students prepare three short stories about themselves for homework. At the start of the next lesson, students exchange their notes with a partner for correction and feedback, and the teacher can restrict the feedback to information from the last lesson s.

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But ESL students, on the other hand, may disagree. Back in class, have esl homework for advanced students assimilate and represent their data and present it to the class.

The best ESL / EFL homework ideas that require no marking Bilingua Nation

Then copy and distribute the catalogs to your students. When students next meet for a lesson, each person provides a mini-presentation on their topic. Well, the concept still exists; and thanks to the internet students stand a greater chance of finding pen pals who match their hobbies and interests, with several websites dedicated to the hobby.

Students will have to work together in class if you want them to develop their own scripts but they can practice and memorize their lines as homework. Tell them to go to Oscar. Friday is a horse. A much better choice!

They are enjoyable and do not take long periods of undivided attention to complete; in fact, crosswords can be done gradually in free time such as during the commute to work.

Great homework ideas for ESL students

For homework, that student will call another student and relay the story to him or her. Which film has the most nominations? Write a report on the news story Write a dialogue in which a journalist interviews someone involved in the story. Then each person can simply call the next person down on the list.

Pair an A and a B up in class afterwards to summarise the stories to each other. Ask them to choose a news story that has piqued their interest, and have them: Give students a dialogue to read and ask them to think about the different characters. Observe in the interest of humanity Do you like to people watch? The vocabulary should include the word form i.

Have students choose some English songs to listen to for homework and then do the following: This activity is especially good for students of Business English but could also be used in other lessons to focus on giving advicevoicing an opinionor politely agreeing or disagreeing.

It doesn't push students to analyze, evaluate, or create new ideas. Give them a chance to talk about it in front of the class.

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Great homework ideas for ESL students Hands up if you liked doing homework at school? If students don't know much about the topic, as might be the case with a famous person, preparation allows everyone to more actively and deeply engage with the content in the next lesson.

These dialogues could be based on work, school, or personal interactions. They have also established sites within the TEFL community. The littlest ones simply copy esl homework for advanced students word and draw a picture of it; older students can use the word in a sentence that illustrates its meaning. Earned the most money at the box office? Materials or tasks may be assigned to read and understand at home, which might be necessary with a less familiar topic.

The first step is to assign homework that works. Pronunciation practice? Students can also read a transcript of the lesson and check their understanding with a quiz on their website. Tell your students that their homework for that night will be to watch an episode of Modern Family, whether they usually watch the show or not.

Young learners and teens may come to terms with the fact that they have to do homework, but do we want them to do it because they are compelled to do it They are difficult to navigate for a native speaker never mind a student. Talk to students at the beginning of the course about what they expect in regards to homework and ensure that you always give students plenty of time to complete exercises.

Truth or lie? Their homework assignment is to enter 13 colonies report essay of the new words in their Word Book. It gives students the chance to incorporate pre-existing knowledge, ideas, and interests. Because the activities are interactive, engagement and interest tend to be higher. Let students know what goals you have for a particular assignment.

Write out a list of student names and phone numbers and hand it out to each student. For example, someone who is claustrophobic might choose an elevator for something frightening.

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In a travel-related unit, partner A wants to travel to Thailand and partner B wants to visit Spain. It lets everyone reuse previously studied language and skills, and thereby make new connections. Vocabulary exchange has students keep a vocabulary notebook each week, and then share two or three words at the start of a lesson.

Me neither.

  1. Students will have to work together in class if you want them to develop their own scripts but they can practice and memorize their lines as homework.
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When planning homework tasks, you can also take your inspiration from the real-world and ask students to do things like text each other or listen to English music.

So how do you include those elements in homework assignments for your ESL students? Which would you prefer?

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As teachers we can help our students by giving homework tasks that are meaningful, relevant and engaging. Assign material from TED Talks, or have students find a topic of interest.

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This sort of assignment allows students to work on material which may be above their level; contains a lot of specialized vocabulary; is longer and more detailed than what would normally be usable in a lesson; etc. Tell them you need information on this year's Oscar nominations.

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You should introduce key vocabulary beforehand and give students some topics or questions to think about during their reading so that they will know what to focus on. Which is the shortest? TED Ed is full of short educational videos about science, culture and history. A's watch one video and B's another for homework.

Think about realistic ways students will have to use English in the real world and try to make your homework practical. The only drawback is that the readings are not defined by level. Students also practice fluency skills, structure, discourse markers, and so on. Remember that you do not have to make it the focus of all your lessons from the time it was introduced until its completion.

If the teacher checks the answers in a lesson, valuable time esl homework for advanced students wasted. You can provide students with some basic questions to give their interview some structure and have them build on it using their own questions.

Students look up a person, place, or thing and prepare a short presentation.

You might also be interested in: They might make a movie, create a poster or brochure, write a song, put on a skit, etc. The homework fails to engage and interest the students. Tailor your assignments to the personality of your class. So get creative with how you have students share about what they watched. For example, if students chose celebrity news, they might ask how many celebrities a person follows on Twitter or if they watch an entertainment news program and, if so, how often.

Set up a FB group for the class Ask a question a week, invite responses and encourage respectful conversation and debate. Students find items they think fit the description.

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All activities come with a glossary of new words and a quiz at the end so your students can check their understanding. The following day, give students a questionnaire to see how much correct information was passed along. Assign a latte homework Not everyone thinks coffee makes the world go round, but even coffee haters will love this homework assignment.

But not in your class.