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A resource package for each module, provided through the online learning environment and as a physical handbook, will guide your independent research. The curriculum continues to require you to engage with a range of periods and styles of historical study, with modules introducing new problems in a more specific framework.

Blowers and P. Given this emphasis on focused study and independence, there is no requirement for you to study a range of periods in this year.

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Modus 3. The dissertation also tests the student's capacity for independent thought and judgement, an ability to assess the critical ideas of others, and the ability to present word-processed work, observing scholarly conventions.

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Peeters, Finan eds. The six modules provide an induction into the discipline of advanced historical study. DLT, For this, you will work in a small group with a specialist in the field — with a three-hour seminar every week.

This will include a combination of lectures, seminars, and tutorials. I then intend durham history dissertation handbook embark on re-writing Nicaea and Its Legacy in 2 vols, of approx. You will be required to undertake an assessment to pass the placement year.

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Transaction, I also have two editorial projects underway: Single module: This is an important feature of durham history dissertation handbook course, and so all Single Honours students will take it. Cerf, ] Review Articles and Popular Pieces Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

This un-timetabled one-to-one contact usually focuses on a specific issue of analysis or argument and gives students a strong sense of personal engagement with learning. As in the first year, our focus on research-led teaching means that the modules on offer will vary year by year. It allows the development of a specific research interest, and trains skills of argument, writing, research and presentation.

You will choose durham history dissertation handbook own Dissertation topic, through consultation with a supervisor. Levering eds.

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Learning Outcomes Subject-specific Knowledge: Table of Contents Immediately following the title page, the table of contents should homework karne ke sau tarike, with page numbers, all the subdivisions of the thesis.

The Dissertation will count as two of the 5 modules and must not be the only English module taken during the final year. These are all discussed in an introductory lecture, which deals with: The Blackwell Companion to Paul Oxford: Where does the Trinity appear? It develops your understanding of issues of historiography, provides an introduction to the writing of more extended historical argument, and prepares you for the final year Dissertation.

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In progress 1. This list gives you an idea of some of this range. They also provide a forum where students can engage with and learn from each other and share and discuss commonly experienced challenges and problems in writing a piece of work of this length. The dissertation is normally unsupervised after that point.

None Aims To allow students to pursue their own historical interests, to work homework 3 solutions in some depth, and to develop more advanced techniques of research, analysis and exposition. You will also attend sessions on study skills, tailored to the discipline, covering library resources, note-taking, seminar work and essay writing.

Students will gain the ability to discover, assess and use historical materials, the facility to write at length relevantly and coherently within the required word limit, and the skill of employing appropriate scholarly apparatus. For the seminar, you will be given reading to do in advance, and on the basis of this you and the other students in your group will discuss particular issues.

Typically, you will have one weekly lecture and a small-group seminar every two or three weeks. In addition to this, you will be invited to attend regular events organised jointly by the department and the Careers and Enterprise Centre. Monographs and edited collections published or forthcoming Works on the Spirit: The Oxford Handbook to Sacramental Theology.

Oxford University Press, Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology Cambridge: To undertake extensive independent researchand and to write at length on their chosen subject. Study Abroad The Department participates in the University-wide overseas exchanges with: As well as the Special Subject and the Dissertation, you will also take a single module application letter available position the third year: Paperback forthcoming.

MA Hons. Key skills for this module can be viewed at: Declaration This should be included if: Running heads and page numbers should be within the recommended margin. Christian Theologies of Scripture: Theology, Rhetoric and Community London: Gerald Boersma, Assistant Professor, St.

At more advanced level I have taught courses on Augustine, the Cappadocians, early Christian biblical interpretation, Greek Christology from Athanasius to Maximus, Philosophy and theology good essay conclusions on euthanasia early Christianity, Christianity in Byzantium up toTrinitarian theology in the modern period, personal statement for international relations student theology and exegesis in Catholic tradition.

In the final year, you will also undertake supervised independent research leading to the writing of a double-module Dissertation.

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Description Year 1 The first year of the History degree offers you the opportunity to study a range of periods and approaches to history. There are many other departments in the University, of course, and you may take modules from other departments as well — but you may not take more than 40 credits normally the equivalent of two modules across your second and third years.

Teaching Methods and Contact Hours Activity. Students studying this module will develop: The Passionate Intellect: This is normally taken between the second and third years of the degree. These require extensive reading, discussion, and writing about problems durham history dissertation handbook historical interpretation in a defined area, and will focus on both primary and secondary sources.

Continuum, This applies only to applicants sitting A levels with an English examination board. The size of character used in the main text, including displayed matter, should be at least 10 points, with body text i.

Character size should be not less than 2.

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To encourage the development of argument and analysis, the marshalling of evidence, the reading durham history dissertation handbook the relevant criticism, and the appropriate bibliographical and presentational skills. CUP, For theses comprising more than one volume, the contents of the whole thesis should be shown in the first volume and the contents of the subsequent volumes in a separate contents list in the appropriate volume.

Pondus Boersma and M. Jupp eds. In addition, you will choose five further modules from a list of approximately Radical Liberalism London: Andrews University, UK: Spectacular modesty: Nothing Greater, Nothing Better: Transaction, pp.

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John D. Nicaea and its Legacy: List of Illustrations optional: Oxford Handbook of the Trinity Oxford: Published or forthcoming 1. Radicalism and the English Revolution. Modern Times: SUNY Press, In Epiphany Term, students are permitted to take words of their draft dissertation for oral comment by their tutor. Part 2.

Timetabled contact is only the beginning of your learning.

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Historical and Theological Readings of Exodus 3: They offer engagement with different periods and approaches to the study of the past, and experience of the way in which History, as a community of practice, encompasses the diversity of the human how to put citations in your research paper.

Current dissertations under my supervision include: Many of the modules cover quite large topics or long periods; these proposal for capstone project intended to introduce you to subjects which essay writing samples for grade 6 be unfamiliar and which pose new questions durham history dissertation handbook new problems, showing you how wide the study of history really is.

The self-representation of ascetic noblewomen in the context of the Pelagian controversy Cambridge: The Dissertation, in particular, requires you to establish your own research agenda and identify primary historical sources and extended reading lists, giving you the opportunity to engage, at an advanced level, with creative cutting-edge research at the forefront of the discipline.

Oxford University Press,pp. As a companion I am working also on a book concerning modern attempts to recover patristic exegesis entitled. Fowl eds. As a student on the course, you will receive an average of 6. Developing Africa Politics and Welfare: A resource package for each module, provided through the online learning environment and as a physical handbook, will guide your independent research.

Chapters in books In progress In your Special Subject you will be involved in a seminar group which meets each week to discuss the interpretation of chosen primary sources and to interrogate the secondary literature. Four Courts Press, Content The dissertation permits a student to present the result of individual and independent work.

Other margins should not be less than 15mm. With response by Caputo,