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The material experiments lead us in a constant feedback loop of design stages, physical models, digital aspirations and fabrication techniques. Our process is driven by experimentation on alternative uses of material and our investigation is informed by data collection, measuring and analysis. In this phase, consistently across all units, every student must develop and resolve a comprehensive building design project. The unit travelled to the Big Island of Hawaii, a landscape of extreme and constant change.

Current research

Dr Tse-Hui. Digital architecture and difference: This year we revisited these interests in Chicago, where we considered the city in its role write a synopsis for thesis a historical and future incubator of speculative architectural and cultural scenarios. The second phase begins in term 3 of Year 4, when students are encouraged to identify areas of research they will develop in their final year Year 5.

UG9 Lux:: ProQuestholds many full text theses. The Library does not normally hold print copies of any theses in the following categories: We examine the ways technology can push our material beyond established forms and types. This phasing allows students to establish a bridge over the summer between both years, so that when they return in the autumn they already have a strong sense of their direction in Year night shift case study.

We encourage expressions of personal ideology, scale and working methods in search of visionary and innovative urban architectural proposals. A society can only be resilient when the city delivers basic functions to its entire community, in both good times and bad.

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations includes links to a number of international search tools and portals. Professor Paul Ekins Jun Rentschler The economics and political economy of fossil fuel subsidy reforms Principal supervisor: The first phase extends from university of michigan undergraduate application essay start of term 1 in Year 4, to the start of term 3 in Year 4.

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After several hours of wavering in the breeze, the candle burned out. Professor Paul Ekins Victor-Alexandru Nechifor-Vostinaru Modelling freshwater resources use and the economic impacts of water scarcity. Communities must adapt to living on the edge of destruction, and space is compromised by the protection of large pieces of the island for international conservation.

In bringing together architectural research and design and creative practice courses, BSc AIS aims to produce the bartlett master thesis of independent-minded graduates who are equipped to participate in these complex debates.

Professor Paul Ekins Moira Nicolson Using behavioural science to increase consumer adoption of time-of-use electricity tariffs: Hiroshi References in term paper, Our investigations this year began with concepts of light and shadow explored via historical, contemporary and speculative technological interpretations.

Through investigation of cast material processes we look for the strange, the banal and the beautiful.

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We are critical of the passive consumption of technology and the lack of criticality in its application to design processes. We scrutinized the built, the unbuildable and inbuilt environments of the city.

Students may switch from one unit to another after Year 4, though most stay in the same unit for both years. Professor Fulong Wu Marco Dean Assessing the applicability of participatory multi-criteria analysis MCA methodologies to the appraisal of mega transport infrastructure Principal supervisor: Professor Andrew Edkins School of Environment, Energy and Resources George Bennett Comparisons of the next generation of domestic heating solutions to identify the most appropriate solutions for real world conditions Principal supervisor: The course suits highly motivated, independent students who are interested in architecture, design, and urban studies, but who also wish to take advantage of electives on offer elsewhere in UCL.

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Unit9 Vimeo. Lava flows perpetually alter and evolve the topography through volcanic activity bubbling just below the surface.

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Starting in Rome, we visited some of the first applications of concrete in the history of architecture and engineering, as well as identifying the sites of operation for UG11 projects in the north part of the city in close proximity with the large-scale Olympic infrastructure, as well as the recent MAXXI Insead case study solutions.

By investigating recent concrete fabrication and structural methods, we discover unexpected and productive design processes, potentially defining a new craft; one that can be both morphogenic and typological and will respond to a variety of programmes.

Professor Paul Ekins Maria Kikira Assessing the environmental conditions in the zone adjoining the facade: Students have worked to make and think simultaneously at the scale of the tool and the scale of the landscape, to study the methods and materials from which architecture is produced and how these can homework prima j lyrics drawn from, and continue to respond to, a place.

Note that no research theses are now held by the University of London Library. Some tried to find a new material language of extraction or harvest, working directly to propose landscapes of timber, and extractive methodologies of volcanic mud and lava rock. Lighting a candle, I also stopped open my camera lens. They proposed a vessel based on a research agenda and a material practice that they took from sites around Hawaii in order to propose a new type of architecture that responded to both physical and contextual landscapes of violent change.

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Graduates have gone on to postgraduate studies and professional careers in a wide variety of fields including: Globally, governments are now acknowledging that future environments built on resilient efforts can provide potential multiple co-benefits to cities.

The resilience movement also has important roles to play in both ensuring that current architecture assets and cultural heritage are protected from long-term and acute affects, and in developing revolutionary new spatial programs and systems fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

We are curious about the difference in meaning between Western and Eastern interpretations of light and shadow.

Julia Backhaus Sample academic essay format of Design: This transformative nature of light sets the ambition for our preliminary studies into Japan from afar, exploring concepts of light, shadow, materiality, time and technology. Students are encouraged to use projects as a means to take speculative risks and test the boundaries of how architecture is defined, understood, practiced and researched.

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Disentangling the supply determinant and investigating the dynamic effects of oil shocks to changes in the real price of oil Principal supervisor: In Unit 11, students are encouraged to develop their own robust research themes and architectural language, with the ambition that speculative design ideas, informed by research and developed through an iterative design process, seamlessly progress into tantalizing, exquisite and cognizant architectural projects on a multitude of scales.

UG9 sees performance as intrinsically linked to the development of technology beyond the discipline of architecture. You can search for theses, or browse a list. A community needs awareness, diversity, integration, the capacity for self-regulation and adaptiveness to be resilient.

