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Third, effective leaders find ways to empower the people around them. Dillon stated that he didn't mind blacks being bussed into the school, but be is vigorously opposed to his daughter dancing with a black boy, hugging him in the musical, and spending so much time with blacks. At the core, this study explored the experiences and processes that school leaders used to systematically overcome the challenges of high poverty and high minority students to perform at a high level, while allowing the voices of the principal and teachers to be heard regarding the difficult work of school turnarounds. The participants in this case study were asked to share their personal experiences and insights to help develop an understanding of the phenomenon of improving performance in a turnaround school from a tactical and experiential perspective. Foster Copy Editor: Factors to Consider are broad areas of responsibility that shape a school administrator's daily routine and are beacons for case issues.

However, students may find it difficult to state the problem clearly and precisely so it can be acted upon.

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Graduate classes stimulate your thinking, but the emotional and physical investment of your resources is aimed at earning good grades and a degree. Christensen said, "When successful, the case method of instruction produces a manager grounded in theory and abstract knowledge and, more important, able to apply those elements" p.

He [Mr. He felt that the children were community mall thesis along well and there had been no parental unpleasant or aggressive behavior. Second, we try to convince tomorrow's administrators that communication is both art and science.

Administration and Supervision in Education

Third, effective leaders find ways to empower the people around them. They care that others are striving toward worthy goals, and they look for opportunities to reward accomplishment. The day of the principal as an autocratic leader is gone.

It contains case studies that are designed to enhance their analytical skills and to develop their problem-solving abilities because those are the skills administrators need to be effective in their jobs.

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Jody Isernhagen. Each of our case studies offers the reader a Background of relevant facts and issues that influence the case. Case method analysis can assist educational administration and supervision students integrate theory with practice Gorton, ; Lipham, Rankin, and Hoeh, Antonio] was disturbed by the phone call he had received earlier from Mr. For example, a student could say, "The problem is there are prejudiced parents.

The students rotate the roles of group chairperson and recorder each meeting.

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Important legal and ethical issues are entwined within that question. A case study: As an example, what should a principal do about teachers whose students detract from the school's efforts to make Annual Yearly Progress on a standardized test?

Persistent low achieving schools are widespread across our country and the solutions are deeply unique to each school given the multiple circumstantial variables. Coombe Elementary School had been all white.

They also give aspiring principals an idea of the spectrum of challenges they will encounter. We suggest that readers will benefit most from their case study experience if they read the case carefully and completely without judging the people involved until the class has discussed all pertinent issues.

Therefore, students should be asked to identify the problem s in a case. After teaching aspiring school leaders for a decade, we have discovered a few truths about people who want to lead. SmithThe University of South Alabama Mobile, Alabama Acknowledgments [Page ix] We would like to thank the reviewers whose feedback helped us shape this book so that it will best serve the needs of students and instructors: The study involved collecting qualitative data through in-depth, open-ended interviews with five teachers, the principal, a district administrator, a State Department of Education official and a private educational consultant at the selected school.

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Readers may think the behaviors of some of the parents, teachers, students, and administrators in the text to be unusual, but these cases really happened! Sato stated that "most professional educators recognize that the case method makes it possible to empower professional wisdom by relating theoretical knowledge to practical problem solving in real situations" p.

Students are advised to remember that a problem's solution is not always obvious at first glance. Shulman further acknowledged that cases are "occasions" for advancing theories, testing those theories, and, possibly, changing them as more cases are developed that present altered events and situations.

The instructor listens, asks questions, suggests alternative actions case study on administration and supervision consequences, and does some role playing to stimulate students' thinking. Scott Oney Preface [Page vii] This text is written for students who plan to become school leaders.

Shouse, Penn State Olusegun A.

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Many of them entail role-playing so that students might experience the case's complexity from different perspectives. Educators must better understand high poverty and high minority schools that overcome the odds to improve student achievement. Reflection and analysis will enable one to spend one's time with the most important challenges.

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Abstract Economic conditions too often create disadvantages for students and their achievement in schools Reeves, Times have changed. Leading others and taking ownership for the successes and failures of your school is another matter. There are a number of ways that cases can be used with educational administration preparation students see, for examples, Zuelke and Willerman, ; Gorton, Some of them are sincere about wanting to improve learning conditions for students; others see advancement as a pathway to a higher salary.

"Case Studies on Educational Administration" by Theodore J. Kowalski

March Copyright c Bary Habrock. Lincoln, Nebraska: Each case includes a provision for a written exercise. Each standard is supported with knowledge, disposition, and performance requirements that should be used to shape a principal's perspective about leadership during periods of reflection and self-assessment.

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Each case is followed by Questions to guide students toward research-based solutions to the problems they have identified. As students work in groups to address the conflict situations in the assigned cases, the instructor moves from group to group.

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In the areas of elementary and middle school administration, there are few complete published sources of cases or vignettes. Communication skills are vital to this process. The instructor may also act as a "gadfly" or devil's advocate.

A Matrix of Case Studies [Page xiii].

Each of the standards warrants thorough discussion and understanding by prospective school leaders.

Exploring the experiences of administrators and teacher leaders in a midwestern turnaround school. A unique feature of school leadership is that many of its difficult moments take place behind argument essay how to write doors and away from the faculty's eyes and ears.

Principals do not have time to make a gentle transition from graduate classes to school leadership. Large schools tend to use a bureaucratic approach to problem solving more short essay on greenhouse effect than small schools do.

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They were expected to acquire interpersonal relationship skills and technical competence through on-the-job training after their first leadership appointment. Diane S. Next week Mrs.

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Nothing can substitute for being a school leader. Case studies offer opportunities to learn from experienced professionals. Teaching and school leadership are key factors that make a positive difference in the achievement of students from high poverty schools Reeves, A new paradigm of leading successful learning organizations is based on collaboration and collegial relations.

We hope our text helps with the transition.

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Administrators deal with complex challenges and must be able to isolate key elements from those of lesser importance. Breen would be staging her school musical. Those who understand that language skills are paramount in the business of working with students, teachers, and other stakeholders have a greater chance at success.

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