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Towns such as Calang district capital were also badly hit, with whole hills being washed away as a result of the trail of destruction extending two kilometers inland from the coast. As a result, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission is now coordinating work on new warning systems for the Caribbean and the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea see figure in attached PDF. The infrastructure damage severely hampered the distribution of aid. Using extensive experience in international repatriations, Kenyon repatriated all Australian deceased 26 who were killed as a result of the Tsunami. Aroundhouses were built in less than three years, along with airports, roads and schools.

Preparedness for response: However, Indonesia is surrounded by four major tectonic plates, the Pacific, the Eurasian, the Australian and the Philippine plates. Most rebuilt tourist hotels and other buildings remain in the same locations close to the shoreline and have not benefited from tsunami-defensive features. Injured people were left untreated for days as wounds turned gangrenous and conditions worsened.

Houses rebuilt on the area heavily affected by the tsunami in Banda Aceh. Dozens of buildings destroyed in the initial earthquake before flood waters washed over the region. Thousands of people were smashed into buildings or swept out to sea. These efforts included volunteer work to rehabilitate the affected people, private firms contributing their expertise in areas such as logistics and information technology, and international organizations working to kick-start the economy by providing financial support.

Solutions Kenyon provided two mobile mortuaries, mortuary equipment and consumables and appropriate personnel to support the mortuary operation. With some shock, the public learned that geologists and seismologists were well aware of the fault and had warned that massive forces built up over hundreds of years could unleash earthquakes and tsunamis at any time.

Indian Ocean Tsunami - Boxing Day 2004

However, less has been achieved on necessary mitigation measures such as rebuilding in safe locations, putting building codes into practice, and establishing evacuation routes. The only road along the coast was disrupted due to the destruction of dozens of bridges and roads were washed away or blocked by mud, making relief efforts and communication along the western coastline increasingly difficult.

The earthquake that caused the tsunami was a warning to those who felt it, but only a few people recognized this.

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The Indonesian government declared three days of national mourning. Only about were able to take refuge at Meulaboh College. There are many leadership lessons to be learned from the tsunami.

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Kenyon provided valuable support with the provision of two mobile mortuaries, equipment, supplies and manpower. Initiatives to upgrade national capacities for warning and response are also underway in Pacific Ocean countries. The tsunami has a negative long-term environment essay introduction on Indonesia, and many other countries.

This area has seen the least progress, owing to the longer timeframe needed for long-term planning and the economic implications. Kenyon IT specialists networked computers and assisted other countries with using the system. The scientific community knows the earthquake as the Sumatra—Andaman earthquake and the resulting tsunami was given various names, including the Indian Ocean tsunami, South Asian tsunami, Indonesian tsunami, the Christmas tsunami and the Boxing Day tsunami.

The tsunami also highlighted the need for a quality Early Warning System for Tsunamis in the region. The tsunami destroyed coral reefs, mangrove forests and seaweed beds. Hours before the IndianOcean tsunami, people reported seeing elephants and flamingos heading for higher ground. On top of that, the tourism industry was temporarily destroyed, and a big portion of finance had to be channelled into the repair of infrastucture and equipment.

Case Study: Indian Ocean Tsunami | Kenyon International Emergency Services

The debris caused a severe hindrance in rescue work, and much effort had to be put into the clearance of the debris. On December 26,a massive tsunami reared up in the Indian Ocean and spread towards millions of people on the surrounding coasts. The Hyogo Framework has proven to be a valuable guide and an essential tool to check on how we are doing. Indirectly, it will also help us adapt to the increases in extreme events from climate change.

A stocktaking of efforts in the Indian Ocean region since the tsunami struck inin terms of addressing the following five Priorities for Action of the Hyogo Framework shows mixed progress. Two-third of low-lying capital, Male, under water.

Case Study - Boxing Day Tsunami

Due to the destruction of roads and facilities, the inaccessibility of the devastation areas have inadvertently caused an escalation in the death toll. Through the Department of Foreign Affair and Trade, the Australian Government provided outstanding support to the Thai authorities and the international community in their continued support of the response operation.

An Acehnese man walks through the debris left behind by the massive tsunami in the town of Banda Aceh. Major earthquakes in the semi-enclosed seas can generate destructive local tsunamis in the Sulu, Banda and Java Seas, causing Indonesia to be vulnerable to natural disasters.

Five years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami – are we better prepared and more resilient to disasters?

On December 26,an earthquake registering 9. Over 30 different countries lost citizens as a result of the tsunami.

