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The club need their fans, just like any football club. Naim Sheriff Explain the visuals, don't just dump them on the page Naim Sheriff breaks his case studies into sections, making the page easy to read and digest.

Public affairs consultant cover letter more: The studies are very interactive and beautifully designed. Contact me today for a free quote. If your case study surprises them and brightens their day, it will be remembered. The extensive study comes in three parts. His identity designs for brands like Instagram, Oculus and Luxe stand on their own as logos must do but his case studies, complete with videos, polished photos and before and after GIFs, explain the nuances and decisions behind the finished product.

This study covers some tactics and lessons learned during one process of launching an app. They may decide to read deeper if something catches their interest, or they may just skim and move on to the next project.

We examine 5 portfolios with powerful case studies.

If you're after design portfolio and case study inspiration, check out the Semplice Showcase. Texas revolution research paper shares its own experience and considerations in using social login buttons.

If so, why? The Bristol based design agency have a fresh new approach to design. Mozilla decided to do their rebrand out in the open, and Johnson Banks shared work in progress shots along the way. Describe the reason behind your decisions Every color, line, and letter you use in your designs should have a purpose and reason it works best for your client.

Homework center: Bordered stationery lined paper with themed borders.

This means having a dedicated page on your website that helps others understand your creative process. You can either break down the info like how I have here, or provide just a few lines for your overview.

And that makes it really hard for them to ask for revisions later on. Case studies are so crucial to the success of a designer's website that we built Semplicea portfolio system for designers, entirely around them.

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Established inthe personalised greeting card civil engineering job cover letter sample was long overdue a rebrand. This has been especially helpful for me because it simplifies the process of putting my ideas together while making connections with other creative professionals online.

All of it works together to not only showcase Wells' work, but also who she is and how she thinks. The new logo now looks new and fresh — more refined but just as playful.

75 Instructive Design Case Studies

The Premier League branding case study can be viewed in full at the DesignStudio website. Notice how much more engaging this is and how my revisions have reasons behind them.

Matt Chase demonstrates perfectly how a branding project should be put together and shows how his fantastic USPS identity can be applied across several brand touch points. So rather than just sending your client the final static image of your project, why not create a case study that serves as the final presentation instead?

You texas revolution research paper test out search terms by using tools such as Wordtracker and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Show pictures—lots and lots of pictures Your images should tell the complete story of how you got from your initial research all the way to your final product.

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This is why you have an in-depth onboarding process before starting production so you can get a detailed and clear view of what your client wants. The new identity for the league features a redrawn lion, a rounded sans-serif typeface that feels a lot more friendly, and a bright and vibrant colour palette which will reportedly be updated every 3 years.

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Get creative and film your process and put the video on YouTube or livestream it using Periscope. GoSquared shares how it made its log-in experience exceptional.

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And it still looks great! People love seeing the evolution of texas revolution research paper project and how it came to life. They then follow through with their approach and the outcome. The whole process is on show, from the brand strategy creation, through to the visuals, tidying up, creating assets and more.

The script is playful but clean, and the colors pop beautifully. Make your captions meaningful for scanners, and write easy-to-read paragraphs for the ones who stay.

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This study is about how the company visualized noise and styled its blog categories in a unique way. Read about how Upstatement approached its first responsive design. This means taking screenshots, uploading high-quality pictures of sketches, creating mockups, and anything else that can help visualize your story.

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Wells shares the project story from challenge to solution, taking care to explain her process along the way. Under Consideration run Brand New as well as several other design blogs. You will find a recording of the talk below the slides.

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Provide a meaningful overview for the non-readers The project overview is the first piece of content on the page that allows your visitors to get some additional information about the project and understand what was accomplished. The rebrand of the most famous football league in the entire world was completed by DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants back in Check out the example above where you can sample cover letter for substitute teacher job my process of creating my 26 Letters piece for my new homepage.

They also write a great blog over at MadeBySidecar — where they sell other awesome products they create. This means posting your work everywhere your designs are welcomed. Now all you need is to serve up a custom pitch of your services on the bottom of the page with a link to your questionnaire. Would you hire me again? This was originally published on Letter Shoppe. Learn about the process from initial idea to finished WordPress website.

Otherwise, feast your eyes on the other pretty visuals featured in this post. Give your users some eye candy and seduce them to read your content.

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Photos, videos — even early sketches torn from her notebooks — are thoughtfully photographed and laid out. Your portfolio case studies are your opportunity to show prospective clients and employers how you think, how you work and what you can contribute to the world. Here are five examples of designers who do case studies well.

Top it off with a client testimonial Client testimonials are proof that you can provide work that satisfies your customers. The success of the identity comes not from the logo alone, but from the application of the brand across multiple brand touchpoints. If you hand-made a project, show off that fact Others case studies, like her In Every Moment We Are Alive book cover project, surprise you with a big reveal at the end.

This article shows why that decision took their website to the next level. Almost every company has voiced that they want to understand how you think and see your process. Interbrand were brought in to help with the Juventus rebrand. Keep this short and to the point how much homework should high schoolers have that the skimmers and browsers can get a quick look at what your project is all about without having to read the full case study.

This adds personality and helps visitors understand who you are as a designer. Moonpig One of my favourite rebranding case studies from was for the online card store, Moonpig. He covers the framework, responsive mixins, tables and future challenges.

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What makes it even more special, the target audience is over 50 years old. But dumping a bunch of photos on your project pages without any context sells your work short.

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Just Creative In this post, Jacob Cass of Just Creative takes his readers through one of the hardest jobs in graphic design, personal branding. And, his website is chock full of fantastic branding case studies. And make sure you read his blogs too! I know you can do better than that.

Check out my process for creating my Stop Staring Poster.

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United States Postal Service Whilst not strictly a case study into the brand identity process, this is one of my new favourite brand identity explorations. The art of hand lettering. But without asking the right questions to probe our clients, our testimonials usually end up looking something like this: Your case study doubles as your final presentation Another added benefit to creating case studies is that they also serve as an excellent final presentation to give to your client once production is complete.

Here are four of them: