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J Appl Physiol. Other comorbidities, not present in our model, may have been identified by the physician who makes a diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia. This method is susceptible to the subjective perceptions of the treating clinician.


Epidemiology and prognostic factors. The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy: Marik PE, Careau P.

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When admitted to our state psychiatric center the admission conference established a diagnosis of schizophrenic reaction, paranoid type, case study aspiration pneumonia out psychopathic personality. It is possible that an older patient with greater comorbidities and disease severity may have care intentionally limited or withdrawn early by the family or clinicians.

These findings together suggest that aspiration pneumonia should be considered a distinct entity from typical pneumonia, and that additional research should be done in this field. He was admitted to a forensic psychiatric facility to evaluate his statements and then transferred to our state psychiatric facility, on parole, for continued evaluation, treatment and discharge planning.

Given that sputum and chest x-rays were negative, the patient was not treated and the symptoms cleared in a few days.

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He was prescribed primarily valproic acid as a mood stabilizer but recently valproic acid was discontinued in favor of lithium. Epidemiology and impact of aspiration pneumonia in patients undergoing surgery in Maryland, — Although patients with aspiration pneumonia are typically older than their nonaspiration counterparts, it appears that age is not a key determinant in the diagnosis of aspiration.

Aspiration Pneumonia Case presentation Inadditional references to hypersalivation, cough, lethargy, and constipation were noted in his record on daily doses of to mg. J Gen Intern Med.

Crit Care Med. Further work in this area should investigate other factors to improve prognostic modeling in patients with aspiration pneumonia, although the utility of such a model may be limited to determining ICU admission. Am Rev Respir Dis.

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In the past he made deep cuts requiring stitches to his wrists and arms in response to command hallucinations, as well as several suicide attempts including at least one overdose with case study aspiration pneumonia medications. Controversy exists regarding treatment of aspiration pneumonia.

A. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung that is most often caused by

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer Drs. Microbiology of severe aspiration pneumonia in institutionalized elderly.

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The wisdom of the crowd in combinatorial problems. But being a Nurse is somewhat opposite, because every single intervention you do is remarkable and very accommodating to your patient. Although the PSI had moderate ability to predict inpatient mortality, the observed mortality was considerably higher than predicted. The facility became a tobacco-free zone duringalthough most patients were able to obtain tobacco for the remainder of Again, his cough cleared in a few days.

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Most data elements used in this analysis were routinely charted for clinical purposes in real time. Yousem SA, Faber C. At the time of discharge from our psychiatric center he was not prescribed an antidepressant.

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Am J Med. N Engl J Med. Clozapine blood levels remained lower than expected but higher than in and Figure 1. Lanspa had full access to all of the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis.

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Marik PE, Kaplan D. Detection of mortality was limited to the inpatient setting rather than a set interval of 30 days. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Aspiration pneumonitis and aspiration pneumonia.

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Examples of unmeasured comorbidities would include presence of oropharyngeal dysphagia, which is not assessed in the database but could have a significant effect on clinical diagnosis. Analysis of antibiotic prescription patterns was limited, given the several different countries from which the database draws its cases.

Aspiration is defined as the inhalation of either oropharyngeal or gastric contents

Tracheal aspirate was the most common method of recovering an organism 7. Our definition of aspiration pneumonia required the treating physician to diagnose and code the patient as having aspiration pneumonia, followed by excluding patients more likely to have aspiration pneumonitis.

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This method is susceptible to the subjective perceptions of the treating clinician. Hypersalivation, cough, and lethargy were patient complaints. Although we used accepted criteria to define CAP cases, it is possible that this population may have a higher rate of resistant or uncommon pathogens than other studies of CAP that have populations with lower incidence of prior antibiotic use.

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Eur Respir J. The patient also reported significant lethargy and constipation. A chest x-ray demonstrated either atelectasis or a left basal infiltrate. These findings are similar to three previously published studies comparing aspiration and nonaspiration pneumonia at single institutions, albeit using different aspiration pneumonia definitions.

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I follow up her IVF when it was consumed. Published Sept 12, Marik PE.

Sialorrhea and Aspiration Pneumonia: A Case Study

We did not account for the effect of individual physicians in our model, although we did adjust for regional differences. J Am Geriatr Soc. Clozapine was slowly increased and in two months the daily dose was mg.