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Multiple choice questions To prepare for the multiple choice part of the theory test you should refer to the source material detailed below. The DVSA set theory and practical tests that have become more complex over the years, and the level of competence and professionalism required has increased.

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The theory test is taken on a computer — so digital training material is of the essence. The theory test includes three aspects: Recommended Fun animations, clear interface and user-friendly. If you fail you will receive a letter detailing that you driving case study theory test questions been successful and need to apply again.

This addition to the official DSA theory test was added to help potential license holders deal with how to react in various common driving situations and differs slightly to the conventional question and multiple choice answer format. At the end of the clip a pop-up box will appear informing you that you have scored zero for that particular clip.


You are worried about being late and should: Worth every penny and I only wish a practical test edition could exist!!! Very helpful! How to prepare and pass your Driving Theory Test The introductory theory test case study will take the form of a scenario, or short story, on which five multiple choice questions will be based.

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In the most serious cases you may be sent to prison. You should: All these are taken on a computer — so digital training material is of the essence. There are also official practice tests for car drivers and motorcyclists at the bottom of this page.

The image below shows you how the question will appear when you actually take the theory test.

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Correct answer: These questions are designed to test whether you have really understood and can apply driving theory. There are 15 questions in each case study 45 in total. If a person understands the existing questions in the DSA theory test questions bank, then there is no need to be anxious. It is an element for motorcycle riders, moped and car drivers.

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Over time, we plan to introduce more case studies into the theory test to assess candidates understanding of what they have learned. Many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements and if you disobey these rules you are committing a criminal offence. If you react inappropriately during a clip by clicking continuously or in a pattern of responses you will score zero for that clip.

Once you have passed it, move onto the 4th mock theory test or try the full 50 question test.

Case Study Examples

There are three basic types of traffic sign: The pass mark is also not changing. Access practice module 2 case studies with over questions, read module 2 training material and watch videos which will enable students to pass the intial driver cpc module 2 test first time. Our footer. Definitely worth paying for.

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Gavin as he is the driver. The new truck, the new bus or the new Combined Truck and Bus theory test as appropriate. The Stationery Office - TSO website Hazard perception Persuasive essay outline pdf hazard perception part is delivered on a computer and you respond by clicking a button on the mouse.

Candidates will answer the questions in the same way as they do now, using either the touch screen or mouse.

Theory Test Case Study - Questions and Details

If you obtained your bus or truck learner permit before 30th September you will need to complete the CPC Step 1 theory test set out at No 1 above. No-one its only lettuce. Case study question Be prepared for the DSA theory tests newest addition A case study question was included in all theory tests taken after September You may be fined, given penalty points on your licence or be disqualified from driving.

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The digital materials include interactive training material, practice tests and exam practice, as well as videos and voiceovers. CPC Step 1: Multiple choice questions To prepare for the multiple choice part of the theory test you should refer to the source material detailed below.

DVSA 20 question theory test. Practice = pass!

This is to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone and makes having knowledge of traffic signs vital. Its objective is to set and maintain high standards of road safety, health and safety and driving among professional drivers of buses and trucks.

This is simply a worded scenario describing a driving related situation, this is followed by 5 multiple choice questions regarding this scenario.

Driving Theory Test Case Study | World Driving You should respond by pressing the mouse button as soon as you see a hazard developing that may result in you, the driver, having to take some action, such as changing speed or direction.

Candidates will answer the questions in the normal way using the touch screen or mouse. They are also available to order online or over the phone from The Stationery Office. If you are looking for your own product — delivery of all products within budget and timescales. Cant remember my exact score. Theory and Hazard Awareness test Module 1.

Case Study Questions

Initially we are introducing one case study based on existing questions in the theory test question bank, to get candidates used to the concept. In addition, you must then maintain your Driver CPC by completing the periodic refresher training of at least 35 hours of training over each five year period. The BEST out there!

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Really enjoyed learning with it. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. From 1 Novembernew clips in the car theory test include the following situations: You have a road atlas in your car although you have been before and know the route really well.

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When you get closer to the vehicle you will probably see the vehicle start to move away from the side of the road; another response should be made at this point. Exemptions Driver CPC certification is not required for drivers of vehicles used: Contact Theory Test Case Study Some of the questions asked during the Theory Test come in the form of a 'case study' - a scenario on which five questions will be based.

For this reason, the same version of the hazard perception test is used for all categories of test. The earlier you notice a developing hazard and make a response, the higher your score.

Driver CPC - Who needs it? How to get it.

The road is quite narrow. An example of when to respond As an example of how to identify and respond to a developing hazard, consider a parked vehicle on the side of the road.

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How the test is scored The maximum you can score for each developing hazard is five points. Please take advantage of our free theory test material which we have sourced from the official questions provided by the DSA in order to provide you, our loyal followers, with a vast array of free information to have a look at.

CPC Step 2: Practical Demonstration Test Module 4. The books contain: Know your traffic signs - GOV.

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If you are maintaining both a bus and a truck CPC you must complete 42hours training over each five year period. You have a number of options depending on what licences you want to get and what you have already completed.

If you wish, you can leave a question and come back to it later, just like the real theory test. For car drivers and motorcyclists, the pass mark is 44 out of But hey I passed. You can buy the DVD from most high street books shops. To pass, you must correctly answer 28 of the 45 questions - a minimum of 5 questions on each case study.

These questions are designed to test whether you have really understood and can apply driving theory.

If you were to respond to the vehicle at this point, you would not score any marks, but you would not lose any marks. How to get it.