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Sugar producers desired to increase sugar production, as several mills were working below capacity, and the country wanted to decrease its dependence on foreign fuel. Rising oil prices were followed by drastic increases in sugarcane ethanol production.


Cover letter for medical research job the obstacles faced by this well-established industry will be useful in determining how future biofuel industries can be even more efficient and successful. Moving towards a more renewable fuel source is good for the environment as long as extensive deforestation does not occur.

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The government was forced to raise ethanol prices, causing many consumers to lose interest in cars that ran solely using ethanol. Plummer, Robert.

Biofuels in Brazil: A Case Study

There were other problems associated with neat-ethanol vehicles, including the problem of not being able to use them in neighboring countries or in regions of Brazil which did not have service stations capable of supplying pure ethanol.

However, the government was not ready to give up on biofuels yet. Despite these drawbacks, the Brazilian government has provided and continues to provide strong support for the production, use and distribution of sugarcane ethanol.

Companies also began to retrofit existing gas cars with the technology necessary to allow them to use ethanol-based fuels. This program aimed to reduce demand for imported fuel by supplementing gasoline with alcohol. Anhydrous ethanol has lower and higher heating values of Most of this biofuel is produced from sugarcane in Brazil and corn in the United States.

The economic conditions in Brazil just after the OPEC embargo were ideal for transitioning to an ethanol based fuel economy.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Government action in the form of support policies provided the impetus necessary to encourage the auto industry to get on board with the country s biofuel initiatives.

The Brazilian biofuels industry

Deforestation, similar to that pictured here, near Capixaba, Acre, Brazil, could be a result of expanding the biofuel industry in the country by visionshare 6 In response to the increasing demands biofuels case study brazil biofuels in Brazil, scientists continue to research new biofuel technologies in order to work towards making the process of creating alcohol even more efficient.

Distilleries units Cane crushed millions of tons Average size million tons.

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Brazil s ethanol industry has a long history beginning in the s when the Brazilian government ordered that ethanol be blended into all gasoline in a 5-to- proportion. In addition, economic incentives were given to agro-industrial rules for writing an academic essay willing to produce ethanol, in the form of low interest rates.

Those labourers remaining in the industry only have seasonal jobs, and the ethanol industry is also criticized for having substandard working conditions.

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Technical characteristics of ethanol as a fuel Ethanol is an excellent motor fuel. Expanding the biofuel economy has also lead to the mechanization of the harvesting process, causing unemployment among labourers.

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It is also more likely to explode and more likely to impact the environment negatively if spilled. Present 'status' of the ethanol program in Brazil Presently there are plants in operation crushing million tons of sugarcane per year, approximately one-half being used for sugar biofuels case study brazil the other half for ethanol production.

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The introduction of flex-fuel motors in Brazil, insolved this problem, since they are capable of running with blends from E0 to E Petroleum is more toxic, more dangerous and produces more threatening pollutants than ethanol. However, the government was not ready to give up on biofuels yet.

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The government also established high minimum ethanol fuel blend requirements and ordered that ethanol be available at all fuelling stations. However, since it has a business plan template glamping octane number higher than gasoline, it can be used in engines with a higher compression ratio to-1, compared with the 8-to-1 ratio typically found in gasoline-fueled engines.

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Approximately Introduction Fuel-grade ethanol, produced from biomass, has been considered as a suitable automotive fuel for nearly a century, particularly for vehicles equipped with spark-ignition engines technically referred to as Otto cycle engines, but commonly known as gasoline engines.

Lora, E.

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Furthermore, placing the responsibility of fuel mixture ratios in the hands of the consumer in terms of flex fuel cars will hopefully lead to stability in the biofuel economy. Received Mar 12; Accepted May 1. Biofuel Brazil is the current global leader in the use of ethanol as a fuel source.