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Critical admiration of the past has often been a creative stimulus in the present. Professor Raimund Bleischwitz Bernard Tembo Strategic investment decisions in Zambia's mining sector under a constrained energy system Principal supervisor: It allows students from differing backgrounds, and differing prior educational and practical homework folder cover printable, to phase into the Bartlett School of Architecture unit system through an initial common challenge that each unit approaches in its own way.

The diversity of scales, design approaches and structural systems applied to our racial hatred essay has a direct correlation with the protocols of fabrication developed in the beginning of our investigation into the world of cast materials. Our process is driven by experimentation on alternative uses of material and our investigation is informed by data collection, measuring and analysis.

The candle's life varied on any given night — short intensely burning nights, long constantly glowing nights — each different, yet equally lovely in its afterglow.

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The unit considered the idea of a conserved wilderness, questioning whether continuing to focus upon preserving islands of Holocene ecosystems in this Anthropocene age is anachronistic and counterproductive.

MA, MSc, MRes, LLM theses Diploma theses Theses submitted at other universities or colleges Open access repositories containing the full text of selected research theses A growing number of open literature review fears thesis repositories is becoming available including: The material experiments lead us in a constant feedback loop of design stages, physical models, digital aspirations and fabrication techniques.

Print copies of research theses are catalogued by author in Explore and shelved in Store; electronic versions are in many cases available on open access in UCL Discovery.

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In subsequent centuries, the segregation of functions within the home mirrored the segregation of functions within the city. Claiming a degree of artistic autonomy is as necessary to creative speculation as understanding and engaging contemporary conditions.

PhD student theses

Professor Dejan Mumovic Louise Guibrunet The contribution of the informal economy to urban sustainability - online grocery store business plan template study of waste management in Tepito, Mexico City Principal supervisor: We are interested in developing individual approaches to design, posing real and hypothetical problems that are design-led and fed by research, curiosity and innovation, whereby design is guided by its own productive processes, which are intriguingly varied and dynamic and informed as much by questions as by answers.

Bartlett School of Architecture design studios. But the most celebrated modernists were more business plan for fly ash bricks in their approach, leading Le Corbusier to compare Platonic forms to cars and Mies Van Der Rohe to state: Professor Michael Davies Margot Prentice Uncertainty of damage functions in preventive conservation of write a synopsis for thesis Principal supervisor: It builds on the successful BSc Architectural Studies programme, which ran between and produced over graduates.

We cast concrete. Lux The introduction of gas lamps was one of the most important social and political contributions to the College papers writing service city, creating not just new urban typologies but also new behaviours and a new experience of the city. Although distinct homework prima j lyrics one another, units deliver a common set of principles that include: Cities, rich or poor, are particularly vulnerable, and will increasingly be affected by anomalous climate change, natural catastrophe and urban stresses including population migration, high unemployment, inefficient public infrastructure bartlett master thesis, endemic violence or chronic food and water shortages.

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A theoretical and practical guide to the production of positive feelings in buildings Principal supervisor: Human infrastructure and cultural context are changing as fast as their natural counterparts and allowing them to evolve in parallel is critical to the sustainable future of development.

Dr Paolo Agnolucci Pamela Jane Fennell The impacts of project scale, scope and risk allocatipon on financial returns for clients and contractors in Energy Performance Contracts - a stochastic modelling analysis Principal supervisor: A process analysis essay introduction CGE analysis framework Principal supervisor: Concrete, the protagonist of cast building materials, becomes in the unit the bartlett master thesis to disrupt and redefine practices of architectural synthesis.

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We engage with a process that welcomes material mis-use and misbehavior, aspiring to systematise knowledge garnered from failure. We actively promote analogue and digital craftsmanship and time-based media to rigorously test ideas from inception through to final representation. Often used to describe the shadows cast by celestial bodies, they are also used to describe the levels of darkness.

Seen very much as paired works, they evolve in parallel through diverse forms of experimentation and research, leading to sophisticated and skilled resolution.

  1. Professor Dejan Mumovic Louise Guibrunet The contribution of the informal economy to urban sustainability - case study of waste management in Tepito, Mexico City Principal supervisor:
  2. Professor Paul Ekins Jun Rentschler The economics and political economy of fossil fuel subsidy reforms Principal supervisor:
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  4. Julia Backhaus Director of Design:
  5. In PROJECT 2, the city will be informed by individual studies to establish core interests and should form the basis of a complex narrative and program.
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We researched how these contrasting modes of progress incubate new ideas for urban life. We continually question the conventions of the production of architecture, pushing the boundaries of making, interactivity and drawing to become an integral part of the design process. Professor Raimund Bleischwitz Riham Mohammed Gaber Ahmed The effects of temperature and ventilation rates on cognitive performance of female students in Saudi Arabia Principal supervisor: Our business plan strategic objectives took us to the Swiss Sample academic essay format Institute of Technology in Zurich ETHZ in order to explore contemporary research on concrete alternatives, dynamic formwork and automated casting.

Professor Paul Ekins Xuebing Wang The impact to Chinese aviation industry by including it into mitigation schemes Principal supervisor: Professor Paul Ruyssevelt Florian Flachenecker Competitiveness and climate change mitigation — empirical evidence on the effects of material use and material productivity on competitiveness and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe Principal supervisor: Twenty-first century architects need to appreciate the shock of the old as well as the shock of the new.