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The Best of Eliza Acton. Shortly afterwards, Mrs Gaskell wrote her initial letter to Charlotte. On phrenology in Charlotte's novels, see Wilfred M. Throughout the first decades of the nineteenth century, one name dominated the debate on education, particularly that of the lower classes: Ellis, Compiled by Her Nieces.

In Jane Eyre and Villette, the landscape over which the protagonists move is read as a reflection of their inner emotional states.

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Make sure you choose one with large amounts of information and something that is interesting to you as well as your audience. Peel's essay on 'Homes and Habits' in Young, I, His daughters and son taught the scions of wealthy families; but the account of the Morton village school in Jane Eyre testifies to Charlotte's commitment to education for the children of the poor.

She was one of the founder patrons of the Clergy Daughters' School, so that her name must have been doubly familiar to Charlotte. The only rationale of 'Ellis' that I have seen relates Emily's scruple-dictated choice to her Irish grandmother's first name.

There are 5 distinct settings in this book. Gates, Barbara Timm ed.

The Brontë Pseudonyms: A Woman's Image — The Writer and Her Public

Typically, Charlotte speaks of a 'choice. Of course, if you have been assigned to bronte sisters dissertation a dissertation on this book, you must read it. Early Victorian Britain Literary Assessment, Background, and Reference London,p.

Once you have read the book, you will get a better idea which one of these dissertation topics you would be able to write the most about. While Miss Currer's collection featured many respectable works of natural science, she was sufficiently interested in the pseudo-scientific fashions of her day to acquire a copy of the Physiognomical System of Drs Gall and Spurzheim.

GPL also linked the text to other portions of the Victorian Web.

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The anecdote has been retold several times; see, for instance, Mrs C. What is the significance of the plot settings? Gilbert in Gates, p. Romance and Reality. Meiklejohn's An Old Educational Reformer: Mrs Sarah Ellis advocated giving space to imagination and poetry in education, qualities often crowded out of 'our busy modern lives'; 'what we most want in education.

Oxford, This way you can have background with which to do your research once you decide on a topic. She is known to have found Currer Bell's work improper for a woman; but she made no secret of finding it fascinating, telling a friend in a letter, 'It is strange the hold this writer expert opinion on why homework is good upon me' Home Life, p.

The individuality as writers of each of the sisters is upheld in the thesis, as it examines the novels as separate entities. A Chainless Soul: The second catalogue, compiled by C. Bronte sisters dissertation of the lyrics express a hope for peace in the grave.

Still, the surname was not of course required to serve such a delicate purpose that of 'veiling' the authors' sex as the first names. Chadwick, Mrs Ellis [sic] H. Nor were her fugitive verses on Queens Adelaide and Victoria destined to make her remembered a good hundred years after her death.

Physically, nature is perceived as the moors that surround Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange; symbolically, it is a realm of freedom from the human world of classification and differences. Talk about dream, fortune telling, lightening splitting the oak tree Is Jane obsessed with her appearance?

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On phrenology in Charlotte's novels, see Wilfred M. Young, G.

The Brontë Pseudonyms: A Woman's Image — The Writer and Her Public A Quaker and a supporter of women's rights, she was a friend of Mrs Gaskell 's.

Usually you can do better on a dissertation if there is plenty of information and research material on the thesis. Another two were called for inand new editions kept appearing in subsequent years. Peters, Margot.

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Although the suggestion remains a possibility, it does not seem very likely to me — certainly not if one accepts the idea that Charlotte and Anne chose the surnames of remarkable contemporary women intellectuals. Winnifrith, Tom. They led to the comparatively forward-looking statement, 'Nothing is more astonishing to me than that a virtue so rigidly demanded from woman should be so despised among men'.

The eponymous hero goes out as an assistant to Bell in India; see pp. It is this Romantic 'emotional reciprocity' that is emphasised in Charlotte's novel, and the thesis illustrates how the symbols and images drawn from the natural world enhance the novels' thematic concerns. Does Jane conform to the gender roles of the era of the book?

"Reading the Bronte body: Disease, desire, and the constraints of cult" by Beth Ellen Torgerson

Her husband William reviewed Shirley in favourable terms; see Miriam Allott ed. Eliza Acton was certainly well known in her time; but her greatest claim to lasting fame did not reside in this twice-printed collection of poems which she published by subscription, 1, copies in all in and Does this book fit gothic criteria?

His controversy with the Quaker Joseph Lancaster as to which of them was the true pioneer of the monitorial system was a widely-publicised quarrel.

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A Biography of Charlotte Bronte London,p. Notes 1. Despite these exalted attainments, Miss Currer favoured practical usefulness in her selection of books, and a similar streak can be observed in the personality of the woman whose surname is likely to have provided Sample job application letter for service crew with her first nom de plume.

The Home Life and Letters of Mrs. It is hard to apply the term 'great' to Bell after having read the grim verdict on his personal qualities in Meiklejohn's book especially p. Pykett, Lyn. Andrew Bell Edinburgh and London, Here is a list of thought-provoking dissertation ideas about Jane Eyre. Stickney, Sarah. Norton, Whone noted the occurrence of Miss Currer's name among Institute members but did not outline any other relevant points in support of the connexion.

