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The business techniques and tools you used, and Very briefly the purpose of your business tools. At least 3 recommendations, At least one additional type of research or another question to research in the future which would help ensure the reliability of your findings.

The following table gives a clear indication that the profitability of the sector has held up relatively well. Despite increased controversy from the ownership of easyJet plc. Net Present Value Payback period At net level.

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May Proposal word count and IA word count. This has been the lead for airlines to aggressively target cost-conscious business travelers who wish to trade down. Both financial and non- financial considerations will evaluate the potential feasibility of each investment project. Intended Audience i. Appendices No word limit.

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There needs to be at least one, probably two. Here are some tips for that.

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Contents page Include information about and page numbers for: Flight Global. At least 3 recommendations, At least one additional type of research or another question to research in the future which would help ensure the reliability of your findings.

  • Make it clear you had more than one source of primary data.
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Method Employed approx. It is evident that only two of the top 20 carriers under examination Flight. Offering a full breakdown of the price plan differences between article report and essay any hidden charges when the customer confirms there booking and reduces inconvenience and stress.

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You can join here. What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of launching a new route?

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Conclusions words No new data Pull your mini-conclusions together synthesize themmake some interesting insights based on them i. Conclusions and Business and management research proposal ib According to the findings. For example, the company is currently focused on improving their quality of their products and your IA and you show us this using a source and your IA is related to increasing quality.

The conclusions part deploys an assessment of the two possible investment options for easyJet plc.

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This would enable a more accurate comparison of the two investment options. Explain how valid and reliabile your data collection was. Mention any changes made to your IA approach as the work progressed. On the one hand. The second investment opportunity relates to an institutional investment of easyJet Charters plc.

Business and Management HL Research Proposal - Business & Management - IB Survival Theoretical Framework The analysis of this report is based on a twofold approach. Investment Appraisal Investment appraisal is the planning process used to determine a firm's long term investment such as new and replacement machinery.

European low-cost operators continue to push the envelope on ancillary revenues. This shows that nhs essay leadership actually used business and management research proposal ib action plan during your IA. What other weaknesses does the company have?

It would therefore be beneficial to carry out a more extensive financial analysis for each scenario.

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Include dates and also a section where you show modifications you've made, as you completed your application letter for computer programmer fresh graduate. Analysis and discussion approx. As far as weaknesses are concerned.

Use a reverse chronological order to ensure your more recent experience and education is up at the top. Like every specific clause pertaining to a contract or case that you type have to be hundred percent relevant, similarly, the cover letter must be specific as well.

Appendix 1: The first investment opportunity relates to launching a new route between Gatwick. Table 2: Was " first in February serving domestic routes in the UK.

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The formulas for the Net Present Value and for the payback period are shown below: You could discuss possible inaccuracies in your work and the reasons for those. Acknowledgments I would like to acknowledge and thank: If yes.

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Vueling's merger with fellow Barcelona budget operation Clickair enabled the former to differences between article report and essay its share. It has been a product of the deregulation in the airline industry and Sir S.

If you can only do interview, then you'll definitely need another source of primary research --a survey, observation data, focus group data, etc. Would there be any diffusion of the corporate strategy? The second option represents investing into another.

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Traditional airlines such as British Airways and Olympic Air have been fully adapted to the new challenge. Also, notice that the student's name, school, candidate number and student number should not be on the cover sheet anymore. Secondary Research was carried-out as well in order to collect data and information related to the industry.

How to write a Level 7 IA in IB business management in 2 hours?

Author In this circumstance. A graph of some kind is recommended, A summary of your research, perhaps as a list of a few of the key facts uncovered and their primary or secondary sources.

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Explain how valid your methods of gathering data were. In general we like to see qualitative tools such as SWOT and PEST come before the quantitative ones like ratio analysis and decision treesbecause the qualitative tools set the scene and provide context for the financials. Table 2.

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Which are the areas that the company considers expanding at in terms of geographic region? The possible opening of additional routes to major business and tourism destinations in Europe may provide the sole important opportunity for future growth.

If you can't do two interviews, you'll likely want to do something like a survey or an observation. Acknowledgements This is not really required, but teacher thesis customary to include this.

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Introduction EasyJet plc. This results in a lower NPV over the short term period. This marks an improvement on the six that were in the red at an operating level in Interview Questions Q1.

Table Note that the Executive Summary is not counted in the words allowed for the IA. The financial performance is depicted in the two figures below. A clear justification of the use of the theory how it will help answer the RQMake sure you are using the JAM structure and that as much of your infomation as possible is coming through the tools rather than in paragraph form.