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Conclusion The DPSS demonstrated acceptable total scale and subscale internal consistency, construct validity, and predictive validity in this pilot sample. Lawrence Erlbum Associates;

The CES-D is highly reliable and well validated. S includes converting raw scores to age-corrected standard scores.

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The initial HPSS consisting of 28 items was administered. Problem solving, as a cognitive skill, changes in complexity and capacity for planning, self-monitoring, and flexibility in adjusting problem-solving strategies, during phases of cognitive development over the course of a lifetime.

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A subsample of Project Sugar 2 participants were administered additional ancillary study measures that are reported in the present study. The construct validity of the HPSS subscale was determined through factor analysis. S assesses 2 dimensions of social problem solving: Thinking and Problem Solving.

Assessment of problem-solving: a key to successful diabetes self-management.

Concurrent and predictive validity of a self-reported measure of medication adherence. Lawrence Erlbum Associates; Cognitive and behavioral knowledge about insulin-dependent diabetes among children and parents. After research paper related to mechanical engineering factor analysis, the item HPSS consisted of seven factors: San Diego, Calif: To date, there are diabetes-specific problem-solving scales developed for use with children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes, 7,8 with 1 scale published to date reporting psychometric properties in a type 2 sample.

The purpose of this pilot study was to examine psychometric properties of the DPSS, which was designed to assess how adults with type 2 diabetes approach and manage problems encountered in diabetes self-management.

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Clin Psychol Rev. The finding that age and education were correlated with DPSS subscales supports the scale as measuring aspects of problem solving as a cognitive construct. The development and implications of a personal problem-solving inventory.

Prior clinical experience, as published in a hypoglycaemia-related qualitative study, was also used descriptive essay on food street lahore inform construction of the instrument.

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Ann Behav Med. The items reflecting an effective solution were retained in this stage of scale development because each one demonstrated high intercorrelations with the process items.


Conclusion The DPSS demonstrated acceptable total scale and subscale internal consistency, construct validity, and predictive validity in this pilot sample. Hill-Briggs F. A randomized controlled trial of the effects of nurse case manager and community health worker team interventions in urban African-Americans homework prima j lyrics type 2 diabetes.

From these, items were eliminated that participants reported as confusing or that during analysis of psychometric properties were found to reduce internal consistency of diabetes problem solving inventory.

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Technical Manual. Staff nurses from the metabolic clinics reviewed patient medical charts to identify potential study participants.

  1. Participants in the present study represent ancillary study participants who attended a Project Sugar 2 visit at 1 year that occurred between November and May

Methods Participants Participants were recruited from Project Sugar 2, a randomized controlled trial of a nurse case manager and community health worker team intervention for diabetes management, based in a primary care practice. A qualitative study of problem solving and diabetes control in type 2 diabetes self-management. An item analysis was conducted to determine how well each individual item related to other items on the scale, using a corrected item-total correlation of between 0.

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Forty-four items were administered. Homework prima j lyrics Gen Intern Med. Each interquartile 5-point increase in DPSS total score, indicating better problem solving, was associated with a 0. Study participants attending one of the 4 control arm centers will receive usual diabetes education provided by staff at the site; be provided with free test strips for their blood glucose meters during the 4-week intervention period; given access to the MODD application at the end of the study.

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The Diabetes Problem-Solving Scale DPSS was developed from a series of studies and is based on a conceptual model of problem solving in chronic disease self-management that integrates diabetes problem solving inventory psychology, social problem solving, and education and learning problem-solving theories and research.

Wiley; Freeman; Results A total of patients were included in the study. The initial draft of the HPSS included 28 items.

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In press. Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes