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Cindy Perscheid Currently, clustering and classification is applied to gene expression data to identify specific expression profiles, e. These series are specific for the disciplines of research and education of the university since Existing work propose different index selection algorithms for example [1, 2]. However, researchers from Texas University, Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov, shown that anonymising data was not enough: Intuitively, the idea of differential privacy is to generate a dataset with new fake users that preserves the statistical properties of the original dataset. It is a password manager for existing websites, but also allows public key based authentication on websites that support it.

Markus Dreseler Optimized Data Structures for In-Memory Trajectory Data Management In recent years, rapid advances in location-acquisition technologies have led to large amounts of time-stamped location data.

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The goal of this thesis is to test our method in the setting of knowledge graph alignment and to investigate how it can be combined with the label-oriented paradigm. AI Editors Our poor editors wake up at 5am and have about 2 hours to select the best articles of the day to recommend in our newsletter. Not all electronic passports have their chip in the same place in the passport.

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An automated approach could be used for preselection of articles for the editors or as complementary automated recommendations Email address: This work resulted in an efficient and verified database, which can be used in database design master thesis future as part of the Qosmet solution.

We have several graduation assignments in which data analysis plays a crucial role. Thesis A recently popularized machine learning operation is the construction of embeddings, which means to learn a vectorial space that represents information contained in documents, databases and graphs. For these reasons, it is a nontrivial task to manage and store vast amounts of these data, which are rapidly accumulated.

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Compression The scope of this topic is the analysis, implementation, and evaluation of different trajectory compression techniques for columnar in-memory databases. For example, we log details of the read identity document, such as which type passport, ID card or driver's license and by which country the document is signed.

Each sampling point contains a spatial information, which is represented by a multidimensional coordinate in a geographical space, and a temporal information, which is represented by a timestamp. Goal of this project is to study ways to bind credentials to individuals, and to think of new ways to make this binding stronger.

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Nowadays, gene expression profiles from several thousand genes of several hundred tissue samples can be generated. Daniele Dell'Aglio Publication date: Distributed In-Memory Column Stores using Non-Volatile Memories Distributed database systems leveraging fast interconnects and keeping all data in DRAM scale well, but as memory is volatile, such systems typically achieve durability by replicating data across multiple machines.

  • Following the analysis and comparison of these three database architecture schemas, the one with two tables appeared to be the best one.
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Some knowledge graphs cover general knowledge DBPedia, Wikidatawhile others contain specific knowledge, e. Analyzing gene expression profiles is of particular interest for researchers, as they provide insights on cell processes and gene functions and can thus improve disease diagnosis and treatment.

Author pages Everything by and about an author on a single page, this could be their home on Blendle and the first stop for fans. As an intern, you will be part of the team. Comparison of Index Selection Algorithms The index selection problem is to find the set of indexes which minimizes the overall workload costs of given SQL queries on a database.

Project Stream processing focuses on the analysis of large volumes of high-speed data on the fly. Development and testing of teaching materials There is a great need for development and improvement of teaching modules, especially for secondary education.

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They are expected to lead to new revolutionary programming paradigms that give memory-like byte level access to non-volatile storage. Depending on your background, this research question can be broadened to a more fundamental research question: Contact Erik Barendsen or Sjaak Smetsers Programming education Programming is considered a difficult skill, and many researchers have studied learning difficulties and possible instruction strategies.

The theses are available as full-texts if the author has given the permission for that.

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Project Modern applications require to database design master thesis store, update, query and retrieve large volumnes of data. They have more than 1 million users, over 3 million news items and close to a billion events. To develop solutions for energy supply that are economical, ecological, and ensure a high security of supply, novel energy systems and infrastructure concepts must be examined taking various techno-economic development possibilities into account At IEK-3, energy strategies are developed by analyzing and assessing alternative supply infrastructure designs.

Erik Barendsen, Sjaak Smetsers Theme: The challenge of Linked Data is to find ways to identify where two knowledge graphs overlap and link them accordingly. Design and development of an application for the integration of methods and models of Energy Systems Analysis Advertising division: Part of the work consists also in identifying the characteristics for database optimization.

Thesis Recently, there has been a surge in research projects studying the effect of animal transport networks on the spread of epidemic diseases. Schemas 2 and 3 performed about 20 percent better than schema 1 in reading tests. Within the IRMA project, we are developing a platform for attribute based credentials, where the credentials are stored on a year abroad personal statement card.

However, it is a challenging task to manage, store, and process trajectory data. Are you interested, then write a motivation Blendle has an interview process for internships. In order to ease the exploration of the network, we can restrict our attention to a subgraph of the full network by backtracking all paths leading to some node of interest.

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Differential privacy is used by companies like Apple, Google and Uber to let their analysts to analyse the data while avoiding individual malicious activities which may lead to new privacy leaks and scandals.

Electrochemical Process Engineering. Aaltodoc Reference information of the newest Master's theses can be found also in Aalto-Finna.

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In this project, we want to study the impact of privatisation techniques to the embeddings creation. This is changing the way database systems are designed, leading to distributed, main-memory systems that exploit data partitioning and replication to sustain heavy workloads, and that rely on stored procedure to move application code close to the data.

Polyzotis, and A. Master thesis: However, researchers from Texas University, Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov, shown that anonymising data was not enough: In this context, they released a dataset about their users and activities.

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There is consensus about the importance of digital literacy in present-day society, but too little is known about adequate ways to develop it. It has been demonstrated that animal transports strongly contribute to the spread of diseases and thus, it is crucial to fully understand a transport network before embarking on any modelling attempts.

Birthday message essay for a special friend project is about understanding what information we have about authors and how authors would use such a page. In VLDBpp.

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The following tasks are to be addressed within the course of this thesis: In this project, you get to work with our editorial team to understand how they curate Blendle content and develop ways to make their life easier.

The topic is regarded in a broad sense, including digital literacy, for example. Thesis There exists a variety of publicly available knowledge graphs.

  • Possible underlying research questions:
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  • The theses are available as full-texts if the author has given the permission for that.
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It allows for cheaper main memory, but will first be slower than DRAM. Our projects are carried out in various contexts, ranging from secondary education schools to higher education universities.

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Especially, if we consider hybrid transactional and analytical workloads so-called HTAP or mixed workloadswhich are challenging concerning space and time complexity. The goal of this assignment is to implement the proposed scheme and thesis on flood frequency analysis it.