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There is plenty of information on dissertation topics for Jane Eyre that can be bronte sisters dissertation on the web at input your website here. Bell wrote a number of works on such topics as national education and the elements of tuition, and thousands of schools operated according to his system.

Symbol and theme: Adopting a surname as a first name was of course a convenient way of concealing a person's sex; after all, the choice of 'proper' Christian names that could have been used by men and women alike was severely limited.

All the girls taught professionally at one time or another, and their scheme for starting their own school is universally known. How does this play into the book? Throughout the first decades of the nineteenth century, one name dominated the debate on education, particularly that of the lower classes: Citing Rules.

It takes some nerve to suggest that Sarah Ellis, author of 'manuals on womanhood' and didactic fiction, might have supplied the first name of the 'Bell' whose 'sphere' was farther removed from the question of the moral worth of women than that of any of heavy metal toxicity research paper sisters or, for that matter, of any other English woman novelist. Sale, William M. Dictionary of National Biography Edgeworth, Maria.

Reading the Bronte body: Disease, desire, and the constraints of culture

Bronte sisters dissertation, K. How is mysticism used in the novel and what is its purpose?

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The more interested you are in the topic, the more you will focus and spend quality time preparing the paper. Charlotte's expressions 'veiled', 'ambiguous choice', and 'conscientious scruple' might have invited more curiosity about the 'Christian names' than they have done.

After some additional observations respecting 'Currer' and 'Acton', the greater part of the following discussion deals with a putative source for 'Ellis', ending with a consideration of the 'Bell' issue.

Currer supported the Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge suggests that she was one of those 'wealthy and benevolent individuals in the county' Jane Eyre's description of the subscribers to a new and improved Lowood Institute opening of Chapter Aspects and Prospects of Arthur Huntingdon. Does gender have any significance in the choices Jane has?

Even the recent critics and biographers, such as Lyn Pykett, who have modified that traditional conception of Emily, considering her work in relation to contemporary domestic fiction by women and generally 'humanising' her for us, would probably find it at least incongruous. See Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. Longman allegedly replied that he wanted 'a really good cookery book', and Miss Acton fell to work with characteristic nodejs curriculum vitae.

Is psychological terror a factor in the book?

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Ellis, Sarah. Not creative writing courses north sydney was it far too distinctive in itself; it was also the first name of the excluded brother who had cherished such high-flying literary ambitions of his own and who must at all costs be kept in ignorance of their project. There were a number of Madras-system schools in Yorkshire for instance in Leeds, York, and Sheffieldand Bell was idolised by several leading English intellectuals, among them Robert Southey, who had a special standing in Haworth Parsonage.

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London, The Rev. To her contemporaries, her advice on the education of girls could seem shockingly 'advanced', as when she recommended mothers to let their young daughters roam freely outdoors: Wuthering Heights. And what considerations could have prompted the choice of 'Bell'?

Even so, they tend in a direction which seems to me to hold out the possibility of an as-yet-largely-untapped reservoir of evidential material: The second consideration, on which Emily may be assumed to have been especially insistent, made the obvious choice impossible.

University of Cape Town. Only the first volume is actually by Southey; his son finished the work. II, p. What supernatural element is there present in the book? It was not to drown the anguish of a tortured mind that he swallowed the fatal draught, but solely for the sake of the excitement and the love of what he called "good company"' Pictures, pp.

While a governess at the Sidgwicks, Charlotte had certainly heard much of their neighbour, Miss Frances Mary Richardson Currer, of Eshton Hall, Skipton, whose property touched Stonegappe, and whose library was famous throughout the north. How bronte sisters dissertation it affect the overall book? Winnifrith, pp.

The poems contained in Eliza Acton's one volume of verse often resemble Anne's both with regard to metre and subject matter. The Critical Heritage London,pp. The Daughters of England, for instance, extols ingenuity and regrets that imitation rather than invention is predominant in the teaching of needlework etc.

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For great literary attainments she believed women disqualified: Bell's emphasis on the organisational connexion between national-education schemes and the Anglican Church made him unpopular among Dissenters but appealed to zealous supporters of the Established Church. Some poems imply a certain amount of romantic idealism in the young poetess still in her twentiesamong them 'A Sketch' where she accuses case study on virtual classes in c++ English of pettiness to the vanquished Napoleon.

It was cheap, and it promised a rapid extension of literacy, reading and writing being the main skills that the older pupils could impart. Many of Mrs Ellis's qualities as manifested in her writings suggest that Anne would regard her with particular favour, and in view of the special closeness of the sisters' bond, the idea of calling Emily 'Ellis' might have originated with her.

There are 5 distinct settings in this book. Levine, Richard A.

Stewart, was privately printed copies in and is a treasure-trove for anyone interested in the reading habits of the educated pre- and early-Victorian upper class. In Wuthering Heights nature is given a place how to write a thesis statement on research paper prime importance, both as provider of symbols and images, and as a tangible realm.