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Communication on the Nias Island was hampered due to the damage of telecommunication infrastructures, where phone lines were broken and radio networks were down due to the bad weather. Bodies littered the streets before being buried in mass graves.

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  • The impacts of a tsunami are heavily dependent on the shape of the coastline.

There was pressure either direct or indirect on the various national DVI teams to expedite the identification of their nationals killed in the incident. Seaside limestone cliffs directed the tsunami waves towards the town of Leupung, which case study asian tsunami 2004 an estimated population of ten thousand. The new Indian Ocean tsunami warning system is now well established, and has three operational Regional Tsunami Watch Centres India, Indonesia and Australia that provide services to the neighbouring countries in Asia and Africa.

Ecological impact of the Asian tsunami will take a long time and significant resources to assess and regenerate. Sanitation and hygiene poverty: At resorts and villages on the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and other countries, people worked and played on the beach, unaware of the impending disaster. Districts of Mutur and Trincomalee inundated by waves as high as 6m. In the first place, the Asian Tsunami was an enormous test for the international community engaged in humanitarian relef, recovery and development.

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What little aid has reached the remote regions of Aceh province was trickling in primarily by boat and air. In addition, aid forpeople, including medical supplies, soap and tarpaulin, was being held at Jakarta for a day to clear customs. The entire provincial government of Aceh, had been reportedly wiped out by the deaths of the provincial legislators, and many government workers, and the government declared that all administrative control would be handled directly from Jakarta.

Not only were there about survivors left, there was also no trace of the limestone after the tsunami.

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Within hours of the earthquake, waves up to feet high inundated the coasts of 14 countries, destroying everything in their path. Medical teams and forensic scientists arrived.

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Kenyon provided crisis communication advice and support to the Australian government. Villages such as Gleebruk southwest of Banda Aceh and Teunom on the island of Sumatra were completely wiped out. As a result of the international consortium approach, which is in line with the Hyogo Framework, considerable progress has been made on the technical aspects of the early warning systems.

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  2. Another challenge, not well addressed, is to find ways to bring together the stakeholder groups, from politicians, disaster managers, warning centre personnel, media and local communities, all of whom need to be involved in preparing for timely and proper response to imminent hazard threats and disasters.

Countries in the region are collaborating to develop Standard Operating Procedures to facilitate swift warnings and response right through to the community level, and to ensure smooth operation and coordination between the warning centres and national civil protection structures, and with other organizations. Inconvenience in communication and transport: Other regions at risk to tsunamis have also paid attention to the Indian Ocean experience.

Over the following days and weeks, the full horror was revealed -people dead, and an economic loss estimated at more than 10 billion US dollars. Media organisations have been involved. On a positive note, the re-planting of mangroves as a buffer zone between the sea and human dwellings has commenced in several coastal areas.

How it was Caused

Disaster risk reduction as a political priority: When an operational plan was developed with allocated roles, responsibilities and resources, the scope of the operation became manageable. Public buildings including schools and hospitals were wiped out in some areas. For example the Asian Broadcasting Union collaborated with the United Nations to run case study asian tsunami 2004 on disaster risk for journalists.

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India Large areas of eastern coast swamped by waves. The overall scope of the disaster and the large number of deceased was overwhelming. Although Indonesia was the first and worst hit of countries in the region, it was the last to begin receiving relief aid. Many countries have already modified their legal framework to allow for dedicated preparedness of communities and swift warning and response by local authorities and institutions.

As a result of the high number of international deaths over, 30 individual Disaster Victim Identification DVI teams were deployed by their National governments. Violence and case study asian tsunami 2004 Immediate Responses Fresh water, water purification tablets, food, sheeting and tents poured in aid.

Many soldiers were lost to the tsunami and this left Indonesia weaker than ever before, resulting in the Indonesian military calling for a ceasefire with rebels from the Free Aceh Movementso that humanitarian aid could reach survivors.

Sri Lanka Wide stretch of eastern and southern coastline devastated by massive waves.

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In the early stages of the response, difficulties were experienced with DNA comparisons. Effects of the Tsunami General Estimates suggested more thanpeople died,were seriously injured and up to 2 million made homeless.

For those nearby, in Aceh, Indonesia, the Thai coastal resorts, and the island communities, there was little warning. A series of devastating tsunamis were triggered along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing overpeople in fourteen countries, and engulfing coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters high.

A number of changes were made to case study asian tsunami 2004 deceased sample collection procedures and the DNA analysis.