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Uses of Cow Milk: Co-dung is used as a fuel to make fire.

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By using its milk we can prepare many eatable, healthy and tasty dishes. We should not harm or hurt cows and give them proper food and water timely.

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Some application letter sample for criminology are small, big, white, black and some are of mixed colour. Even Gau-Muttra is used as a medicine.

From her milk, we make so many products as butter, curd, cheese, sweets, khovaa, etc.

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It helps to maintain metabolism and balance the sugar level in the human body. It is a major food source in India.

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There are so many tales behind worshipping a cow. Farmers use male cow called "ox" to draws carts and plough their fields. It eats soft grass, straw, grains, vegetables, hay and etc.

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They swallow the food then sit down and they recall the food in the mouth and chew it up. She has two eyes, two ears, four legs, two horns, cow essay writing nose, a mouth and a long tail with a huge body. From khoya various types of sweet- meats are made, which are eaten by the people, and is even exported to various countries of the world. She gives so many benefits to humanity in the form of yoghurt, cheese, butter, ghee, etc.

They can choose any of the essays given below under various words limit according to their need and requirement: Guru mandam prasannam ca gavyam dasagunam payah.

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Products made by her milk such as Gee, curd, etc are also used at religious events as Dudh Abhishek of Indian God or Goddesses, pooja, Havan, to make panchaamrit, etc. Essay on Cow 4 words Introduction: The milk contains Omega-3 fat and Omega-3 fatty acids are a good form of cholesterol in the body.

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These cows are well known for their milking power. By doing this, the God will be happy on his devotee.

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In Ayurved, it believed that Gau Mutra possesses the ability to cure life taking diseases like cancer, TB and leprosy. Taurine and Zebu. She gives birth to a small calf after 12 months. It can be of various colours and size, ranging from giant size, Australian and American cows, small size cows of South-East Asia.

Cow differs in colour and size from cow essay writing to region.

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Her toilet Gau mutra is used as a medicine to treat various diseases. Cow is a sacred animal.